The Fairy of Middle Earth

BY : HarleyQ
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The pieces on the board were falling into place. Legolas and Gimli rode out with Vesryn and his troops. Thranduil rode out with Nilastiel and Lysanthir. Thranduil on Memna Looking regal as ever. He prayed to the Valar that everything was falling into place and that they would be victorious today. . "Eru, Manwe, Varda. Any who would hear my prayer. Please bestow upon me victory against the darkness today. Please make my losses few and theirs many. Please help me save our people."

She had hitched a ride with a warrior of Gondor. She having wiggled into his saddle bag . The Calvary unit was positioned behind the infantry. She didn't know if the Calvary would charge in or the infantry. She wasn't that knowledgeable on battle tactics. She would do her best to keep her promise and stay hidden and out of the way. There was a scent on the air. She sniffed and made a face in disgust. It was a foul smell. Though she had no idea what it was . How could she? She had never been in the company of Orcs. It was faint and she doubted the humans could smell it.

It wasn't long before the elves were engaged in the battle . The first wave took place along the edge of the forest. Within the trees it made the archers useless. This was now hand to hand combat . Lines were difficult to form but the first wave was easily defeated . They were supposed to be after all. This little battle was suppose to make the elves feel confident . This supposed to make them charge into the open battle and the massive army waiting for them beyond the trees. Thranduil played his part well and ordered the charge to follow the retreating orcs right on cue. Nilastiel was almost beside himself with glee. Knowing that soon the army would be dead and the Woodland Realm would be all his. Then it was just a matter of sacking Lorien and taking the Fairy Queen to his Master.

The elven army charged . Bursting from the thick forest into the the more open edge . Fewer trees and more open area. This is where they should meet there fate. All Thranduil had to do was last long enough for the ambush to happen from the flanks. The charge would slow Thranduil would call for lines to be formed . Across the field they could see the black sea of Orc and Goblin . Well formed and prepared for battle . Not the rag tag disorganized army Nilastiel had sold to Him and the council.

"leithio I philin" Thranduil screams as a sea of elvish arrows begin the fly . This was followed by a volley of orc arrows. Now the Orcs were charging into the Elvish line and Nilastiel and Lysanthir seem to disappear.

Now they were moving . Really moving . The one that bore her was at full gallop and the smell became stronger. Wide eyed . Her heart racing . She looked ahead and could see the sea of orc ahead . That's when she realized what the smell was. It was time for her to bid her rider farewell and she hopes he would survive the battle . She flew . She was fast as she zigged and zagged through the charge of the horses. There were trees not far off. She would be safer in the forest.

The horn of Gondor was blown Thranduil would hear it and grin. She had completed her mission. Soon after another horn would be heard. This one from Rohan from the opposite side. Nilastiel and Lysanthir would freeze in their tracks. "why do I hear the horns of the men?" Nilastiel would growl "We have been set up."Lysanthir answered. " this makes no sense . We had spies everywhere there was no messages sent . There was no call for aid." Nilastiel was shaking with anger.

She was finally in the trees . Up high and looking down. There were Orc and elves fighting . Elves and Orcs lay on the ground bleeding. She would perch on high branches and watch . An orc hits the tree as it stumbles back . Shaking the tree she was on forcing her to take flight again. Now there was fire. The orcs setting fire to the forest to try and cut off the escape for the elves.

She found herself dodging flames and zipping through the trees. Arrows were being loosed as well. Dodging them she would make a single mistake . Hitting a branch hard she saw stars then blackness . Her small body landing lightly on the ground. She would awake in the middle of a fight. Large feet stamp around her . She gets to her feet . Evades being trampled and makes it to a tree.

Then the next tree and the next. Putting some distance between herself and the fight. Two orcs were coming right for where she was. She shoved herself into a hole in the tree. It was hot and the smoke from the fires acrid.

" I smells something." one said and circled the tree. " you smells something? what is it. " she presses her hands over her lips. " I dunno it smells tasty though. " They were looking all around the tree . " Hey you 2 let loose the beast " she heard a 3rd voice. The 2 at the tree would grumble . " Yous just smellin things. " They moved off and she waited several minutes before slipping from her hiding place and making for the heights again.

The riders of Rohan and the Men of Gondor flanked the orc army. The battle was fierce. Tauriel and Finnola found themselves fighting back to back. Finnola with Dragonfang in hand Tauriel with her twin knives was getting up close and personal with goblins. Finnola was laughing almost hysterically Until the ground began to shake The goblins backing off as the trolls began to approach the small group of warriors. " awww bloody hell. Everyone run " Finnola yells and takes her stance the spear lifted she began to spin it.

She looked over at Tauriel and smiled. " Trust me now go." Tauriel groans and runs with the others chasing the goblins. The wind began to swirl around her . The trolls being buffeted by it . There were 3 no 4 of them . Swinging their maces and flails. " Come on come on! " Finnola yells . Tauriel would get a glimpse of it . The whirlwind that grew into a tornado. Finnola at the center facing the trolls. Goblins that were near by caught up in it and being ripped to shreds. Then she couldn't see Finnola anymore .

She was with the men of Rohan and they just kept cutting into the goblins around them . The wind was picking up around them as well. The power of the tornado grows and then it just stops and Tauriel could see Finnola atop a dead troll the spear in its chest and the other 3 lay dead around her . The bodies of goblins dropping like a disgusting rain around the scene. What had she just witnessed? Finnola pulls the spear from the orc and runs for battle . Passing a stunned Tauriel " Are we going to fight or have tea ? " Tauriel shook herself into the moment and runs after Finnola.

Juniper was safe for the moment . Her eyes darted all around. There were sounds of death being dealt from every side and her head began to swim. The sound of low growling would bring her back . Her gaze slowly dropping below she now saw the beast the Orcs had been talking about . They had to have been bears at one time. Though now they were twisted versions of themselves. Their orcish handlers poking them with spears and making them move along the path they wished. Her heart was breaking. She could feel their pain and torment.

She would find her courage in her anger. Stripping off her clothes. Naked and natural She dropped to the floor of the forest in her larger size. She knelt beside a dead elf " I am so sorry " she whispers then takes the purple cape he wore symbolizing he was one of Thranduils men . She wrapped her around her in a way that left her wings free but she was not naked. Her anger continued to grow . Her belly burned with it . Her Forest . Her people the animals within it all being destroyed and for what?

Something in her would break in those moments. She watched the orc approaching her from under lowered brows. Glaring at them then she would open her mouth and scream it was so loud they held their hands over their ears and fell to their knees and then they fell over dead. Juniper was not there at the moment . No this was someone else. She took up one of their swords it was thrown at another orc piercing it through the chest . She made for the bears . As orcs ran for her she would scream at them pushing them back and they would fall dead . The largest bear would rear up . Growling at her . It would even take a swipe at her the claws ripping a gash across her arm . She did not flinch . She rushes the bear her hands upon it .

Fingers curling in its thick fur . Her glow consuming it and the others around it . This terrified the orcs and they would flee from the area .

She awakened to a wet warm tongue being drawn over her face. Drawing soot and dirt and orc blood into streaks over her features. Her eyes opened and it was the Great bear. All of them around her. Protecting her Guarding her. She sits up and winces in pain. She didn't know what happened. Why she was big or draped in purple. The bears were healed of the sickness . Blood was pouring from her arm. She would pull herself to her feet and lean against the great bear. her eyes drawn to an elvish sword and the fire.

She would stagger towards it . The bear would follow. The sword much too big for her. She would look and see a dagger in a scabbard on the dead warriors hip . Pulling it out she place it in the fire. " I am so sorry . I am so sorry this has happened." she would say softly. " please bear me no ill will . I will find out your name . I will make sure your family is cared for . " She as sobbing now . The blade pulled from the fire was red hot . She took several breaths and pressed it over the claw marks . She would scream and again pass out.

In the North the battle had not begun. In fact there would be no battle . Upon reaching the destination Vesryn was arrested by Legolas. He in chains. The coalition of the men of Dale and the Dwarves of Erebor had eradicated the orc army before they even got there. " King Thorin Stonehelm was feeling a bit itchy " King Brand explains. " Aye I couldna elp it . I seen da filthy buggers and My arm it jus started swingin." He held his axe up stained with the dark blood of orcs. Legolas chuckled and passed over his prisoner. " Please would you mind watching this " Vesryn was thrust out towards the Kings. " I need to go make sure My Father makes it out alive. " King Brand nodded . " I would be happy to and will be happy to deliver it to you later. "

Legolas and would nod and lead the elven army south Gimli would stay with his kin and help deliver the package back to Greenwood.

Elessar was covered in blood and sweat. The battle was long and hard. The elves were beginning to meet the men now. Then from the corner of his eye he would see the strangest thing. The animals of the forest would emerge attacking the orcs and goblins astride the largest bear he had ever seen sat a familiar looking creature smeared with the filth of battle . It was the fairy, a large elvish dagger held high, She Leading her own army . All manner of creature followed her . The birds attacking with claws at the eyes of the enemy. The deer kicking and goring them. Great bear swiping their claws. He would stand there . Jaw dropping watching her. As she sends the largest gathering for squirrels swarming over orcs .

Thranduil had finally made it more into the open . He was covered in blood and sweat as well. Atop Memna who was pawing the ground and giving out loud calls . Thranduil didn't know why he was behaving like this. Yes it was battle but he was even more ready than he should be then he saw her. His wife in the thick of the battle leading an army of forest creatures her mount a large great bear.

The orcs in full retreat . The men and elves giving chase and killing as many as they could. The men of Rohan would now make it to the center and there in the very middle of the field Eomer would see something beautiful and terrifying. The same thing his men saw . Her wings glistening in the sun light that penetrated the smoke her long golden hair blowing in the breeze. She sat on the back of a great bear. Her sword in the air . The animals of the forest around her as she screams they do too. The men and elves would scream as well . A cry of victory . Suddenly her eyes shift and her sword lowers. All the animals look in the direction she does . She charges towards it . They all follow . An elf tries to run, it was Nilastiel. Thranduil now took off across the field chasing her .

" No Juniper do not kill him." With a swipe of the bears mighty paw He was down . The bear looming over him . It growls low and menacing. The beasts of the forest circled him . All of them affect by her . All of them seething with hate. Thranduil would finally reach her . The animals would allow him to pass. She was shaking her jaw set . It would be so easy to kill him . She was sitting on the perfect weapon to do it. She wanted to do it . She wanted to taste his blood on her lips and gushing into her mouth. The beasts were affected her too.

Thranduil moved beside her . " Juniper please. " He said calmly. " Do not kill him. We need him to tell us who he serves. " His hand reaches out then . He feeling the effects of her rage as well . He struggled to push it back and remain calm. His touch on her shoulder . His warmth . He was familiar. The dagger dropped from her hand. Nilastiel cowered before the Queen . He was begging for his life. The bear placed a paw on him and held him there but did not crush him. "Thranduil?" she finally spoke, all that rage slowly began to fade. She turned to see him . A small shaking hand reaching out to touch his face. " Its really you. " His own hand reaching up to cup hers against his cheek . " Its me . " Tears began to streak through the grime on her face . Her lashes would flutter and her eyes would roll back and close . Her body going limp. He pulls her from the back of the bear and just holds her in his arms . The King of the Woodland realm . Haughty and Mighty cried as He held her in the middle of the battle field.

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