The Fairy of Middle Earth

BY : HarleyQ
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Thranduil stood there in silence . The white fabric driting to the ground. " I should have never removed that bracelet." He growled to himself. "Tauriel, Ninnel, Galion!" He called loudly within moment the three of them made their way to the courtyard. All three were be very aware of the dress that lay there before the King and the absence of the Queen.

" The three of you know the secret passages well. Search them for Juniper. I worded something a bit harshly and she went small and flew off up there." He looked up. "She might be hiding in the passages. They responded with a quick " Yes My Lord " and head off to look for Juniper.

Going then to the door he opened it and told the Guards there . "One of you go get Elthian . He should be in his quarters. " With that he closed the door and walked back to the courtyard. He scooped up her dress with his fingers. He could feel her despair very strongly. He kept trying to let her know he wasn't angry and that she needed to come back but with her emotions as they were she wouldn't be able to hear him like that. He knew it.

She flew as fast as she could . Through the trees up and under branches. Putting as much distance between herself and the Fortress as she could before she would become exhausted and flitter down to a branch where she sat and sobbed . She sat there as the sun began to dip down low. Feeling weak she lay down on the branch as the sun disappeared and the stars began to shine. Then down below she heard a familiar grunt and huffing. Her eyes opening Buttercup was under the branch and looking up to her.

"Buttercup." She sobbed and half fell and half flew off the branch and landed into the cushion of his fur. "Please take me home... Not that home to Hannibal's home. " She fell asleep in the warmth and comfort of the bears fur . He begins to lumber through the forest.

Elthian had organized a search of the Fortress. He was returning to Thranduil's chambers . The Worry was palatable. When the king told him what was discovered and what he had said Elthian grew angry, Not at her but at his King for saying things how he had said them. Hours passed as the search of the Fortress continued. Everywhere they looked they would not find her. Thranduil began to feel the distance between she and himself growing. "She isn't in the Fortress. " He sighs. " I can feel her moving away."

Elthian takes a breath and contains his anger. " I will go get the horses ready unless you wish to ride Memna. "

Thranduil shakes his head. " She would feel Memna and she would feel Loratha . Best to saddle to horses unknown to her. I'll be there shortly" He was packing a saddle bag up when Tauriel , Ninnel and Galion returned.

" There was no sign of her in the passages . Not even the faintest of scent." Tauriel tells him in a soft tone.

" Elthian and I are going to search outside. The guard has already been doubled in the forest but I have a feeling where she has gone. " He took her dress and folded it before placing it in his bag. None of them had any idea of what had transpired to make her run off like she had. The three of them just looked very worried.

He lifted the bag and threw it over his shoulder. " I will bring her home. " Was all he said before leaving the chambers.

Elthain had rode in silence next to the King for a while . Finally he just couldn't stand it . He had to speak. " My Lord . Does it anger you that now I have this sort of bond to you both? I assure you I can not hear your mind though as you know I can feel her emotions when I am close . That happens to anyone. "

Thranduil was silent and pensive. " I am not sure how to feel about this Elthian but I did promise you we would deal with it. This is not you're fault . Nor do I believe she fully understood what she was doing. Having a bond with you would not be horrible Elthian if that is what you are thinking."

"Then why were you so harsh with her My Lord?" He asked.

" Elthian my Wife passed along part of herself and myself to you. Lets just say that was a bit unnerving at first and it still is. However, its happened. I have had more time to process it. More time to process what you said this afternoon as well. What this has done has taken what you had been feeling all along and made it stronger. It's flattering to know how you have felt for so long and I accept your feelings . "

Elthian gasped softly but remained silent.

They were nearing the part of the forest the King had deemed off limits. The barrier that Hannibal had put up was now gone though. His Magic no longer there to maintain it . They both rode along with ease. Before long they were nearing the great oak. They stopped a few yards away . The grunts and huffs of the great bear heard in the darkness. Their vision making his shape appear. " Stay with the horses Elthian. " Thranduil dismounted and began to approach. Buttercup accepted his presence . After all he had been told the elf was the same and she.

There curled up against the bear was the form of his pixie. She looked frail . The despair having taken hold. Thranduil gently scooped her up into his arms . Her face smeared with dirt that had clung to her tears. He nodded to the bear and wrapped her chilled body in his cloak and held her closely.

"Bring the horses." He called to Elthian Who followed the King . They came on a simple dwelling. A small cabin with an earthen roof . " This is Hannibal's Cabin. We will shelter here until morning. She needs to be warmed and healed. Please go inside and get the fire started. " Elthian went inside and he lowered on a log and just held her to his chest .

Soon a warm glow emitted from the opened door. Elthian reappears and gets the saddle bags and bedrolls off the horses. Thranduil carried her inside.

"She did this once before . When she believed she had hurt Galadriel I managed to stop it before it went too far but this time , she's sunken deep. " Thranduil explained.

Elthian unfurled the bedrolls before the hearth . Thranduil sat on them with the pixie.

" She really believes she has damaged me ?" Elthian asked.

Thranduil nodded. "Sit beside me . She needs to see you are in fact ok and that we are not angry with her or each other. "

Elthian lowers down beside the king . Thranduil smiles "Closer . I want you right against me. " Elthian blinked then shifted so he was against Thranduil's side . Thranduil opened his cloak and pulled it around Elthian as well . His arm resting around the broad shoulders of his guard. Elthian getting a look at Juniper for the first time then . She looked very frail. The worry showing on his face Thranduil kissed his temple.

She began to warm Her flesh began to look less sickly and the silvery glow began to show in the flickering light of the fire. Her body shifting a bit . Her eyes opening seeing the fire. She was confused. Then she looked up seeing them both she jerked and tried to get away but it was Elthian who reached out and grabbed her by the arm and pulled her to him. His arms wrapping around her. Thranduil joins the hug . His arms around her and Elthian.

She squirms and begins to sob. " Let me go I am horrible . I hurt you I don't deserve your kindness. "

Neither of them would let her go and she didn't have the strength to fight much nor go small. Elthian kissed her. Holding her head in the cradle of his hand . His lips against hers. She stiffens up and pushes against his chest with her small hands . Her back pressing firmly against Thranduil's chest. She jerks forward to get away from him as well and presses to Elthian. Eventually she gives in. Elthian's lips leaving hers . She finds her head being turned and Thranduil's lips finding hers . It was then she realized they were both there . Both kissing her.

"I am sorry. " Thranduil whispers to her. His lips brushing against hers with this words. Her body melts back against his but her hands cling to Elthian.

" I'm the one who is sorry. " The sobs easing yet she still cried and her body trembled. "Elthian I didn't know . I didn't understand what that would do to you. Please forgive me . " She pulled forward and leaned her head to his chest. " I can't take it back . I wish I could but I can't and I'm sorry."

Thranduil leaned back . She still sitting in his lap he rubbed her back gently while she clung to Elthian. Elthian embraced her and lifted her face . kissing her tears . " shhh My Queen. shhh all is forgiven . " He held her and looked to Thranduil who smiled at him .

When Elthian let her go she turned so her arms where slid around Thranduil. " I'm so sorry . If you don't want me anymore I understand. I did something very bad . I never would do something to come between us on purpose. Please forgive me please. "

What she said and how she said it broke Elthian's heart. It had the same effect on Thranduil who immediately took her face in his hands and looked her right in the eyes. " My love listen to me. Nothing you could do would ever make me not want you. "

Her small hands lifted and rested and held to his wrists . "Besides I am thinking this has been a blessing. Elthian is free of a secret that plagued him for a long time. " Thranduil kissed her again as he felt more sobs beginning in her chest. "Listen closely to every word my love you need to hear this. " She sniffled and nodded.

" Elthian confessed to me that he has loved me for hundreds of years. He is free of that secret and I accept his love . He confessed he has the same feelings for you and I accept his feelings for you can you accept his for both of us? "

He released her face and she looked to Elthian. " You have loved Thranduil for hundred of years?"

He nodded. " Since I was just past my majority. It's why I became his guard in the first place. When you and I were on the road before we even made it to the little inn. Remember the inn? "

She nodded " I began to have those same feelings for you. It was hard not to . Then at the inn when you were being affected by the moon that night it was real and solid for me . I loved you but how could I ever get to be with the two people I loved? It was hopeless but you have made it real and I love you even more for it."

She looked between them both . She searching Thranduil's eyes she saw nothing but love in this moment.

" How will this work?" she asked softly.

Elthain had that same question but did not voice it . Thranduil adjusted himself lifting her just a bit and inhaled deeply. " Its unconventional . Then again everything when it comes to you my love is like that. I suppose we have a lover . I can not think of another way to put it. A committed lover. I suppose there will be many whispers in the Fortress and shocked looks. "

Elthian began to laugh. " Truly it's fine with me if we do not make this public. "

Thranduil nodded gently. "It will come out eventually Elthian. Just like I couldn't keep her a secret for long. I say just let it take its course?"

He nodded in agreement. She didn't care either way she was just relieved and happy. Her belly growled then very loudly. She groans and slumps in Thranduil's lap . " I'm so hungry. "

Thranduil's hands moved to rub her belly." Elthian in the saddle bag you will find food. Some dried meat and some cheese . I figured she would be hungry . My bottomless pit here."

Soon she was chewing away at the dried meat . Her head tilting back to watch them kiss over head. There was something very exciting about watching them kiss. She had felt that the night in the forest .

" Hey." She reached up and poked at their chins. " Save some for me . "

She shoved another bite of cheese past her lips. Thranduil smirks when the kiss was broken and looks at her smiling up to them.

" Ohhhh you think there isn't enough to go around ? "

Shifting suddenly she finds herself pushed back into Elthian's lap . Thranduil pushing her wrists into Elthian's hands. His lips crushing to hers. She was still naked and now squirming against Elthian. Thranduil's hands slide up the backs of her thighs and his fingers stop at the crook of her knees . Lifting her legs and parting her thighs. His lips leaving hers he begins to kiss his way down her smooth body . Elthian watching him. Watching how the pixie responds to the Kings touch.

This began to get him excited . His cock hardens in his leggings the bulge pressing to the back of her small head. He closed his eyes to block the vision but her emotions were creeping into his head and her pleasure was growing . He experiencing it . He moves and gently places her head down against the blankets. His fingers working his laces loose .

Thranduil seeing this as his tongue delves deeply into the pixies honeyed sex. She squirming and whimpering . He moved to kneel beside her head . His cock throbbing and dripping with precum. Thranduil just moaned into her pink petals . Elthian turning her head and guiding His flesh between her soft lips. The salty droplets smearing over her moist tongue. Watching her lips stretching around another ellon's cock was it for him he couldn't take it .

This whole idea was making him as heated as he had been that night in the forest. He licked his way up her body to her lips His tongue joining in with her lips . Slithering up along Elthian's engorged shaft her lips leaving the head and moving to suck and lick at his heavy balls . Thranduil's lips replaced hers and Elthian's hips jerked. Thranduil's engorged flesh sliding along her slick pink slit . Becoming coated in her growing lust . He guides it against her then with a quick thrust sank deeply inside the always tight passage making her moan loudly .

He couldn't believe what was happening . Elthian in wander watching Thranduil's lips sliding along his flesh . One of his biggest dreams was coming true right then . One he never believed would happen not even when this started this night did it ever occur to him this would happen.

His balls tighten and his flesh begins to swell even more . Thranduil's hips begin to move faster her legs shaking . The center of her pleasure being tormented by the constant rubbing against his slick shaft . Elthian had to thrust a hand behind himself . He almost falling over when his orgasm began and the King did not remove his lips.

"Thranduil mmmmm please..." He gasps . His eyes beginning to roll back . Each swallowing motion he made just added to it making the pleasure he was receiving too much to bear. He pulled away and watched the King lick his lips and grin wickedly . Elthian collapses on his side .

Now his full attention was on his pixie. His hands finding hers . His fingers lacing with hers. She was so wet . Her own juices began to trickle down the crack of her bottom each thrust began to make wet sucking sounds Her body tensing even tighter around him.

He whispers to her. " Don't do it . Hold back. Let me enjoy you a bit longer. "

She began to fight the orgasm . Her body squirming under him . He barely holding back himself .

She cries. " I can't."

Elthian laying there begins to squirm and writhe as well . He so deep in both of their experiences. Began to cum again with out any touch to his own body. She constricting around Thranduil's flesh so much it was almost painful. He growls and seats himself as deeply as he can the flood of cum far too much for her small body . The milky juices squishing out from around his flesh.

His strokes becoming slower . Then finally cease. He drops to his elbows to keep all his weight off her small body. Then slowly he manages to pull free a flood of mixed release pours from her. He rolls to the side and pulls her to him . Elthian watching from heavily lidded eyes manages to scoot closer to them wedging her between them.

" I have one rule . " Thranduil says between deep breaths and looks to Elthian " You do not touch her unless I am there. Unless otherwise permitted. Kisses are fine but nothing more. " Elthian nods. Unable to speak. She was his . He would control this much at least.

After a while she fell asleep but they remained awake. She was curled up against Thranduil as she slept every night. An arm and a leg over him. Thranduil and Elthian stare at each other. Thranduil caressing a large hand down Elthian's arm.

" Thank You for accepting my love Thranduil. Maybe someday you will return the feeling. " He smiled softly and looked down to the pixie and found himself running a finger along her arm.

" Perhaps. in the meantime try not to dwell on that and just enjoy this for what it is. She is my heart and soul Elthian. No matter who else I might bed she is the one that will always be first. You need to understand that. I do care about you. Otherwise your pain would have meant nothing to me. "

" I know. Thank you for that as well. Thank you for figuring it all out. I thought I was going insane. " Elthain whispered. " I was going to ask to be sent away if a solution could not be found. It was becoming that terrible."

Thranduil's hand slid to the back of Elthian's head . His fingers grasping his hair . He forced his head up and pulled him closer. " I will never send you away no matter how much you may beg . resign yourself to that . " He pulled him then into a kiss.

That morning Juniper awoke in her usual position . Her arm and leg draped over Thranduil but Elthian was draped over her . Holding her and Thranduil at the same time. There was something nice about waking up with both of them . Her stirring would wake Thranduil . He was silent as his pulled her closer and began to kiss her tenderly .

Elthian slowly rolled over. His back to them . He snored a bit as he settled. Thranduil smiled a bit about that and so did she. " You know I love you no matter what pixie . Do not ever do this again. Do not run away. No matter what you think you have done. I may be upset but I promise we will work things out. You are me and I am you . This is forever. "

Her eyes filled with tears then and He held her close. " No matter who may share the bed with us . We are forever. You will always be first. " She pushed her forehead against his . "ten'oio(forever)" She said and he smiled wider. " Yes My love ten'oio."

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