The Fairy of Middle Earth

BY : HarleyQ
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Thranduil had returned rather late from his Duties as King. The moment she saw him she ran down the corridor and leapt into this arms. Holding onto him tightly . She pelted him with happy kisses.

"Such a welcome " He laughed and walked to his rooms with her holding on. His arms having wrapped around her slight form. Taking her to the sitting room he lowered onto the couch with her straddling his lap.

" I must speak with you Juniper. " she continued to kiss him her little fingers working the hooks of his heavy long robe open.

" mmm hmmm " was her response . Her hands slip inside it already tugging at his shirt.

" Well aren't you a bit greedy " He laughed and pulled her hands from inside the robe . Holding them gently. " We must talk first ." The look in his eyes telling her this was important.

She sat back against his knees. Her hands in his.

" The situation concerning you has changed. Ever since the attack your presence is known by those in the fortress. Its complicated too by the fact you are not an Elleth . Though they are unsure just what you are. "

Her head canted a bit to the side as she listened. " I am King Juniper and it would be acceptable for me to have a concubine though that is not how I feel about you or even wish to have you thought about."

She looked confused . " What is a concubine? "

His brow lifted of course she wouldn't know. "A concubine is a woman that is used by the King for relief . She is kept within his chambers and used for sex . She is considered the kings whore. She isn't respected and not thought well of even if she is treated well within his chambers. "

The word whore was also a new word for her but she understood it wasn't a well looked upon thing to be.

"Any children created from their coupling are considered bastard children ." He could see the next question about to bubble forth so he went ahead and answered. " Bastard children are children created outside of a union . They are not usually regarded well. Their lives are harder. "

She frowned . "That is terrible . children are innocent " she was saddened by this.

He would continue. " I love you Juniper I consider us already bonded together. I feel you now even when I am not close. You are always with me and I with you. " he smiled softly and could feel mixed emotions and confusion from her.

" You need to be seen . It needs to be done properly. I need to present you to the court. I need to announce that we are bonded. I believe when they see you and see what you are the fact you are not an Elleth is not be a problem. Even though the children we create if we create them will be loved and revered by all. The mix of elf and fae will be special. You will become their Queen.

Her eyes widen she knew a Queen was the female counterpart to a King. She would rule along with him. " Thranduil I'm not made of a Queens cloth. I'm ... I'm just a pixie. "

He lifts her hands and kisses each finger softly. " Yes you are. You will make a kind gentle Queen who cares about her people. All of them, Bastards and all. You see. You could change how the elves see things. Simply by being you. "

"This is a lot." she said in a small voice. "

He pulled her close and hugged her to him. " I know but this had to happen eventually. Now all will know how proud I am to have such a beautiful woman by my side. "

Her arms sliding into his robe again but now she simply hugs him. " I will do what ever you need me to. Just please do not be angry with me If I am not very good at it. "

He chuckled softly. " You will be magnificent at it Juniper. There is greatness in you. "

She sighs. " I don't think Hannibal thought I would end up Your Queen when he left me with you. "

He thought about that a moment. " How do you know? Maybe this was his plan all along. " standing up with her still in his arms. " now I think someone was very interested in doing something else when I walked in. " He was moving towards the bedroom.

"Well I was but that was before I was told I was going to be a Queen. " this made him laugh. Most women would be thrilled by such a thing. Then again she wasn't most women.

The next day she stood in the sitting room . Her small bare feet pressing against the stool. The seamstress was fitting a gown Thranduil had commissioned prior. This one he hoped she would approve of. He sat back upon the couch. Lounging and sipping tea. The seamstress was a gorgeous elleth named Shisha. Shisha was Ninnel's cousin and had too grown up with Thranduil. She had the same hair as Ninnel . Brown with red in the light. Big blue eyes and a very dazzling smile. Shisha was a bit more unreserved than Ninnel . Unmarried and independent. Held in her lips were pins that she was using to hold the fabric in place where alterations needed to be made.

"Shisha you have out done yourself with this ." Thranduil said as she pulled the last pin from her lips.

" Well Thrandie You always did inspire me. " she said and grinned to Juniper who looked miserable.

" If you ever call me that outside the chambers I will have you thrown in a cell." He said lowly. " When we were children that was fine but I am King now you should address me as such. "

She rolled her eyes and stood before Juniper and whispered to her. " I just love teasing him. " Juniper would sigh softly. " Sometimes I want to just scream at him. " she whispered back. This made Shisha giggle.

"Thrandie my oldest friend I do like your choice in women." She spoke up and look to him.

This gown was made of the finest thinnest silk. A light green in color . It was light though not as light as the linen Juniper preferred. It was embroidered with spring flowers connected by sweeping vines . The flowers all different colors . The back open to accommodate Junipers wings. She hops off the stool and moved to the mirror. Looking at herself. She frowns. It was very pretty but it covered her skin and she couldn't feel the air on it.

" Now for the shoes ." Shisha said and this was Junipers breaking point.

She wiggled from the dress . It fell down around her ankles in a sea of shimmering green . Naked Juniper ran from the room .

Thranduil sighs and gets up from his seat. " She doesn't mean disrespect . " He said softly. " I am trying to put a dress on a wild creature. Though beautiful she is still wild at heart. " His hand rested on Shisha's shoulder a moment . " Just wait a moment ." He told her and he went to go retrieve His Pixie.

He finds her huddled in a dark corner of the bedroom . Still naked . Her knees drawn up. Her head laying upon them. He moves beside her and slides down against the wall .

" The dress is made of very light fabric . " He began. " I know it feels and looks strange to you. A Queen is clothed a certain way. However , You will not be a regular Queen. So we will make compromises. You will not wear thick heavy gowns buttoned up to the chin. Choking the life from you. You will wear light airy gowns and dresses made from the sheerest lightest silk. Then when you are here in our rooms you can be naked if you wish. I certainly don't mind that. " He smiled at her and she peeks to him. " Its a compromise . I'm willing to meet you half way Pixie."

She sighs. He was trying very hard to work with her . She crawled in his lap . Her naked body curling up against him.

" I can accept the dresses . " she said softly. " But I have to draw the line at shoes. "

He chuckles and strokes her hair slowly. " Winter will be here soon and you may change your mind on that. However, These shoes Shisha was speaking of are quite special. "

He lifted her as He stood then place her down beside him. He found her one of her dresses to put on .

" Now you need to apologize to Shisha . She is only doing what I ask of her. "

Together they returned to the sitting room. The silken dress now laying over the back of a chair. Juniper walks up to Shisha her head bowed.

" I am sorry for how I acted. The dress is very pretty. " Shisha just smiles and crouched down looking into the lavender eyes of the Pixie.

" Sweetie I understand. As soon as I get into my own chambers This ... "she motioned to her own dress. " It comes right off. I would much rather be in my under garments or naked. Its so much more comfortable. "

She rose and went to pick up the slippers that had been special made for the Pixie. Carrying them to Juniper she offered them out. They were the same color as the dress with the same type of embroidery on them but as Shisha turned them over Juniper began to smile widely. in the middle was a strap of the thick cloth used for the soles but at the heels and toes there was nothing . So most of her foot would be bare to the ground.

" The cobbler looked at me funny when I had them made but I think these are suited just for you." Juniper took them and scampered to the stool to sit and try them on .

Thranduil looked to His Fae with a grin . " See Pixie I will always find a way to meet half way."

They had finally arrived at Isengard. Legolas and Gimli surprised to see all the newly growing trees where Sauruman had damaged the forest. Finnola had never been to Isengard and just looked at everything a bit in awe. Treebeard was no longer in possession of the tower. Instead they would find the Brown Wizard there.

"Oh what and interesting group An Elf A Dwarf and A Giant. "

Legolas being the only one to have had contact with this wizard before spoke for them . " Radagast we have come seeking knowledge. "

He showed him his drawings of the paintings in the glittering caves. Then tells him what they had discovered. They would be invited into the Tower . " The archives are a mess you see. Sauruman did some real damage here. We have been working to organize it all and try and find out what is missing. " He explained as he lead them towards the Library. " If what you are looking for it here . " He would take a deep breath and sigh " It will take a while to find it. Of course young Elf You are welcomed to try but only you. Your companions will have to wait . I do not know them at all . "

Legolas nodded and thanked him Gimli was not at all offended but Finnola was visibly upset by this. " please Lady Giant please try to understand . Gandalf would be cross with me if I... " His words trailing off as Legolas excused himself for a moment . Walking past Finnola He grabbed her hand and tugged her along to follow. Leaving Gimli standing there with Radagast. Gimli shrugged and looked to the brown wizard. " So do You have food and beer? "

Finnola finally pulled her hand away from Legolas' when they reached the door . She was a good foot taller than He and far more powerful . He realized she had willingly gone so far with him holding her hand.

" Finnola please do not be so upset. " He started to say as they walked outside . She did follow and took a few steps down ending up so she was on eye level with Legolas when she turned around.

" I could be of help I can read . " She protests. "

Can you read ancient elvish ? " He asks and she blinked. " Well ... No. " He reached out and took her hand again .

" Then do not be so upset. " Her hand was large and strong and his touch was soft and light upon it. This made her blush a bit . Then he leaned in and pressed his lips against hers. It was a soft kiss and lingered for a few moments before he stepped back and let her hand slip from his. She looked a bit shocked and was silent. " Just something to think about , Until later. "

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