The Fairy of Middle Earth

BY : HarleyQ
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There had been no new updates for a few days . Messages often took a while to arrive . Last update they had gotten was when the troops were a day away from meeting the refugee camp. He sighed and looked over the other reports.

Elthian sat near a small table going over his reports. " Did you get everything prepared for this evening? "Thranduil looked up.

"Yes My Lord it is ready. Whenever You are ready the guards will be deployed . "

Thranduil grinned. He hoped his surprise would be welcomed. " I will also contact Lady Sentillia if this become too much. You do not have to worry my Lord. I have this under control." Elthian glanced over. " Go show our Pixie a pleasant evening. "

Thranduil had gotten used to that. Elthian was not a pain about the set up at all. In fact he relished his afternoons with her. In return Juniper was hardly ever temperamental. Which meant fewer broken objects. Add the baby in and there will never be another broken vase , wine glass, pitcher, broom . Yes the broom night had been a bad one. It took a few whacks to break it and she had fun doing it.

The more mature she got the more certain things changed . She became more submissive when they were intimate and when she was discussing business or war she had gotten a bit aggressive. There where 2 completely different sides to her. Her aggressive side excited him to no extent. She became firm and had the charisma to charm the pants off of him. This was the Warrior Queen .

Then when they were alone . She was demure and happy. Also curious about everything. Innocent and still naïve . She took him to meet the White Stag and got him first row seating at the world opera. He loved her for this. Her gifts that made his life better. She was loyal to a fault.

Keeping her promises most of the time. Little ones like not going outside without a guard she broke all the time but she was never unguarded. If she was near nature she commanded it as well. Making things grow every where she touched. The spring flourished now with morning glories and clover. He couldn't wait to show her.

" There's ion nin. Ada's alta laito " Thranduil baby talked his new son. Scooping him up and holding him close. He was really thrilled to have the child. To make the best of something bad and pay those back who served the kingdom well. He would help Juniper fulfill her promise.

Orist will know everything about them. His birth parents. Juniper walked into the nursery where Thranduil was sitting and rocking with Orist and whispering to him. "Amin aran." Juniper spoke with a smile.

" Your sindaran is getting better. " He complemented.

"Amin naa e' anta en' lle amin aran. íd ikotane (I am in need of you My King. Very much So.)"

Now he raised a brow. "waitien nauva naikelea Melamin (waiting will be painful My Love)" Juniper grins she is determined to speak only Sindarin all night.

They rode memna to the camp by the spring. A bed of soft cushions atop of rug . Blankets and pillows . Lanterns and a small fire. She loved coming here. Buttercup would come visit on these nights as well. She would spend time with him every time.

Thranduil watched in wonder. Even at night the grass around her feet greened up even more and spread out from her. The more she moved through the forest the healthier it became. This was something Elrond needed to be made aware of but for now she was all his.

It was coming to the fall. The nights chilly She would survive by the fire and in his arms. Not to mention the spring near by. He lowered her from Memna's back . An apple pulled from the saddle bag first thing. Juniper walked up to Memna's massive head and offered the apple up.

"hannad Memna (thank You)" She said softly. "I' laide nauva vanima( The meadow will be beautiful)"

Once the saddle bags were removed Memna moved off for the night. Thranduil watched every move she made. Her Linen dress growing more elaborate with bead work and fitted a bit tighter around her hips. Accentuating them. She was truly and lovely vision and she was HIS.

To her delight He grabbed her right as she stepped onto the bed. Her feet almost always bare. His arms wrapped around her and her wings pressed to his belly.

"mani naa ta amin aran (what is it My King?)"

His hands slide up over her soft thighs and under the dress to grip at the swell of her hip. He pulled her back against him .

"nyara amin lle naa amin(tell me you are mine)" He whispers.

Juniper squirmed in his tight embrace. "ilya lle amin aran. Um- yassen vee' lle ve'(i am yours my king. To do with as you please)"

Thranduil was so impressed. She had worked hard. some words were a bit off but she was speaking and understanding his language. That was very exciting.

"sana malia e' mani lle irma amin fae(take care in what you desire My Fae.)"

The dress tugged up higher. Over her breast as her willowy arms raise. The dress slipping off and tossed to the corner of the bed. His hands immediately fall to cup her breast. Her head tilted back and her lips lifted . Pressed to his . She trembled in his kiss.

Her small form burned from the center of her belly. The full moon shone down on them. Releasing her she took a few quick steps forward. She slowly turned to face him . Thranduil was stripping out of his clothing .

"amin aran saesa.(Please my king)" Her hand lifted gracefully and moved slowly.

He grins and slowed down the process. Tenderly the fae knelt on the cushions and grinned with every inch of flesh revealed.

Her backside squirmed against her heels. "Amin naa lle( I am Yours)" She whispered and He moved in .

His attack was swift. His lips crushing hers. Her body pushed back . His hands on her wrists she couldn't move them if she wanted to.

"Keep them here. do not move." He warned her with a wicked grin. He pulled the saddle bag closer to himself . He straddling her smiling down on her. " Good girl."

She wasn't sure what she was looking at. There was a chain and 2 large pieces of metal . It was Mithril, In the manacle part were two identical jewels.

" Do you trust me ?" He asked .

Her eyes locking on his. They both gasp softly "uma Melamin( Yes My Love") She answered in a low sensual whisper.

The manacles placed around her slender wrists shrunk to fit her. He whispered a few words in quenya and the chain straightened until her arms were firmly held and her eyes go wide. He then turned around and she felt the same cold feeling around one ankle then the other. He pushed her legs wide apart and when she tried to pull the closed she couldn't.

Her heart was racing she had never been held like this. She had never been denied free movement. Her breaths were deep and fast. Every reaction her body had he would feel and see. He felt that growing fear mixed with arousal and excitement.

He was over her in moments his lips on hers. reassuring the pixie with kisses. His hands pressing to her cheeks and caressing over the right one His hand slowly glides down silken flesh to pinch a pink nipple. She moaned softly.

" You are Mine never forget." He whispered softly.

His breath brushing against the flesh around her ear and down her slender neck. The Moon affecting him too. She could squirm against him and squirm she did. He allowed her cries and moans.

Those long fingers begin making their way further down. Her eyes locked on his again . Her gaze held perfectly. Though it changed when those wicked fingers slide against a soft hairless mound and sink what into the moist heat parting pink petals and rubbing over her swollen pearl. Her legs shake

Her body played like a fine violin in the hands of a master. He knew just how to get every reaction he wanted. Each cry beautiful. Her neck cranes her lips parted with panting breaths.

" sana amin Melamin. panta ilya en' lle a' amin (take me My love. show all of you to me)" She nearly screams as her back arches and her hips shake.

Teasing his queen . Thick hard flesh pressing against her slit . He watched as it slid against her petals . The flesh glistening the more he slowly runs it against her. Savoring each moment. She was begging for him to have her .

She choked when the head stretched her widely. Her head back . Her hips shuddered against him . His hands gripped at her hips . He grit his teeth together but his eyes never leaving hers. it had been a while since he could take what was his freely. Several more inches sank into her and her eyes go wide again then glaze over.

Its hard to describe the feeling of a sensitive tiny clit messaged against every ridge and vein . He was perfect for her in this way. Once she was in full orgasm he could maintain it for several minutes bringing her so close to the brink of being devastated herself. She loved it . She needed it . He took her like this slowly. Watching her face with each wave of release. Her eyes on his . she gasps and writhes under him but they stared at each other. His Fea absorbed by her essence and mixing . The bond gets deeper every time this happens and she gets ravenous.

Elthian tossed and turned in his bed. The erection seemed to not go down for hours. It was maddening . Some one was knocking . He was ignoring it . This was not the time for company. but it was a seductive Elleth voice .

" Elthian? please open the door I know you're in there. " Sentillia said just loud enough so he could hear her.

He found himself throwing the door open. Erection in his sleep pants and all. She just grins a it and steps inside.

" I see my services are needed." She said with a smile.

He found himself nodding eagerly. He needing relief quickly.

Sentillia did not waste time . She climbed him like a mountain. His sleep pants down around his ankles. Her legs wrapped around him . Light skirts pulled up around her hips. The need within him raging . She was pinned against the wall. Her cries muffled by the stone around them. His hard flesh already deep inside her and thrusting deep. He wanted everything tonight .

It was brutal. Thranduil had never done anything like that night. His flesh was sinking deep again, it was going in fully. Each orgasm large and thick. He didn't even know he could make that much . The seed flowing deep and she moaning.

As soon as he could move she was being worked into yet another. Sweat covered her body . She had no control of herself . He whispered a few words and her chains were gone the manacles falling to the cushions. Her arms wrapped around him He lifting her began to rock her small frame. Holding her closely and making her eyes roll back.

She was perfection. His tongue paid homage to her when he finally stopped and was out of breath but he loved the taste of her salt covered flesh. She writhes in his arms. He collapses down on his side. She pulled with him her legs sprawled over him His cock still pumping cum into her.

She lay helplessly gorgeous in the moons light. Pale flesh glowing. He saw the lights again . He had gone with her again. Thranduil smiled and softly caressed her trembling body . Pulling her into gentle kisses.

"dandol- amin(come back to me)" he whispered over and over to her.

Eventually the constricting around his flesh would ease and he could pull free. His seed mixed with hers now ran from her and down over a soft thigh.

"Melamin( My Love)." She finally said.

Her small trembling hand finding his cheek. He smiles and gets to his knees. Her soft light body lifted in his arms . Holding her protectively close as he rises and walks through the grass naked and barefoot . The steamy air of the spring billows over her.

Carefully he enters the warm waters and lowers her into it slowly. The heat rising around her. her arms wrap around him. Her lips pres tiny kissed over his . Her energy rising yet she remains in the lusty haze.

Sentillia lay sprawled over her bed her dress unlaced and lying loosely about her. Elthian buried between her thighs . Panting for breath. Her small hand curls in his hair. He was being rough and she was taking everything he could give. Releasing inside her hot trembling sex . On her belly in her mouth. She knew what she signed up for. With a last deep thrust of his hips he growled and shook . Sentillia arching. Her bare breast exposed for her dress. His lips find her nipples

Their release came together. He laying over her his body helpless for several moments. The finally He rolled off her and pulled her closely. He was rather enjoying this with her. She was actually orgasmic and not having to fake it. Most clients were boring in bed . Elthian was far from boring. It just so happened they began to talk to each other. That evening he held her and told her everything.

He told her about how he was in love with the King and Queen.

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