The Fairy of Middle Earth

BY : HarleyQ
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Ninnel had come to whisk Orist away for the night. Juniper was saying goodnight to her son. Elthian and Tauriel exchange a few words as Ninnel leaves . Juniper returns to her warm spot in front of the fire. The lamps turned down low .

It was Elthian who crawled beside her and wrapped an arm over her to hold her close. "Will you not give me even a little hint as to what has happened? " she said softly her hand finding his fore arm and begins to gently caress it. The flamers flicker and dance over them. Their light reflected in her eyes.

"I am sorry but I can not." He whispered and his lips press lightly to her shoulder. His fingers lift to move her hair from the slope of her neck.

" I can tell something else has changed." She shifted and rolled to her back her eyes drift up to look into his. " He has given you permission." her voice barely above a whisper.

" I suppose a certain restriction has recently been lifted for a small amount of time. "

Her eyes narrowed then. " That so?"

It was the first time since this odd relationship had started that The King was to allow this. She did not know the circumstances but she could guess his thinking. He did not want their time apart to be too heavy for her.

"Is he leaving the Greenwood?" she asked without looking to him. Her gaze on his hand as her own slides into his large palm.

" Not that I am aware of." He responded as she watched her profile. He felt her body ease with that one answer.

"No I am not leaving." The low seductive baritone voice lifted from behind them. Thranduil finally arriving .

She sat up and props herself up on her small hands. " Then please come and tell me Melamin . Why will I be guarded so heavily? Tell me why You have given Elthain permission to touch me without your presence? It's not that I mind it . It's just strange."

Thranduil lay his robe over the back of a chair. His boots pulled off and left where he dropped them. Her words shake with then fear she was choking on. She was near perfection at masking her emotions . Elthian's eyes were on her. How her flesh held that ethereal glow that contrasts just slightly in the warm orange glow of the fire. How her jaw quivered just a little as she spoke. He would feel her anxious emotions when Thranduil began to move closer.

Her heart was racing by the time he made it to the pile of cushions and blankets in front of the fire. He lowered to sit in front of her . He lifting her small feet and laying them in his lap. " I got a message today from Mithrandir. While on his journey to the east, He found a large enemy army gathering near the Rhun. "

She spoke up suddenly. " How far is the Rhun?"

Elthian answered her." It is several weeks ride across some harsh territory. "

Her head lowered then to look at her small hands and her fingers curled around two of Elthian's. "That is still a good distance away. So why am I to be guarded so close?"

Thranduil ran his hands slowly up her legs to her knees. " There are spies Melamin. Mine and those that are not mine. Things are heard. Whispers from dark places. You need the extra attention right now. " She nodded slightly.

" Now the heaviest question right ? I will go ahead and answer that. My time is going to be focused on impending war . Elthian is the captain of the guard were you are concerned. Plus our arrangement comes in handy . I can be apart from you and You do not have to be so lonely. I will come whenever I can but you do have Elthian. I am grateful for him. " Thranduil spoke softly.

Elthian watched the King play her fully. How he spoke to her. How he touched her. Even how he had chosen where to sit. He was masterful at the art of taming Juniper. Now he understood why it needed to be The King to break the news to her.

Thranduil's long slender fingers encircled her small ankles and separated them as he lifted her feet gently into the air. Forcing her to lay back and he pulls her across the cushions to him. Lifting her by the hips to pull her even tighter . Her slender legs wrap around him and He pulls her up into an embrace.

" I will not let your forget My feelings for you." He promised softly into her ear. His icy eyes lifting to bore into Elthian's . His lips on her shoulder . His eyes lock onto Elthians until he begins to move closer and sits up. The kings eyes finally lower. Juniper feels Elthian against her back .

" So." she said as she leaned back against Elthian's chest . The curve of her hip rolls forward grinding herself against Thranduil. " Tonight has some promise still. You will need to reassure me ... repeatedly. Maybe even aggressively . " She began to grin to Thranduil as her arms snaked around Elthian.

" Before I leave there will be no doubt in your mind. " He said his hands pushing her dress up higher over her thighs.

Elessar sat in a comfortable chair . Between him was the table and the eastern party. His hands lift to run over his eyes. " Ok let me get everything straight in my head. " His hands press to the table. One would lift to motion towards Hannibal. " He is a very ancient being. created even before you Gandalf. He is not a child of Eru. He is a child of the Mother. Who is not a Valar. "

Gandalf nodded and Arwen stood beside her husband with a large pitcher of wine. Her eyes wide. Elessar continued. " He was Junipers guardian for thousands of years. While she slept under a large tree and she woke up the day Frodo cast the ring into the fires of Mount Doom. " Everyone nodded at the table.

He still motioning to Hannibal. " You gave her to Thranduil? "

Hannibal nodded. " I had to leave her someplace safe. I knew he would take care of her. I knew something great would happen if I left her with the Being of Light. I could not predict it would be her becoming a Queen and bringing Fae back into this world. Yet I learn she is with child. " The look on his face one of pure joy at the idea. "

Elessar lowered his hand. Then looked to Jeven. " Your part in all this has yet to be revealed. You traveled from where the first elves entered Middle Earth. Your people are very ancient yet unknown to us here. You say you are chosen. To do what? What makes you chosen?"

Jeven swallowed hard and mustered every bit of this strange language as he could. " Dee Mother she choose me. I am dee one who dreams about her. I feel her even now. She is fearful but still content where she is. I feel her even stronger the closer we get." His accent was still thick but his words were very clear.

" Who are your people?" Elessar asked.

Gandlaf spoke up. "Let me explain that in terms you can understand. Jeven is Avanati. His people are the decedents of the Avari. "

Arwen lowered into the chair beside her husband . Her eyes now study the guest a bit more closely. "Tell me ." Arwen spoke in her tender tones. "Are there still Avari in the east? "

Gandlaf spoke now gently to her. "If the Avari still live I have not heard of them in at least an age My Lady. Only their descendants. "

She honed in on Jeven. "Are you Peredhil? "

Jeven shook his head. " I do not know that word."

Gandalf broke in once more. " No My Lady while blessed with very long lives they are mortal." Jeven nods in agreement.

" Jeven is chosen because his line descends from a Fae mother. He is the only male to be born to that line ever. He is to protect the Queen of Greenwood and teach all of us in the west about where the great evil really is. "

Elessar began to fit pieces together . Where this was leading was not good at all. "There is another mighty force out there. With the same power as Eru? Is this the coming of a war unlike any we have ever seen? "

The eastern party sat in silence with their heads down.

It was Gimli that broke the silence. " These are the odds we like Laddys. We do the impossible. Do we not? "

Elessar smiled at the dwarf. " That is true My Friend. We do that indeed. You need to take the message to The King Under the Mountain. You need to make him understand this war will be lost without him. "

Gimli nodded. " Aye I can do that."

" This force that builds near the Rhun. We need to know when it moves and which direction. My thoughts are that is the one heading to the north. That is the one Thranduil will be battling. The one coming from the south. That one is the one looking to Gondor and Lorien. Even Rohan will be at risk and they fight in the north west. We have to protect Rohan as well as Southern Greenwood along with ourselves. Our numbers are still low after the last war."

"We will have to make another miracle. " Gandalf said softly. " Lets get these messages sent then I am afraid We will need to be back on the road for The Woodland Realm. "

They lay in a tangle of bodies before a low fire in the fireplace. Elthian asleep from exhaustion. The Pixie lays against his chest listening to the sound of his heart beat. Slowly and gently it lulls her to sleep. Thranduil following suit. Her eyes open and she was someplace unfamiliar. The world around her had no real color. Only shades of grey and black. This room was occupied. She was not alone. She sat up from where she lay on a very soft bed. Almost like laying on air. Standing beside her was the mist.

" I was wondering when you would return . I just didn't know it would be in my bed. "

She could feel his eyes leering at her. She could feel the grin hidden behind the mist.

" I have no control over this. " She retorted. " I am not even sure how much time we have. Tell me something. You said that once I remember you I would not see you in such a dark light. Then help me remember. "

He laughed and began to surround her with his Darkness but never once does he touch her. "You must come more often if that's to occur. " Suddenly he was away from her and back near the wall." I can tell you my own memories. Lets see if they match any of yours. You will have to concentrate on the details. "

She lay back and nodded . Her eyes slowly closing and He moved closer to her. " There is a field. Its well outside of the tree line. In this field grows a sea of wild flowers. All shades of gold and yellow. Some darker orange and speckled with white. You are bathed in the suns light. Your wings stretched out and shimmering then fold down gently and a ray of run light fleshes across my face. I reach up and take you into my arms and hold you to me. We talk for hours . Laughing and smiling. We tell each other secrets and make promises. Can you remember what we spoke of?"

" A sea of wildflowers. Gold and yellow. The sweet smell on the breeze. " His eyes widen a bit as she recalls a detail he had not mentioned. " I ... I was happy ... we were excited. " Her breathing became a bit faster. "We were waiting on a special day. "

He hissed softly " What day was it?"

She gasped. "The next summer solstice. It was the summer solstice and we were waiting for the next one. " She felt approval coming from the mist.

" Do you know why?"

She was quiet now. She beginning to see images . She was there in the field. surrounded by bright colors and wonderful smells. A warm male voice whispering against her. His skin was very warm. He was over her . His wings stretched out over them . He now shields her from the sun and ... She just can not see his face.

" I can not see it. "

His voice lifting. " You should not try. not yet. You must remember more. " He was talking to her though. She who had great will power in the face of something difficult . "Juniper you must stop or you will be forced to leave. " He warned and she kept trying to see his face.

Thranduil had her in his arms . He was shaking her gently and trying to quiet her cries. Elthian was wide awake. His breathing fast. She was shaking and fighting Thranduil's embrace. Then suddenly she stops . Her eyes were open. Then her tears began and Thranduil rocks her gently.

" We did not put her in a dreamless sleep. So she saw him. The darkness. This is usually the out come when this is allowed to happen. She will not want the dreamless sleep some nights and you will not force it on her. " Slowly she began to calm down. Thranduil lay her back into the warmth of the cushions . She asked him for the dreamless sleep .

It was quite early in the morning and Finnola finds herself unable to sleep. She makes herself some tea the steaming water filling the over sized mug. She lifted it and lightly dipped the tea ball by its chain over and over . Her hand leaving it to draw back a large curtain and steps out onto what was her favorite view of Thranduil's Kingdom. She had a balcony that looked out onto a great Cavern. Craggy fern covered rocks . A small waterfall fell on the wall across from her. The cavern always held a glow to it at night then sky light over head showing a night time sky. She would sit down and sip her tea. Relaxing still in her night gown.

From the balcony next to hers she heard a familiar grumble.

"Well good morning Finnola." It was Glorfindel and she simply shook her head and looked into her tea.

" Good morning Glorfindel. Funny seeing you at this hour on your Balcony as well. " She made her observation and grinned to herself.

" Huh wha? No I am not awake because you are. I am generally awake at this hour anyway. You are usually sawing logs or stomping weasels or something very loud at this time . " He just grins and she blushes deeply. He was referring to her snoring.

She rose up with her tea. " Well its been lovely having this chat ." She turned to the curtain and could hear his light foot falls now behind her. He leaping from his railing to her Balcony.

" Don't be like that Finnola. So what I love listening to you sleep . "

She brushed past her curtain and he sighed and followed her in. Her tea placed on the table and He grabbed her now free hand and pulled her around to face him. " I can not believe My Goddess is embarrassed. I suppose her boldness stops at the bedroom door. "

Her eyes went wide and she pulled her hand away from his.

He chuckled. "Now you are taking that the wrong way . " He defended himself.

" You will stand here and pretend you know what happens in My bedroom? Go home Glorfindel."

He blinked at her command. " Perhaps I was a bit forward. "

She points to the curtain . " Go home . You can make this up to me in the morning . "

He grinned. " I accept the challenge. "With that he slipped past the curtain and made it with ease back to his own home.

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