The Fairy of Middle Earth

BY : HarleyQ
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Ninnel ran from Junipers room. The Fae was gone and she was in a panic . Without even a knock at His door or warning she was entering she pushed the door open quickly. " My Lord Juni.." Ninnel trailed off and stood there wide eyed. Thranduil was waving with a hand and motioning to his lips telling her to be quiet. There curled against him was a peacefully sleeping Pixie. He motioned for her to leave which she did and closed the door softly behind her.

The Faes head lay against his chest. A slender arm and leg was draped over him. He knew he should get up but for the moment He lay there watching her sleep. He slid an arm under his head to get a better angle. She was very slight against him. Her flesh softer than silk and warm. Her breathing gentle and steady. He knew it had been weeks since she really slept and he was loathed to disturbed her. He looked at the mess of silver hair splayed out on the pillows behind her and that's when it dawned on him. What had seemed so different about her the night before. In the day when she was in the sun she took on a golden hue. Her flesh and her hair shimmered with the suns light . At night she turned into the moons color. Silvery and pale. Both versions just as beautiful in his eyes. Though if he was honest with himself , he did like the moon just a bit better.

Any ideas he had about not having to explain this all to Galion were now gone. Frankly he did not care at this point. She slept and that was what mattered. He brought finger tips to the gentle slope of her shoulder. Just lightly allowing them to glide over the soft flesh. Her scent surrounded him and had soaked into the bedding. Earth and wild flowers. He was growing quite fond of it. Eventually He would need to pull himself away . Very slowly and with great care He lifts her arm from over him and lays it down before her . He slides himself from under her leg and carefully gets out of the bed. She stirs just bit then curls up and sleeps.

He emerged from his bedroom in his house robe and slippers. Galion and Ninnel both eyed him suspiciously . He ran his hand over his face the smoothed his hair back . " I would like to at least have some tea before I am interrogated by my staff."

Galion went to the breakfast table and poured the kings morning tea. Ninnel prepared him a plate from the cart of food she had brought from the kitchen. He would sit down and prepare to have his breakfast . Lifting his cup of tea he sips at it. Galion and Ninnel simply stared daggers at him .

He rolled his eyes and let out a long sigh. " This is enough. Whatever happened last night is really none of either of yours business. "

He acted as if he was annoyed. Placing his cup down and going about eating. In truth he was rather enjoying both of their discomfort over the situation. It was Ninnel who spoke up .

" My Lord. She is delicate and .. small. I am " she cleared her throat and chose her words carefully. " I am concerned about her well being is all." Thranduil smirked . Inside though he found himself giggling and giddy. When was the last time he had fun this early? When was the last time he had fun for that matter?

He glared at Ninnel though. " You think I would do something to harm My ward? " He asked in a slightly snooty way. A piece of fruit slipped past his lips. His eyes never leaving Ninnel.

Galion was just going to let her take the brunt of the Kings annoyance. " I did not say that." she retorted only for him to respond with a hiss to his voice that made her wince.

" No you would just imply." He slammed his fork down on the table and looked to them both. " Fine since it seems I will not get to eat in peace . Nothing unseemly happened. We had supper. She opened up to me. The reason she has been having such a difficult time sleeping is because she is not accustomed to sleeping alone. Hannibal had always been near and adjusting to his absence is obviously very hard for her. She slept with me and only slept I might add. Not to mention she slept through the night as did I. "

He sat back in his chair with a smug smirk across his lips. His arms folded over his chest. " It is good to know that my closer personal staff whom I trust with even knowing The Fae exists believe me to her a lecherous King."

They both suddenly became very apologetic and began to actually attempt their jobs. Inside he was simply laughing . The creaking of the bedroom door opening silenced them . Juniper stood there rubbing at her eyes with the back of a small hand. Her simple white dress falling off one shoulder . Her hair a mess. She looked to the three of them. They each held a guilty look about them.

"mmmm good morning." she spoke very softly.

Thranduil smiled and motioned to the chair across from himself . The cushion still resting in it. " Please Dear Pixie join me for the morning meal."

She was yawning as she walked towards the chair that Galion pulled out for her. " Oh mmm its polite yes?" she looked to Thranduil who nodded in answer . She climbed into the chair and sheepishly said a simple . " Thank You. " to Galion. He and Ninnel both looked a bit shocked at each other. Over the course of one night with Thranduil she had gone from a morose pitiful thing to one that said thank you and also seemed to have an appetite.

"Galion cancel any meetings I have for today. " The king said matter of factly.

Galion would protest. " My Lord you have meetings with the Merchant guild from Dale and with the ..."

Thranduil waved his hand , silencing Galion." Reschedule them for tomorrow with my apologies and treat them as special guests for their troubles. " He looked to Juniper who sat quietly eating her porridge with fruit. " Today I am taking Juniper out for a ride in the forest. "

This made her squeal and throw her hands in the air . She still held her spoon. Within it a bite of porridge that would fall with a splat on the table. He arms would quickly drop down. She looked apologetically to them all . " Heh . opps I'm sorry but YAY" she said softly and smiled despite herself. Her excitement over something as simple as a ride amongst the trees was somewhat infectious . Ninnel saw the small smile on her Kings lips. Something was happening here and it was indeed ... good.

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