The Fairy of Middle Earth

BY : HarleyQ
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Thranduil looked at the message in his hand. He had read it 4 times already. He just trying to make the words make sense. He understood them but this was not what he was expecting. "auth na-rhudol(war is coming)" He says under his breath. The message crumpled in his hand was from Gandalf who was sending it from Gondor.

Elthian poked his head into the Kings office. " My Lord might I have a quick word?" He asked.

Thranduil nodded "Come in I was going to call for you shortly anyway." He dropped the message on his desk.

"Oh? Well then I am glad to not cause you any trouble My Lord." Elthian said softly.

Thranduil leaned back in his chair . " I need security of the Queen to be tripled. " He passed the message to a rather shocked Elthian.

He looked to the King then took the message . Within moments of reading it his gaze shot up to his Kings. " Still gathering near the Rhun? How many? " He asks and places the message back on Thranduil's desk.

" Mithrandir did not know. He said their fires dotted the land like stars. "Thrandiul's voice lowered.

Elthian sighed and lowered his head in thought. " I will make the guards presence well know in the royal chambers and along its corridors. You know she isn't going to like that. " He looked back up to his King.

" That's why you and Tauriel will be with her at all times. With at least one of you by her side let alone 2 I will feel much better. I am going to be extremely busy as well. So our arrangements seem to be working in your favor. You will spend more time with my wife than I will . You have my permission to keep her happy . Anyway you need. " His gazed leveled out on Elthian.

Elthian suddenly felt a bit lighter . He understood what the King meant. " yes My Lord. Perhaps you will find some time during all this to spend some time with us. " He cleared his throat. " I must see to the extra guard rotations and then explain to the Queen about all the..."

Thranduil was out of his seat . His hand held up. He slowly walked around his desk to where Elthian now stood. "When better times come , The 3 of us will spend far more time together. For now I need to be able to put my trust and faith in you. She will need your love more and more as the days pass. I will do my best to remind her that I love her too when I can. Just make sure she is happy. "

Elthian nodded . " Yes My Lord." Was all he could say but Thranduil would not let the conversation end like that.

Before Elthian could take a step back Thranduil was before him. A powerful hand pressing to the back of his head and his lips drawn against his Kings. Elthian melts into it . Letting Thranduil control the kiss . Right down to just how deeply it became. Soon their tongues were mingling and dancing together. Slowly his lips pulled away.

" We will tell her later tonight. Until then please keep this to yourself." Thranduil stepped away and released Eithian from the spell he had cast on him with that kiss. " I will refrain. " He said before finally turning towards the door and leaves the office.

The Eastern Company had made it to Minas Tirith. Jeven was truly in awe. He had never seen a huge city like this. Nor so many humans. The white stone looms over head and He nearly overwhelmed by the sight. Gandalf let Shadow Fax go just outside the gates. Should he need him again all he had to do was whistle.

Jeven stood next to Gimli as they entered the city. Hannibal glances down to His cloaked and hooded friend.

" This is not what you expected?" He asked Jeven who shook his head. " Dis is no what I ..." He trailed off just gawked at everything.

"Get yourself together Jeven we have to go all the way up there." He pointed all the way to the top. Jeven said something a bit vulgar in his own tongue Hannibal chuckled.

Gandlaf turned to Jeven. " and when we get to the top please leave such language down here. We are meeting with a King and a Queen ."

Jeven bowed his head a bit then the group began to head through the crowds of people at the gate . On their journey to the top Jeven saw bustling Markets. Food Markets. Clothing districts and eventually a slightly seedier part of Minas Tirith. This was where they would stop for a meal . So far the only one garnering much attention was Hannibal. It seemed like the working Ladies really liked his look .

Gimli had to explain why they flocked to Hannibal like that and Jeven gasped and felt his cheeks grown warm. " and dey say I am Barbaric." Gandalf just shook his head and pulled his hat off before entering the tavern.

They would sit at a table in an alcove. Gandalf ordered the food as they took seats. He still standing. " excuse me" He said lowly and places his hat on the table . Then walking through the tavern to speak with someone standing near the bar. Pretty soon their food was brought out . It was a stew . Nice and thick with root vegetables and tankards of beer . Jeven looked into the bowl and stirred the stew around. Hannibal leans closer as the bread was brought to the table.

" It wont kill you ussta abbil (my trusted)it may taste strange though. " Hannibal lifted a spoon and began to stuff spoonfuls into his mouth. Jeven followed suit. His nose curled as he began to chew. The taste was strange and even the texture a bit different. It was however, not terrible and he was hungry.

Gandalf was soon making his return . Gimli was chugging his beer down and calling for another. It had been weeks since he had beer and he was making up for it. Jeven lifted the tankard and sniffed it. Then recoiled. Looking to his companions he pressed his lips to the rim and took a small drink. Then he took another and this time let it roll over his tongue slowly. His brows lifted and He held the mug out a bit looking at the color of the liquid inside it. " Dis is mmm confusing . It has bad smell but gud taste."

Gimli chortles. " Tis beer Laddy. Go on drink that one up and we will get you another." He tapped his tankard to Jeven's then tells the keep to just keep bringing the beer.

Gandalf returned with a small cloaked figure. The figure pulled up a chair as well to the table . " This is Charlie." He said and motioned to the one who joined them. "Charlie here is going to get us to the top without any seeing. We need discretion agreed. "

Gandalf then pushed his bowl of food before Charlie. The hood pushed back revealing a bright faced smiling face of a boy that could not have been much older than 12. "Pleased to meet you lot." He said and started to feast on the stew. Gimli, Hannibal and Jeven just stared at the child then shifted their gaze to Gandalf.

Gandalf sighed. "Don't look at me like that. Charile here is who you come to if you want something taken to the Queen and you don't want anyone to know. He is quite proficient in many arts and his skills are impeccable."

Charlie motioned with his spoon to Gandalf. " Listen to him good now. He is a wizard after all and when we are in the thick of it You listen to me. " He takes a bite and chews a bit then continues. " I'm the one that will get you where you need to go . "

They party just kind of goes quiet and finishes their meal . Jeven was on his 3rd beer by the end and was feeling rather tipsy. He wore a smile on his face and just swayed a bit in his seat.

" Oy Laddy that is just 3. You canna be done for." Gimli said in disbelief.

Jeven waved him off dismissively.

Hannibal leaned in and grumbled. " He is rather drunk. "

Jeven retorted. " I ish not ..." swallows hard . " wha'ver Yew say. "

Gandalf groans and Charlie laughs hard. " Its like he has never had beer before."

Hannibal grumbles a bit more loudly. " He hasn't his people do not have alcohol. "

Now the party leaves the tavern. Hannibal helping Jevan to walk. He uses his spear as a walking stick. " Dis beer . ish so happy " He smiled at Hannibal. " Oh well just wait till later ." He grumbled again.

" He can sleep it off at the Livery. I have a few things to arrange before we leave . " Hannibal studied the boy as they walked. He had a head full of dirty blonde waves. Just long enough to reach his jaw line. He was not quite 5 feet tall. That illusive growth spurt not far off. There was nothing remarkable about the boy yet there was something not entirely right about him.

They finally reached the Livery. Charlie calling out. "Gaveth I am back. I have some people with me. They are interested in delivery services. "

Charlie disappeared and Hannibal lays Jeven down in some fresh straw. " Sleep ussta abbil."

The sound of Charlies voice made him rise and look to the door way. There stood the most muscular elf he had ever seen his hair long and dark. Pinned in a braid at the back of his head. He looked young like all elves but his grey eyes told of his age. He was wiping his hands with a small towel . Soot streaked across his cheek. 'An elvish blacksmith' he says to himself.

" I am Gaveth. " He announced and looked right at Gandalf. " Why Mithrandir, you have brought quite the menagerie haven't you."

The plan was rather simple. Charlie would be making a hay delivery to the royal stables. They would hide in the hay and be taken inside . There was the possibility of a search though.

Jeven sleeps off his haze. Then discovers the headache that comes from drinking too much beer. He sat on an over turned bucket . Charlie brought him some willow bark tea.

"What kind of Elf are you?" Charlie asked and sat on the straw .

" I ish not elf. I am Avanati." Jeven answered with a wince.

Charlie lifts his chin and looks at the man sitting next to him. He had never seen anyone like him. His dark grey skin tone. The white marks on it. Nor hair this white or eyes like his. " I have never heard of your people." Charlie finally said.

" Dis is true. We 'ave home far in dee east. My home ish no like dis with stone. We 'ave huts and a cave. Huts for dee ones who work dee soil and grow dee animal. Cave for dee ones that make. Dey make dee cloth or dee medicine. We 'ave many once now we not so many but mighty we still are. " Jeven explained.

Soon they were laying in a wagon and having hay heaped upon them. " Charlie will take good care of you. Listen to him and all will be well." Gaveth tells them then the wagon began to move and slowly make its way through the streets of the city.

Elthian returned to the Royal Chambers. Tauriel looked uneasy as she entered . In the lower chambers the courtyard was replaced by a large common room. Juniper having her own little space before the fireplace. A warm fire crackling within it. Her color shifting to silver as the light fades in the skylights and lamps are lit. Juniper lay in the floor with Orist . He was learning to crawl . He proudly hitting all the elven milestones. Her attention on Tauriel for the moment. She knew her best of all the guards. Excluding Elthian. Tauriel gave off a more genuine feeling. Elthian was better at neutral.

Her eyes drawn back to her son. She focusing on him for several long moments. Finally she gets to her knees and brushes her silvery mane back over her shoulders. " What has happened this time?" She asked without looking to either of them. Her eyes on Orist . She still playing with him. Letting him get a few inches away then pulling him back and tickling him. " There is no reason for you to be silent. I am prepared for bad news."

Elthian exhaled a deeply held breath. " My Queen, The King has ordered your guard to be tripled. I or Tauriel are to be with you at all times. "

She simply nodded. " I see and will he be telling me himself why or will I have to pull it out of one of you slowly and painfully? " Her tone was cold but her smile warm for the child she adored.

"The King wishes to explain and it would be a privilege to entertain you until he arrives. " Elthian smiled as she looked over her shoulder at him. One Lavender eye watching his expression after delivering such news.

"Well then , Tauriel would you please come to me in the morning. " She had nothing but love for Tauriel and the look she gave her promised full disclosure over breakfast. " Yes My Queen. " Returning the smile but as she looked to Elthian her smile faded and she simply turned and left.

Juniper got to her feet. She lifting Orist into her arms. The way she held him pressed to her hip made the slight swell of her belly more prominent. That was when the entirety of what was at stake was obvious. " Come on My son lets get your supper. Come on Elthian . Since you are stuck with me you might as well earn your keep. " She laughed . " Time to learn all about clouts. " Funny how she took the news that he would be by her side constantly fairly well . Instead of the angry fit he got the well now you're my slave treatment. It could be worse.

The wagon stopped at the gates of the stable. Gandalf could hear Charlie speaking with the guards. " Aye the freshest of hay for The Lady's horses oh and the kings too." Charlie and the guard had a good laugh. It must be a private joke. " Well go ahead Charlie we cant have the horses starving. " The wagon rolled a foot or 2 when another voice called out. " Oy what is this? The street urichin delivering Hay? Probably molded . We best check it. " Gandalf began to brace for a search.

Charlie stood up in the front. " You are just being an ass Rodric. You know this is for the Queen."

Rodric held his hand up and silenced the boy. " All the more reason to check it. Wouldn't you agree? " He drew back his sword to stab into the hay when a firm feminine voice spoke up .

" If Charlie has brought anything harmful to this house then dark those days would be that one so pure would falter. Let the boy pass ." That was Arwens voice . Gandalf was sure. "Yes My Queen." Gandalf would hear the voice named Rodric say. He grinned as the wagon began to roll once more.

Once within the stables. The doors closed Arwen approached Charlie. " Ok my friend . What's in the hay? " She asks softly.

Charlie just smiles and knocks on the side of the wagon. "It's clean you lot . Get out of my wagon. "

The first to pop up from the hay is Gandalf . " My Lady I do hope you do not mind our manner of arrival." He was pulling himself free of the hay and climbing down.

" Gandalf? " She said with a bit of disbelief.

Gimli rolls out of the back and onto the ground. " Oy hello Lady Arwen. You are such a wonderful sight to my weary eyes."

Her hands on her hips now as she eyes Gimli. " Alright who else? " She finally says and sighs.

That was when Hannibal crawled from the Hay. The amount suddenly lessened by half. " I am Hannibal Queen Arwen and this . " He pulled Jeven from the hay . His hood back and his features fully exposed. " Is Jeven ."

Arwen let out a gasp when her eyes lay on him. It was after he was finally free of the hay that she could more fully take his measure. She was speechless for several moments before finally finding her voice. " Well for you to have brought these people here this must be very important. Lets go find my husband and get this going whatever your game is Gandalf. Charlie you'll find payment in the usual place "

The Queen was leaving the Stables with her "guests" in tow. Charlie speaking up. " Yes Lady you be careful with this Lot. They are a bit shady." He laughed and watched them go.

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