The Fairy of Middle Earth

BY : HarleyQ
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The elves rode into the greenwood. Legolas was non-existent at this point. He far ahead telling the gate of their arrival. Finnola rode towards the back of the caravan. Glorfindel refused to ride anywhere but beside her. Elladan in the front with his father. They were crossing the last bridge. Finally Finnola began to tense. Glorfindel noticed. " My Goddess. You don't have to worry. You are the second half of my team. They will not send us away. "

As they finished crossing the bridge She could see Legolas exchange a few words with his father. Elladan and Elrond along side him. " I do not know how this is going to work. I usually stay with Legolas when I am here. I do not have my own rooms here. " She was sliding off of her horse .

Glorfindel smirks " You can stay with me. "

She just chuckled and rolled her eyes. " Aye that will go over about as well as a lead goose." She was pulling her packs off her horse and sighs.

" I am sure you will be given accommodations but if you want to by pass all that You are welcome to bunk with me. I have a large space here. Right next door to Lord Elrond and no where near Legolas. " He was now down and pulling his things from the saddle.

Finnola was silent as they began to walk towards where the Kings stood. Legolas excusing himself when he saw them. Thranduil knew his son well and looked to the approaching giant flanked by Glorfindel. Now he had an idea of what was wrong with his son. Thranduil had no reason to be cross with the Giant. Juniper was close to her and She was an asset. "Finnola it's so good to see you home." He took her hand and looked up into her eyes. " Later you and I will talk. Will you need accommodations? "

Glorfindel cleared his throat. Finnola exhaled. " yes I will. " Her lips twitched a bit but her jaw set like stone and other than that she had no emotion shown on her face.

" Very well. Later we will talk. " Thranduil smirked at Glorfindel

" Now Now My Lord. There is no need for you to get overly emotional seeing me after so long. " Glorfindel said rather graciously and wore a fake smile.

Finnola just groaned as she walked away. Thranduil lifted his chin a bit and just smiled graciously. " I see you are consorting with the one who left here my son's consort amin iant Mellon. Perhaps you and I should speak as well?"

Glorfindel bowed his head and said smoothly. " If you feed me I will talk as long as you wish my Lord."

Thranduil clicked his tongue against the roof of his mouth. " Very well Diner is at 8 be ready. " He turned and began to walk off . Elladan and Elrond following him. The exchange was very uncomfortable and they were glad it was over.

Elthian stood by the door . She keeps peeking up to him. He keeps trying not to notice. He lets his shoulders lower. " What is it? " His voice soft .

"Will you be here tonight?" She sat up in the middle of the bed and criss crossed her legs.

He shrugged. " I do not know if they will allow me to be here. I would like to be. I love you as well. "

She rocked back and forth " Amin mela lle vee' eithel." She said with a smile and even felt herself beginning to blush . She looked down and rocked a bit more.

Then he was right there. His hand on her cheek his lips against hers. She squeaked at first . Her eyes wide began to close and she relaxed against him.

" He did say I was allowed to do this much ." He whispered against her lips. " Though I want to do so much more. " That's when the creak of the front doors was heard and he returned to where he had been . Standing beside the door.

Elrond entered the room first. She smiled widely . " Hello again Elrond . I have to say I am so happy to see you. "

He walked closer and took her small hand into his as she sat on the edge of the bed. " I hear there is good news. I am here to make sure it stays good news. " That statement eased some worries. "This is my Son Elladan . He is almost as good as I am. "

The introduction made and Elladan laid eyes on the pregnant fae for the first time. She seemed so small and fragile. It wasn't until she moved a bit that he saw the wings folded against her back. Her hand released from Elrond's then offered to him. " Its very nice to meet you Elladan son of my friend Elrond. "

He was mesmerized for a few moments. Her body glowed like sunshine. Golden even more so than his grandnaneth. Her hair like spun gold laying down over bare shoulders. She wore a white dress with no sleeves and sat cross legged . As he took her hand he was enveloped in warmth. He lost his ability to hear and speak for a few moments.

Elrond looks down and smiled . It was Celeborn that took his grandion by the shoulders and brought him back. " Well there you are Elladan maybe you need to sit down. " He guides him to a chair and sit him down. Thranduil stayed out in the corridor for the moment. It wasn't until the introductions and small talk were made that he would finally enter.

"Now we need to get all up to date on our plan. " Thranduil said pleasantly.

Finnola was standing in the kings office. She was a bit nervous and prepared to be asked to leave. Though she hoped that would not be the case. Finally Thranduil entered and she turned to face him. He smiled . He did not look the least bit angry . He took her hand and pressed a kiss to the back of it.

" Lady Finnola I have had your things removed from My sons apartment." He released her hand and moved to his seat. Lowering down behind the desk He motioned to a chair for her to have a seat. Reluctantly the giant would have a seat in the chair that was maybe a bit too small for her but it was what was there and she was used to such things.

"I feel I must cut to the chase here. My son is extremely unhappy at this moment and I want to know what happened. From your side of it. "

Finnola inhaled and exhaled slowly. Her green eyes looking at her hands. " To be honest . I am not really sure what happened." she began. " Everything was fine. We arrived in Imladris we got our marching orders. He was to lead the archers I was to go with Glorfindel and destroy the catapults . In the days after that battle I became friends with Glorfindel. He admired my skill and I his. I swear King Thranduil. There was nothing there . Legolas was still mostly the same. Maybe a bit distant. I felt perhaps that was because he was eager to get home. So was I . "

Thranduil smiled a bit to himself.

" Then on the journey back ..." she exhaled once more and she was looking again at her hands. Her expression grew more troubled. " He was very distant. He wouldn't ride with me . He took guard positions far away from me. He went out to scout. When he would come to the fire at night he was rude. Not just to me but to Glorfindel. I confronted him about it one night and I thought we had come to an understanding about Glorfindel. "

Thranduil tilted his head a bit to the left but still looked at her . "and what about Glorfindel?"

She shrugged. " That he was my friend and that Legolas needed to get that right with himself. There was nothing between Glorfindel and I . He and I share the same kind of spirit. We enjoy battle . We enjoy fighting and everything that comes with it. He was my battle brother. "

She explained and Thranduil understood that. He had one himself His name is Feren. " go on." He said .

" Well it had gotten to the point that He wasn't even coming to the tent at night. So I stopped setting it up. I don't need a tent on clear nights. " She paused and swallowed hard . " He came to me and asked what I was doing and I told him I was getting ready to just sleep by the fire but if he would join me I would go get the tent. He then began to accuse me of things. He accused me of sleeping with Glorfindel . He said he cursed the day he met me.

Thranduil winced and closed his eyes. When he opened them he was looking down then forced his eyes up to see her beginning to cry. The giant wasn't sobbing just stoically sitting with tears running down her cheeks.

" That hurt. I think that hurt far more than the accusations. Then he went on to say that I fell into bed with him easily so why not fall into bed with everyone else just as easily. I was a virgin when Legolas and I met. I saw forever in him then. He was the first one to ever see me as more than just a really strong woman. One that would bear many children to their husband. He knew that was not what I wanted not even a little bit . Maybe later but ... " She shook her head " I slapped him ."

Thranduil's eyes widened.

" I told him that he had gone too far and that I was done with him. I was so angry so hurt . I started to see like I do when I am in battle. I had to get away from the camp. So I just started walking into the forest. It was Glorfindel who came to see what was wrong . I don't remember everything I remember him telling me to draw my sword. I remember him attacking me."

Thranduils brows lift he wanted to stop and ask questions but he didn't he let her go on.

" I am not sure how long we fought. When I started to come to my senses I was very tired and bloodied and So was Glorfindel. The sun was almost completely gone as well. If he had not done that I have to admit that I am not sure of what I might have done in my rage. " She admitted to almost loosing control. He knew of ones that this happens to and Glorfindel knew what to do for her. " we have not spoken since then and we avoid each other. "

" You said Glorfindel was nothing but a friend. Have things changed? " He asked.

She wiped at her eyes with her hand and laughed a bit Thranduil handed her a handkerchief which she took. " I don't know . Yes and no? We haven't jumped in bed though I'm sure Legolas thinks we have. We have kissed a few... ok a lot. Nothing more though. He is so different. He understands what drives me. I never was allowed to explore what I really wanted to do or to go to battle or think of a future that didn't include marrying someone my brothers choose for me and having 20 babies. I met Legolas and all that changed . Then he began to see me as marrying him and having 20 babies and that's not what I want. Glorfindel sees me as I am and does not want to change me but I can not sit here before you and say that I do not love Legolas. I do .. " now there was a sob. " He just isn't who I thought him to be and if I do not want to change why should I force him to. He wants what he wants as well."

Thranduil's brows shot up. He even gasped softly. He looked on this Giantess. She was only 20 years old. Still so young even for the humans that she was born into. Yet this was so wise of her. He now had the measure of the woman that sat before him sobbing. This mighty and powerful being utterly broken . He rose and did something a bit, Uncharacteristic. He stood beside her . His arm sliding over her powerful shoulders and he pulled her into a hug.

" Your path may lie with Glorfindel or not. The future to me is not so clear as it is to others. Where ever your path takes you Finnola. You are always welcomed here. I know Rohan is a place you probably do not wish to return to to live. This will be that place you can always return. It does not matter who you are with. You are family to the Queen and I. Legolas will need to come to terms with this. " He released her from the hug and stepped back. His hands pressed to her wet cheeks and he tilted her head so he could look into her eyes. " Never settle for less than what You want. No matter who you are with or where you are. " He smiled to her .

Finnola had not been expecting this. The King understood her as well. The tears began to fade.

Glorfindel was lead into the Kings private dining room. "Well Galion it's been a long time . I see you are just as snooty and proper as ever. " Glorfindel ribbed at Galion

" ahhh yes I see you are just as ... " Galion just smiled " rough around the edges as usual. I do hope I will not be cleaning food off the walls or vomit from the carpets in the morning."

Glorfindel died laughing . " I promise I will not get drunk and vomit on the carpets. Now for the food I can not speak for your king. " He nodded his head a bit and Galion just shook his head and turned to leave.

" The King will be with you shortly. " Then he was gone. Glorfindel started to look over the selections of booze to be had.

Juniper peeked around the edge of the door way . This was the warrior that returned from Valinor. He had the same glow about him as Galadriel. He was perhaps the biggest elf she had ever seen. Not tallest just muscular. His hair was golden unlike like Thranduil's and Celeborn's. It flowed down his back. His hair braided like a warriors. She stepped fully into the door way. Glorfindel turned with a bottle of dwarven whiskey in his hand. Then he saw her and just stopped. At first he just stared. He had been told the Queen was a fae but he didn't really know what to think, thoughts began to come quickly. Is this the Queen? She is really small. How does she ? with him? Damn she is beautiful . I see why he made her his wife. Her eyes, Valar, her eyes.

"Are you Glorfindel? " She asked small hands folded before her and pressing against the light colored dress she wore.

He was still looking her up and down. " Ya... yes and you are? "

She just began to smile and bounce a bit in place. " I am thrilled to meet you. I am Juniper " She burst out and even let out a small squeal. She was a fan . She had read many stories about him. She moved quickly towards him and stopped just a foot or so away and looked up at him. " You have to tell me about killing the beast. You have to tell me about Valinor and the Valar ... and ..."

She was cut off by the clearing of Thranduil's throat. He was standing there watching her bombard Glorfindel. Glorfindel Looked to the King and smiled . " Is this the Queen? " He asked softly.

Thranduil nodded once. " Juniper he is our guest. It is not proper for you to demand he tell you his whole story in the first few minutes of meeting him. "

She blushed and stepped back . " I'm sorry about that. I get a little carried away sometimes. "

When she turned around he saw them . Folded neatly against her back . It was true she was a Pixie.

" I am sorry My Lord. I will behave. " She promised but he knew her well. That would be very hard for her to do. She headed for the door and turned around for a moment "I hope you enjoy your meal Glorfindel. I hope you will come visit with me sometime. I would really love to hear your stories. " With that she spun around and scampered out of the room.

The hand that held the bottle of whiskey lifted and he pointed with one finger. " She ... she has to drive Galion insane. "

Thranduil burst out with laughter . " You have no idea."

Thranduil sat down then and Glorfindel set two glasses on the table. " I feel like tonight's conversation is going to require something a bit stronger My Lord. " He poured two glasses of whiskey and placed one down in front of Thranduil before he sat down. Servants were bringing in the food and filling plates . Glorfindel sat back and sipped his whiskey . Soon the servants left and the doors to the dining room were closed.

Thranduil did not waste time. Glorfindel was just waiting for it . " What is going on with Finnola? " He asked. Then began to eat.

Glorfindel sat forward then and swirled the whiskey around in his glass. " To be honest . That is not really any of your business Thranduil. "

Thranduil lifts his wine glass and takes a sip. " Oh but you see it is. This involves my son and Finnola has accepted residence here in my halls. "

Glorfindel smirked a bit and knocked back the rest of the whiskey then reached over for what he had poured for Thranduil and knocked that back as well. " I am not fully sure what is going on with Finnola. She and Legolas broke up in a spectacular way. If I told you I was not attracted to her in the least it would be a lie. I really like that woman. I am a very old elf . I have never given any thought to bonding . I never thought I would meet anyone I felt that way about. So I didn't look. Now I think it might be a possibility. I have behaved nothing but properly around her. Even after she kissed me. "

Thranduil's eyes were leveled on him.

" I did not start it. She kissed me and I assure you we still spend nights alone. "

He poured himself another glass of whiskey. " My fea screams for her. It scrapes at me from the inside. Thrashing violently whenever I am around her. After all these years. I think I have found her. My bond mate. It makes me want to treat her better than an empty night between the sheets before battle. She deserves roses strewn at her feet where ever she goes. " He trailed off and drank the whiskey.

Thranduil now sat back listening to this warrior. Even Thranduil admitted this ellon was his better in battle. Though not that much better. He was speaking in a warriors way about love. True love .

" She may not choose me though. I will not force her. She may in the end go back to your son. I do know that if she does not choose me . I will not be long in Middle Earth. I will ended up sailing sooner than later. " He shrugged and picked up his fork. " I hope that was to your satisfaction My Lord. " Now he began to eat.

" Well that was extremely honest and I do appreciate that. You do understand I had to find out . I had to know the whole story from all sides before I chose to react or in the case not react. Legolas I feel is at fault. He allowed his baser emotions to take control. Again. " He added .

" I will be good to her Thranduil. You obviously care about her. "Glorfindel comments a bit lowly.

The king nodded. " I do, she is like family . Especially to Juniper. "

Glorfindel spoke up again. " Speaking of the Queen . Did she really ride a great bear into battle? Then have squirrels attacking orcs?"

He looked so far into disbelief that Thranduil didn't think he could convince him of the truth. "She did . Though I did not approve of this . She was supposed to be in Minas Tirith safe and sound. "

Glorfindel burst out laughing. " Now it's your turn to tell me the story. "

So Thranduil told Glorfindel the whole thing. Right down to Juniper cutting holes in the queens and kings clothing to make her own small clothes all the way until the interrogation.

Glorfindel having left . Thranduil wandered along the darkened hall way to his bedroom where Juniper sat reading a Glorfindel book. Thranduil took it from her and set it aside. He pulled her in close and just held her.

" I fear for you tonight." He said softly. "Are you sure you are ready for something like this? I am not ready for something like this."

Her arms around him her ear pressed over his heart. She loved that sound. " I am ready . I will be fine. I just plan on being myself. He wants to know me and I to know him. So let him know me. " Thranduil pushed her back so he could look into her eyes.

"Besides. I have 3 kings here. Very old and powerful kings. If it even looks like an issue I think between the 3 of you, You can pull me out. " She smirks at him. She had all the confidence in the world .

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