The Fairy of Middle Earth

BY : HarleyQ
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Thranduil carried his pixie through the secret passage and into The Royal Chambers. She was recovering nicely. Just her growling belly and a bit of weakness remained. Thranduil passed her into the warm arms of Ninnel.

" Oh my sweet fae. " Ninnel whispered to her and cradled her as she would a child . Tauriel look so relieved and leaned against the wall of the corridor. Ninnel carried Juniper off towards the bath leaving Thranduil with Tauriel.

"You have no idea how relieved I am Ada. " She said with her lack of rest showing in her expression.

Thranduil regarded her and nods gently. "You have no guilt to carry on this one Tauriel. That is all mine. " He was shrugging off his cloak and heading towards his bedroom Tauriel following.

" Ada I know its none of my business but can you please tell me the gist of what happened? Have things changed? I need to be aware . You have put me in a position..."

Thranduil raised his hand to silence her and tossed his cloak into a basket before sinking into a large chair . He looked exhausted.

" It is a bit convoluted Tauriel. It is hard to explain. " He made a fist that he tapped against the arm of the chair. " Everything where she is concerned is so different especially when it comes to love ."

He looked up to Tauriel who blinked and looked at him with confusion. "On the night that Elthian spent with she and I in the forest something happened. "

Tauriel looked wide eyes. " Ada I know , in a way what happened I don't need details. "

Thranduil shook his head. "This is different Tauriel. " He found himself getting up and pacing despite his exhaustion. "Since I am bonded to her . I can see and hear things others can not. I experience the world like she does sometimes. I can not only hear the voices of the trees but I can feel them. I can hear the song deep in the soil down into the deepest of their roots. I heard the mothers song to them. "

Tauriel's jaw dropped slightly. " I heard the music of the earth and the voice singing the song to be more forthcoming. It was beautiful but Elthian struggled. He is not part of her. So Juniper, in her innocence and not understanding what bonding really means to an elf passed a little part of herself and as a consequence me to him just so he could experience what we were. I had no idea she had done this. She had no idea what it meant. "

Now Tauriel needed to sit down . She staggered to a chair and lowered down. "So you all 3 are now bonded?"

" In a way. You know under normal circumstances something like this would not be possible but this is not normal. There is nothing of Elthian in she or myself. However , we are part of him. This unnatural bonding even though very small and one sided has caused what feelings he had before to become strong to the point of obsession. He has been suffering. I confronted Juniper about this and , to my regret did so very harshly and by then she was so upset with the idea that she had harmed Elthian and damaged our relationship that she ran. "

Tauriel sat silently. Trying to fully make sense of all she had just been told.

Several days passed without incident. Juniper recovered nicely and was enjoying a moment in the courtyard . Elthian by her side. He had begun to spend more time within the royal chambers . Especially on his off days. Thranduil was busy with the matters of the kingdom and Elthian had been given the freedom to entertain her when his time permitted. Which he did as much as possible. Ninnel and Galion had also been apprised of the situation and while they both found it odd, they had to admit their life had been odd since she had arrived.

Elthian stared at her . Thinking she seemed to glow just a bit brighter recently. He liked to think it was because of their unusual relationship. He of course was dreaming and he knew it. She was pushing at him with a small barefoot making him rock back and forth . He captured her foot quickly and kissed each small toe. This made her giggle. He loved it when she giggled or laughed. Especially when it was for him.

"My Lady ." She turned towards Galion's voice. Elthian lowering her foot felt a blush forming on his cheeks. " Yes Galion ? "

She was smiling widely but as she studied his face her smile would fade. " What is it ?"

Galion took a breath . " Lady Klaern had gone into labor and she is having trouble. She has called for you. "

Junipers heart dropped and she felt a knot forming in the pit of her stomach. Without a word she began to move through the courtyard. " Where is she ? " she called behind her .

Galion cleared his throat. " In the healing halls now My Lady." Elthian was on his feet following Juniper . She not dressed formally and would not waste the time in doing so threw the door to the corridor opened and walked out into it barefoot and in her light linen dress.

Tauriel blinked and asked Elthian as they passed .

"what has happened?" She would have to follow, she the Queens personal guard.

" Klaern is having the child and there are issues." He said softly and Tauriel frowns.

Junipers steps become a run. This sense of dread overwhelming her.

"Elthian go get Thranduil . Hurry" Juniper had never given him a command before which added to the sense of urgency.

" Yes My Lady." He responded and took off at a run down a different corridor.

She entered the healing halls . She did not need to be told where to go . She simply passed the other healers and went right to where Klaern lay in agony.

"My Queen ." She managed to say and Juniper hushed her .

Her small hand slides into Klaern's. Her eyes holding the expectant mothers gaze as Healers are explaining the complication to the Queen. " My Lady The cord is wrapped around the child's neck. If Klaern pushes the child will strangle . However, the contractions are pushing for her and with each one the strangulation gets worse. We have tried to reposition the baby we have tried to free it . We are failing and the Lady is growing weaker . "

Juniper said nothing she just held Klaern's hand and passed her own strength to her. "The King is on his way." She finally whispers to Klaern.

Elthian arrives with Thranduil . His heart nearly stopping when he enters the room and feels the bombardment of pain and emotions . Juniper connected with Klaern. His pixie lifts her head then turns to look at him .

"Save the baby Thranduil . The Lady she is hanging on . Just barely . I am helping her . She knows Thranduil. " Juniper was sobbing. " She will join Orist in Mandos but you must save the baby. "

Thranduil had great power . He had great power when it came to healing when he was guided.

Eileis came to stand beside him. " I will guide you. " She says softly.

"If I do this she will die. " He suddenly felt a great weight upon him.

" If you do not do this they both will die. " Eileis said and took his hands. " I will guide you. My Lord and we will save the child."

Thranduil and Eileis got to work. Thranduil scrubbing his hands. Eileis explained what they would need to do. Tauriel and Elthian ushered out where left to pace in the hall. Juniper held the Lady's hand and spoke softly to her.

" You are so brave My Lady. So strong. Do not fret. I will keep my promise. You tell Orist when you see him his child will be Royalty. They will know about their strong brave Adar. How he was counted in the Kings guard and how he was one of the Kings favorites and about how their incredibly beautiful and strong naneth became a favorite of the Queen. How the Queen loved hearing all the stories about their families and childhood. " Juniper was barely keeping herself together.

Then she heard a baby cry. "ta naa y' ellon." Eileis said loudly .

Juniper smiles to Klaren who was smiling as her eyes began to close. " His name will be Orist" Juniper told her before placing a soft kiss to her forehead. The lady's hand relaxed then slides from Junipers hand. Juniper just sat there and cried. Mourning the loss of the Lady Klaern.

Thranduil walked closer to her and lowered down at her side. " Meet our son ." Juniper turned to look to Thranduil His eyes filled with tears as well. Her gaze drawn down to the squirming bundle he held in his arms and her heart simply melted .

" His name is Orist. " She said softly and pressed her forehead to Thranduil's . " Orist Prince of Greenwood. "

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