The Fairy of Middle Earth

BY : HarleyQ
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Finnola Gimli and Legolas returned to Rohan. They stopped and spoke to the King who told them Gandalf had been seen near the Glittering caves a few months prior but he had not been seen since. "Tell me Cousin. How is the Warrior Queen?" Eomer asked.

Finnola crossed her arms and eyed him. " When we left she was doing well. She has many concerned though. She has taken to eating meat. A lot of meat. " Finnola laughs. " Personally I see it as an improvement but you should see how the elves react..." She trails off realizing Legolas was standing right there and was just starring at her. She smiled at him and shrugged. Eomer ended up laughing too. " Now she is even more Terrifying. "

They left the next morning heading towards the glittering caves. They would just take it easy. There was no rush. Finnola enjoyed the ride through her home lands. Gimli kept talking about Raga. He was so smitten he was thinking of asking to marry her. Legolas was so happy for his friend.

" Of course I will stand by your side Gimli. Finnola and I should go to Erebor and meet her when we return.

" Gimli laughing happily. " Aye Laddy. We will have a feast. With beer and dancing. " Finnola just shook her head at them and smiled but she was troubled with her thoughts of Tauriel and her loneliness.

There was no trace of the mutated beasts in the lands they traveled through. No sign of anything amiss. This whole quiet made Legolas a bit uneasy. Finnola would tell him he was being ridiculous. The he should enjoy it but the tension just would not leave him.

Hannibal had stopped with his new companion at what was an oasis. Though few came to this one. It was believed to be haunted by demons though Hannibal felt nothing evil there. There were signs that something had been there in the past. The language His companion spoke was ancient and lost to most. He needed to learn the languages of the west before they would travel further.

Jevan was his name. Hannibal was kind and gentle . His patience never wavering. "Xo'al ol sohna Jevan. Well met My Lord." Hannibal would coach him. " Wale mec ... Mie Louard" He would make a face. "Shu dorn neitar tlu izil ulu telanth nindol xanalress"(Shit I will never be able to speak this Language) He stood up and turned before kicking the sand .

Hannibal let the young one vent his frustrations. Westron and the language his people spoke were so different . They were different than the languages of the Elves and Dwarves as well. No one spoke it any longer in the west . Hannibal regarded the Man. He was tall. As tall as Thranduil. His flesh darker than that of any in the west and even those commonly found in the east. It bore a grey hue to it that made him seem unreal . Especially in the light. His ears were very high pointed much longer than an elves and more like his beautiful Junipers. His teeth were white and He had fangs . His hair was white as snow. It was long down to his waist and pulled back in a flowing pony tail. His lashes and brows the same brilliant white. His nose slender and his lips somewhat full and His eyes were bright blue with a ring of red around the pupil. He wore a long skirt of black cloth decorated with white spirals. On his feet were simple sandals. For the moment he was shirtless but he did have a covering he could put on that was the same cloth and design of his skirt.

He picked up his spear . He was proficient with it. Spinning it like a staff and going through the movements of using such a weapon. He was working through his frustrations until sweat covered his body. The finally he would return to the fire and sit . The spear butt down before him. He held the shaft with both hands and leaned his head against it. " Wale Metah Mie Lourd." He struggled with it but it was much improved.

Hannibal grinned. "Kyorl dos inbal jal'yur xunor alur" (see you have already improved) Jevan lifted his head a bit and looked to Hannibal. " Zhah il zil ssin'urn zil wun ussta deis" (is she as beautiful as in my dreams?" Hannibal missed his Pixie dearly. He smiled widely and nodded. "Tangis' mzild jevan tangis' mzild" (even more Jevan even more)

He licked his lips. " Wale met Mie Lourd."

Hannibal nods "vel'bol xun nindyn wiles hass'l?" (what do those words mean?) "Ol zhah lil' fridish dos belbau natha jaluk kult'ressin" (it is the greeting you give to a male ruler) Jevan answered.
Hannibal clapped his hands together showing approval ."Z'lonzic whol maristo jevan" (That is enough for tonight) Jevan bowed his head respectfully to His teacher and pushed himself up with his spear in hand. He walks up a rise. The terrain here was sand and rocks in rolling hills . Little vegetation but abundant in wildlife. He crouched down tonight and let his mind wander.

Finding himself thinking about the girl in his dreams. The goddess with wings and a smile that could melt the coldest of hearts. He had started having the dreams when he reached adulthood. They had been wonderful dreams at first . Then they began to turn dark . The more the darkness spread through his own lands the darker the dreams had become. He started having trouble sleeping. His mood had turned sour and when he confessed to the Orthae J'nesst they told him he was chosen. He was the one to travel to the west . He would educated the peoples there and save the goddess. He had been blessed by her blood after all.

With her face in his mind he began to pray to the mother asking for her strength to finish what he must. "Zhennu ilhar qualla belbau nindol ib'leua avanati dosst z'ress dosst ssinssrigg lueth ssussun ji uk xal xun ukt mzilst kleel emp'poss lueth xuz lil' oloth wun lil' thac'zil de' ukt lodias lueth lil' lodias d'lil linoin" When he was done he returned to the camp and found his companion asleep . Exhaling slowly He dropped to his bed and lay down. Sleep coming to him as he thought of her face .

Finnola, Gimli and Legolas reached the glittering caves. They turned the horses loose to graze and took their packs and headed inside. Legolas going first . He needed no light. Finnola would light her lantern and follow him . Gimli heading in after them. His talk of Raga finally dying down.

It was very dark within the cave. Finally reaching the cathedral room Legolas placed his pack down . Finnola with the lantern entered next . Gimli would find his favorite sitting spot and pull out his lantern and go to light it . When the glow brighten he let out a yell and jumped up . Lying there on the floor was Gandalf. Legolas ran over and lowered down . The Wizard was very much alive but in a trance.

"Is he ok? " Finnola asked as she took her cloak and bundled it up . She lifted his head and placed it under it. "Yes he is conversing with the Valar." Legolas answered. " But why and how long has he been here?"

Elthian had been given a few days off . It was hard for him to admit to the fact he needed them. Not only because his body was sore . Ninnels salve helped with that. Recalling how the Elleth blushed when delivering it. How her words had stammered when she told him that The King and Queen did not wish him to be in discomfort. No he was more having to process how he felt about the whole thing. Of course he loved his King. He was the King of his home and he had known him all of his life.

Elthian had wanted to be in the Kings guard ever since he was a child. He worked hard for it and worked even harder to find himself the captain of the guard. All because of his love of the King. Now there was a Queen. One he found himself loving too . Which he should but , his love for her was something a bit different and now he found himself feeling those same sensations when he thought about his King.

The scene played over and over in his mind. She before him. Her lips on his ,her soft body he was pulling under him. He having this insatiable need to take her. To have her while his King was having him and he wanted him to have him. He wanted the King to take all he was while he had The pixie. His flesh was growing hard the more he thought about it . Her scent and taste mixing with the scent and taste of his King . In agony his hand slides into his unlaced leggings. Pulling himself free of them.

His eyes closed he could see them naked and writhing with him between them . Within minutes he was shuddering with his orgasm . The thick ropes of his seed splattered over his belly. His laying back against his pillows panting hard . What was happening to him?

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