The Fairy of Middle Earth

BY : HarleyQ
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Thranduil sat across from her watching her stuffing roasted chicken into her mouth. She was reading a letter from Arwen and giggling occasionally. The smile never leaving her lips. She had drawn both her her legs up. Her heels pressing to the seat. Her knees parted widely bounced a bit as she read and reached between them and on to the table for another bite of meat. It was not a very lady like way to sit but this was in the privacy of their own home. She looked healthy and happy but his concern continued to build over how much and what she was consuming on a daily basis.

She turned the page. She and Arwen seemed to write books to each other. He was trying to wait until she was done reading but it had already been the entirety of the meal and she wasn't finished.

"Juniper" He said and she giggled " Yes Love?" She did not even look up from the letter.
"Juniper!" He would spoke up and she jumped a bit. Her eyes lifting from the letter .

Her brows lifting. " Yes Love?"

He rubbing at his temples. "Now that I have your attention. " He began and she put her book by Arwen down . " I have arranged for you to see the healers today. "

She looked rather confused. " I really feel fine . "

He watched her eat more of the chicken. " Humor me . I want them to give you a thorough check up. "

She rolled her eyes and sighed. " Very well but if I have to be looked at so do you. " She grinned and watched his reaction .

"Well if that's what it takes very well then. " He smiled smugly and she frowns.

She refused to wear anything but her light linen dress to the healing halls. He was not going to argue and just left it alone. Knowing she was not happy about this visit anyway. Let her be comfortable as possible. She was waiting in an office with one of the assistants to occupy her. He went first into the exam room.

Eileis was looking him over. " I see so you consented to a check up just to get her in here. "

The king nods as he was dressing . " She can be a bit to much to handle some times. I'm the one that's worried and she says she feels fine but I am highly concerned. She eats. Almost constantly. This is a woman that rarely ate meat before last month. Just a bit of fish occasionally and now its almost all she consumes and it doesn't seem to matter what kind of meat either. I want every inch of her looked at . "

The healer looked at him and cleared her throat. " Every inch? are you also saying you want me to vaginally examine her.?"

Thranduil nods. " well yes. On the last full moon things got a bit interesting it was after that , that she began to eat like this. Look just make sure there is nothing wrong with her. " Eileis would have to agree .

"Well My Lady the King is completely healthy . So you are next. " Eileis said with a smile.

Juniper sighed and hesitated Thranduil had to urge her from her seat and guide her towards the door. "Go on now get it over then we can go home. " As soon as the door shut she stuck her tongue out at it . Then flopped herself up on the table.

" Why are you so against having me look at you?" Eileis asked.

" I keep telling him I am fine. I don't feel sick I don't feel weird . I'm just hungry. "

Eileis' hands drifting over Junipers shoulders and arms . " He says your diet changed suddenly and I can understand why he is concerned." Juniper shrugs and lays back against the pillows while the healer says a few words softly and lets her hands drift over the Fae .

"It's like I just need the meat. I crave it and i'm hungry all the time. " Juniper sighs .

" I need you to put your feet on the table and just let your knees fall open I need to check you internally. "

Thranduil was sitting in the office chatting with the assistant when a loud crash was heard from the room and Junipers voice screaming. " No You will not!" Thranduil rushes in the room to see Juniper perched high on top of a cabinet . Her wings out a jar in her hand and one the floor a broken one.

Eileis hand were up. She just lay them on top of her head and let out a large sigh.

She looked to the King. " I was going to do the exam you requested and lets just say the Queen refuses. "

Junipers eyes narrowed as she looked at Thranduil. " You told her to violate me? " She growled.

Thranduil looks incredulously at her. " No I told her to examine you completely that means there as well. It's quite normal Juniper. Females need extra care. Now please come down before you hurt yourself or someone else. "

She threw the jar at him and growled. The jar crashing at his feet. " You said no one should ever force things like that on me. I do not want that."

Thranduil sighed and held out his hands . "kaima sii' ar' be y' seere." Soon as he spoke those words the healer looked at him wide eyed and Juniper simply fell asleep and began to fall from her perch . He caught her and cradled her closely . " I suspect she will be extra angry at me now but I fear she does not fully understand what you were trying to do and I take full blame for it. I did not explain this to her. I apologize for the trouble . "

"Next time you bring her to me for an exam You make sure she understands everything fully Thranduil . " She shoves a finger into his chest. " You are quite correct. You are to blame for this. She believes I was trying to molest her ."

'Did she just address me by my name? how dare she ?' His thoughts turned to anger quickly and just as quickly he calmed . He deserved the scolding. "Lady Eileis, I am truly sorry for this. now please tell me what did you find . " He looked down to the sleeping pixie in his arms .

" She is perfectly healthy. I find nothing wrong and I did look for pregnancy and found none. I suspect that was one thing you were concerned about. She was battered very badly for one so small. Even with healing magic she still had to do a lot of the healing on her own. I suspect her body is craving the protein and nourishment that meat gives. It should even back out eventually . "

He bowed his head " Thank You lady Eileis." He then leaves the healing halls with his wife in his arms. "Please my beauty do not be cross with me . " He whispers to her with each step. " I will explain it all when you wake up. "

It was soft and warm. She whimpered softly and felt her hand lifted and held . " There you are my heart ." He said calmly .

She was confused and her mouth was dry. "Thranduil?"

He smiled and helped her to sit up . A cup of water lifted to her lips. "Here take a sip I know your mouth is dry. "

She took several sips then her hands lifted to take the cup and she began to drink.

" I'm so very sorry Love. I just was very worried and I wanted you to be checked. I should have explained every thing . " He took the empty cup and placed it on the side table.

Her memory coming back to her but now that she was calm. " She was going to violate me. " her voice was small .

" I can see why it seemed like that. It's my fault I should have told you. Some times I forget there is still a lot you just don't know about. " He slid into the bed next to her and pull the covers up . Her body pulled against his so her head rested against his shoulder. "After the last full moon, as beautiful and wonderful as it was it gave me some concerns that have been nagging at me beyond your eating habits. " He took her hand into his and caressed it with his thumb.

"Juniper ever since we started being intimate . I have never been able to fully be inside of you . Your body is simply smaller than I am and it's fine. It doesn't take away from the experience any at all. That time though when you were in control I was fully inside you. The more I thought about it the more I felt I could have caused some damage within you. Even something you may not realize. That and the way you have been eating caused me some concern. " She was listening to him and felt his fear and concern . " I am sorry I did not explain what I meant by complete check. I should have realized you wouldn't understand. "

She lifted her head and crawls over him. Straddling him with her head laying on his chest and her arms around him. " I am sorry I threw the jar at you and at the healer. I will apologize to her as well. You also need to know that if you hurt me I will tell you or if I feel sick or bad I will tell you. "
His arms wrap around her . " How did I get home and in bed? I don't remember anything after the jar. "

He winces a bit and inhales deeply. " Well before things got worse I made you sleep with a spell. I just didn't see any other way at that point that wouldn't involve more things being broken and someone being hurt. " He felt her tense up and braced for it but it never came . She relaxed again . "Don't do that again." she whispered.

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