The Fairy of Middle Earth

BY : HarleyQ
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Juniper was healing quickly . Much faster than she had from the venom . She was sitting up more often and with Thranduils help she had begun to walk . He gently guides her outside to the chair . She heard her bear near by but he wouldn't come into the camp unless she called him. There would be ceremonies that day for the dead of Rohan and Gondor. The elvish dead having already been taken home . " I would like to go to the ceremony." She spoke up while Thranduil was being given details on the event. " I want to honor them " She still looked frail and beaten sitting in the sun. Though some color was returning to her cheeks.

"My love , You are still quite weakened and this will require you to stand .

She frowned a bit. " You could carry me. I can stand some and when it gets to be too much You can hold me. I feel like I should be there. " Thanduil's heart beat a bit harder . She was acting like the Queen she was.

" Ill carry her. "

Thranduil turned and Juniper's eyes got big as she looked all the way up to the face of the Giant. Legolas was standing beside her along with Tauriel.

" It would be an honor to carry the Warrior Queen. I am Finnola of Rohan."

Juniper gasped and the let out a squeal as if she were looking on her favorite hero. " You... your the troll slayer. "

Juniper started to wave her over with eager enthusiasm. Finnola stopped near the King and give a polite nod then smiled as she went right for Juniper and lowered down to sit beside her. " You must tell me about it . All about it . I hear trolls are huge . Even much larger than You. Oh please tell me."

Thanduil arched a brow and watched his wife so eager to hear about this troll slayer. Legolas chuckled and stood next to his father . He had not met Juniper and in fact this was the first time he had even lain eyes on her. She was so small and delicate compared to Finnola yet she had this spirit that seemed to be far more than her body could contain. She glanced over and looked twice . It took her just a second to know who this elf that looked like Thraduil was. Their light was the same.

She began to try to stand up . Finnola reached out to steady her. "I'm sorry Finnola please forgive me but I believe that is Thranduil's son. "

Finnola smiled " it is ." she said with a proud smile. The blanket fell from Junipers shoulders . Her hand on Finnola's. She took a small step then another . Shaking her head at the offered help. Her dress billowed in the breeze around her bruised legs and she took another step . Walking on her own . Her eyes never leaving Legolas.

Thranduil watched but was ready to move at any moment to catch her. She made it almost to Legolas when she stumbled and it was Legolas who reached out to steady her. She looked up to him and smiled so happily the threw her arms around him and hugged him tightly. " I am so happy to finally meet you. " Any misgivings or distrustful thoughts he had about his fathers wife faded in an instant and he crouched down and hugged her as well. A since of calm would blanket the small group. Tauriel looked over to Thranduil . She thought she saw a tear on his cheek .

Legolas joined her and sat next to Finnola . Even Tranduil sighed softly and joined them. He sat next to Tauriel. Her head lay on his shoulder like she would do when she was a child. They all listened to Finnola's story about the trolls and Dragonfang. Thranduil for the first time in a very very long time felt like he was with his family.

Juniper attended the ceremony for the fallen. She was dressed in a dark green dress That had been brought from home by the Kings request. On her head was her crown. The Large white diamond sparkling in the sun light. Thranduil wearing his silver crown . She sat on Finnola's shoulder . Her Wings splayed out behind her. All would see the Queen of the Woodland Realm was indeed a fae.

They stood in line . Legolas , Tauriel, Thranduil , Finnola and Juniper. Then Eomer and Elessar . Galadriel was speaking at the moment and absent curiously was Gandalf. Galadriel stepped away and into the line next to Finnola and Elessar began to read the names of the dead of Gondor. A bell rang after each name and Juniper was so moved she began to openly weep. By the time Eomer began she was becoming near inconsolable and Finnola lowered her down and embraced the small fairy who cried against her powerful shoulder. Thranduil taking her crown before it fell from her head.

Her sincere cries for those lost touched all in attendance. This Queen mourned for everyone Man and Elf alike. Thranduil spoke last . He spoke of his gratitude and sorrow . For his hope for the land and people in it to heal and he spoke of how His Queen would cherish every name she heard today and always be grateful to them . When it was over Juniper Kissed Finnola's cheek before she reached out to Thranduil. He sweeping her gently into his arms . He whisked her away. Feeling the strain on her and her fading strength within himself.

Back inside the tent she was lain down on the bed . Thranduil lay beside her . She was shaking and gasping from her tears and he whispered soft calming words in Quenya. If elves felt things deeply she felt everything 100 fold and he often had a hard time not reacting to her.

" We will go home in a few days and honor our dead as well Juniper. It will be hard but we will face it together. " She nuzzled against him her hand being taken by his and kissed.

" I will be happy to see Ninnel and Galion. I want to here Shisha tease you again and call you Thrandie. I want to feel my own bed under me. I want you to make love to me over and over again . "

He smiled at her words. " Trust me love I have wanted to for days but I just don't think you're up to it just yet. " This made her giggle and lightened her mood a bit.

Galadriel entered the tent and they welcomed her in . Thranduil rises from where he had lain beside his wife and now sat on the bed beside her. " It makes me joyous to see you improving so my Lady Juniper. You are indeed much stronger than you appear. "

She reaches out for the Lady's hand . Her own small fingers curling with hers. " I met your Grand Daughter . I love her. I so much want to see her again. She reminded me of You and of Elrond . I know he is her father . I didn't know that before but when she told me you were all family . I felt like I did know it all along. "

Galadriel and Juniper talked like this for a while but then it would come down to why Galadriel was really there. " We need to interrogate Nilastiel. Juniper needs to be there so she can tell lie from truth and if he will not give up his Master we will have to pry it from him. However, I think Juniper should do it. "

Thranduil looked to her and shook his head. " Absolutely not. " Galadriel sighs. " Thranduil if she does it you can see what she sees and if she doesn't understand what she is seeing you will. If I do it I will see but I might not know the context. I am not from your home and Nilastiel is. "

Thranduil rose and looked with narrowed eyes on them . " I will not allow my wife to be tainted by that filth. " Juniper reaches out and takes his hand . The touch of her flesh to his and the fact she was utterly calm would calm him as well.

" I want to do it . " She said and looked up to him. " I want to do it and you will be hard pressed to stop me . I will do everything and anything for you and my people Thranduil. " He scowled. He did not like the very thought of her touching him. Or him being in her mind . Galadriel was right though.

He growled . " Very well ." He would finally agree. Galadriel nodded and held Junipers hand with both of hers. " I will help you. You already know how . You held me in her mind. You just need a little help is all. "

Thranduil stormed out of the tent. Elessar noticed him and his angry look on his face. There was a feast being prepared around them So he grabbed a glass of wine and carry it to him . "Here you go My Lord it looks like you could use this. "

Thranduil turns and raises his brows . The glass offered to him was graciously accepted. "Thank you indeed it is. " He drank deeply .

" Headstrong women, I see it all over your face Thranduil " The King of Gondor said with a smile.

Thranduil chuckles a bit . " I just want to protect her and keep her safe. I want her to be happy and be free to roam the forest as her spirit wills it. She bucks against me at every turn and yet . I can not find it in me to be too angry with her. I don't want to crush her spirit. "

Elessar grins. " We caught them . Your wife and mine , In disguise and returning from roaming the city. It was Arwen's Idea and your wife eagerly went along with it . Arwen detests having guards. She doesn't want to stand out in the crowd she just wants to be part of it like anyone else and your wife just wants to experience everything she can and help in anyway she can. Even if it is a bit misguided. I have grown very fond of Juniper she and Arwen are cut from the same cloth."

"Oh Valar if they get together again its sure to be interesting. " Thranduil said and they raised their glasses to that.

"Indeed we should plan on something in the spring just to see how interesting it can get. " Elessar suggested.

" I wouldn't mind that at all . Just as long as we have plenty of wine. " Thranduil laughs . The mood a bit less angry as the feast is had. Thranduil carried his wife to a table and they sat with the people to eat and laugh.

Her smile bloomed even brighter as she mingled with the humans . Listened to their jokes and tales. She even bust out with a dirty limerick or 2 that she had heard when she was sneaking about their camp at night. This made Thranduil shocked but the men laughed at her bawdy humor and soon she had charmed her way into the hearts of all around her. Even Eomer King of Rohan who was a bit scared of her came closer and told her a few good jokes as well . She laughed heartily with them.

Within just a few hours though she was beginning to wain again and Thranduil would excuse them as He lifted her up with care . She wanted to walk so he helped her . She waved to her new friends and bid the the best of nights. Once inside the tent Thraduil helped her undress. He winced and looked disturbed by the state of her body . Though healing, it bothered him . She could see this . She could feel it .

" I am sorry I didn't listen My love" she said. He was trying as gently as possible to get her into her sleeping gown. " I am beginning to understand now. You only want to keep me from getting hurt when you tell me no. "

He stopped and looked to her . "That is correct I do not want to see my love bruised and cut. Her ribs broken turning her whole side blue. I know you love your realm . I know you love your people but how can you better serve them? Healthy and intact or broken and bruised? "

She slides her arms around him and holds on. " I'm so sorry. " She said again and he would embrace her as tightly as he dared. He lay her back against many soft pillows and for the moment just sat there. Her hand in his. His thumb lightly caressing her knuckles.

"Juniper do you understand what it would do to me if something were to happen to you? If you should be taken away and I could not follow? You are a child of the mother. I know where I will go should I perish. We have no idea where you would go. I do not know if I would be reunited with you in Valinor."

She then began to understand more. His fears were valid. These were things she had never considered. The idea of loosing him too began to feel rather painful to her. Loosing him had never come to her thoughts before. He began to feel this turmoil growing within her. He lay beside her and nestled her in close to him so she could feel him there.

"I am not going anywhere. Perhaps we will find the answers to these questions and they will be in our favor. However, we are both immortal. Barring something catastrophic we will be together always. There is no need for such worries my love." He said it to comfort her and to comfort himself.

"We will not go anywhere the other can not follow." she whispered and he agreed. They lay together in silence then and soon her eyes felt heavy and she drifted off to sleep. He would not leave her side. Not even more a minute throughout the night.

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