The Fairy of Middle Earth

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Finnola stood beside the elven Draft horse. He was huge and powerful, yet she understood the trade off . His stamina would be less but she was assured this horse could take it. She was Stroking along his neck and talking to him . Though she didn't know much sindarin she knew how to talk to horses.

" Lets hope I can connect with him . " She looks over her shoulder at Glorfindel.

" I think you will do fine My Goddess. "

The enemy army had begin to form on the plains. The battle would begin any time. She hauled herself into the saddle and sighed. Her eyes shift to Glorfindel and he saw the fire within them "Let's kill some Orc filth."

Thranduil and His army were lining up at the tree line. He saw the vastness of the army at his door step and set his jaw . "For her." He gives the signal and the Army started to leave the trees and line up .

Gimli walked the line of his kin as they prepared . The armies of Dale , Erebor and the Iron hills staring down a long line of nasty things.

The Queens Party rode hard. The sun rising and cutting the darkness. "Please do not be afraid . " She warned Jeven . Buttercup burst from the trees and ran beside them. " There you are. I knew you would find me." She called to her Great Bear. " Do not be afraid Jeven. You just do what I need you to do. The rest is up to Thranduil and I. " She smiled to him and wiggled from his arms .

" No do not jump ." He said near panic.

She laughs. " Who said Jump?" Her wings stretched out and she lifted from the horses back and drifted down into the wide soft fur covered back of Buttercup. Jeven bearing the brunt of her wings flap and the wind that came with it.

She had another pain as her hands grasp the bears fur. " My friend I really need your strength. It seems my cub is coming soon but I have something to do first. " The great bear out pacing the horses. Juniper tucked in as close as she can get to his massive muscled back.

Two armies facing each other . Their march slow at first . Closing the distance between them. Juniper burst from the tree line . Followed by the others. She rode the gap between the armies. Those that saw her gasp and stopped. Both sides of the pending battle just came to a halt and watched the Fairy and the Bear as she rode all the way down the gap, for what seemed like miles. Passing Thranduil Who stared shocked but before he could ride after her Jeven and Elthian stop him . Tauriel stopping near Feren. " You must trust her My Lord. " Jeven said quickly. Elthian spoke up. " Melamin. " The word got Thranduil's attention. He looked with wide eyed fury at Elthian. " Please trust her. " Elthian pleads.

She turned and rode back along the line back to where Thranduil was behind her . With effort she stood up on the back of the bear. Her heavily pregnant belly covered in Mythril. Her wings out so all would see she was the Queen. " I demand to speak with The Emissary of Minol." She practically screamed. The opposing army stood at ease and just stared at the Fairy.

"My Lord. Soon the Emissary of the lord who commands this army will come to you. He will set up a time for you and Minol to meet. " Jeven explained.

Thranduil looked to Jeven . His eyes narrow. " Who is Minol? "

Jeven smiled. " Juniper remembers everything. " Thranduil felt his breath taken from him and he looked to his wife standing proudly on the back of a great bear.

She would lower down to sit again. The pains coming quicker now. She watched a large man move through the crowd. He was as tall as Hannibal . His hair long and golden . He did not look at all like an agent of evil and the closer he got she began to realize that He was like Hannibal. He was a guardian. He carried a large war hammer and a shield. He placed his weapons down before the bear. Then looked right at her. " I will go speak with the King now My Queen. " He bowed his head and walked towards Thranduil who would ride out . She watched all this. The short conversation and the return of the Emissary. He bows to her again and picks up his weapons . As he returned to the army they turned and followed him.

The army that was formed on the plains before them began to move away. The army of Lorien looked on in confusion.

The Dwarves were upset and the Men of Dale were relieved when the army turned away and left .

Thranduil rode to stop beside his wife. Who was watching the army retreat. Not a single arrow had been loosed. She looked to him as pain filled her gaze.

" What has happened?" He asked and gently slides from Memna's back to The bear . He holds her closely. His hands on her belly and he feels the contraction as it happens. " You foolish Pixie, I do love you. " He urged Buttercup to move back towards his army . " Feren and Tauriel Get the healing tents up . We need one ready now . Set up for labor and delivery, if You would. "

Tauriel's eyes went wide.

" As soon as that is done put Elthain , Tauriel and Jeven in chains. " The King gave the command to Feren.

Juniper shook her head and whimpers. " No Thranduil I need them. I need them now. Jeven, he can help please. "

Thranduil spoke evenly. Trying to not allow his anger to come through his voice. " They will do so in chains and if you were not about to burst I would have you in chains as well. "

She gasp her eyes lifting look to him. " Do not misunderstand me Juniper. I am so happy you found a way to stop this war but I am furious that you did so like this. I love you but there will be punishments this time. "

Thranduil held a writhing pixie as a contraction comes hard but they were still rather far apart. He calmly coaches her to breathe through them. She clings to him and sobs softly. Soon a large tub had been filled with steaming water and herbs placed in to help with her pain. Thranduil carried the naked fae in his arms and placed her in the tub to soak. The warmth envelopes her and the scent of the herbs help her rest between contractions. For the time being they were alone so she could labor.

Thranduil began to pull away his boots and remove his clothing . He sinks down into the tub with her and holds her closely. Her small head lays on his chest . She finds so much comfort in the beats of his heart. "When did you know you loved me?" She asked in a small voice.

His voice was deep and perhaps a bit lazy. He being relaxed by the water as well. "When I very first knew for a fact that I loved you? Well, lets see. I watched you dance in the moonlight the very first time you heard music. I watched your face as you listened to your first song and how it moved you. I knew then that I loved you. " His fingers brushed from of her hair from her forehead. " Then I just had to win your heart . I ... almost thank that water creature . Almost loosing you gave me the courage to finally tell you. "

She began to tense again and he rubbed at her back and coaches her to breathe. " When did you know you loved me?" He asks trying to distract her from the pain.

" I don't like sleeping alone. Because of the bad dreams. You shared your bed with me just so I could sleep . You held me all night. I know because I did not sleep much. I lay there still and ... " she trailed off a bit. " I just enjoyed everything about you. Your warmth and how your skin felt against mine. Your scent and how your body moved with each breath you took. " She grimaces and her body tries to curl into a ball. " Why is it happening again so fast?" He could only hold her and rub at her back. This pain was the pain all mothers feel. He could do nothing for it.

A few elleth came to take some water out and put fresh water in . The contraction ebbed as they began and soon the water was nice and warm again. " Please so not put my family in chains Thranduil. They are your family too. They only did what they did because of me. I will wear their chains when this is over. "

Thranduil looked down on her. She lay fully against him now and panted for her breaths. " Is that really what you want? "

She nodded . " Yes that is what I want . "

He inhaled deeply and exhaled slowly "Then so be it. "

The hours moved along. Elthian, Tauriel and Jeven expecting to be put in chains yet it did not happen. The camp was quiet. Strangely Quiet. A guard came for Jeven .

"I hate this." Tauriel hissed. " He's not giving us any word about Juniper."

Elthian shook his head "That and waiting for the ax to fall. What we did was treasonous." They were brought food and water to the place where they sat . No one would say much. No one knew much.

Finnola and Glorfindel stood once again looking out beyond Loriens borders. They were called, Celeborn wanted to speak with them. They made their way through the forest . An air of uncertainty hung around them. The tension of the ready to do battle weighted everything down. They entered the war tent and looked to The King of Lorien. In his hand a message. "Thranduil finds himself in an interesting situation. The battle is for the moment postponed as we await a treat between The King of Greenwood and the Ruler of this horde outside. That and the Queen was on the battlefront . "

Finnola leans forward. Her hand pressing to the table. " Why was the Queen there? She's in no condition for battle."

Celeborn lifted a hand and spoke softly as he waved gently. "Peace Finnola. I believe this ceasefire is because of the Queen. Now we wait and see what happens. "

Jeven was brought to the King. He stood in a long silk robe. His eyes on the bronze tub the Queen labored in. " I must go met with Minol soon. You will watch over her and you will lead the healers. You will be given everything you need with luck Elrond will be here soon. However, You are responsible Jeven. " They stood there facing each other.

Jeven nodded his head gently . " I will do my best My Lord."

Thranduil relaxed a bit and Jeven asks softly. " Has she told you about Minol?"

Thranduil lowers into a seat with a sigh. " Very little. She's trying to rest between pains. Is there more I should know? "

Jeven bit his lip and closed his eyes. " Yes My Lord there is much. I am sure she planned to tell you but things changed , quickly."

It was then that Jeven told the King a very condensed version of the events. The more Jeven spoke to more angry the King became. How she had sneaked away to sleep. The devious planning by all of them. The hard ride with a heavily pregnant fae, the memories. Minol was her first love. She knew the enemy better than anyone. Now he was going to treat with his rival.

She began to cry again and Thranduil waved Jeven to sit . " Just breath Melamin. " He coaches as he sits on a stool. " I have to go to the meeting soon. Jeven is here. " His hand down into the tub caressing her cheek.

" Thranduil. " She whispers " Please remember, everything he says is about the past. About someone who has been gone a long time. My heart lies with you . Never doubt that. "

He choked a bit. "Not in an age would I doubt that Melamin."

Thranduil leaves with a kiss to her forehead. She out of the tub for a while. The elleth return to change the water out. She was wrapped in a large soft fluffy robe, one of Thranduil's that had been packed for him. Why he needed a fluffy bathrobe in a war was unknown but there it was draped around her like a cloud.

" I need Elthian and Tauriel. I need my friends around me ." She spoke to Jeven softly.

" I agree and he did say I would have everything I need. " Jeven walked to the flap and pulled it back . He smiled and steps out and begins to speak with a guard. There was soft arguing and finally the guard relents. She sat in Thranduils travel throne. It was the most comfortable chair and She could practically curl up in it.

Jeven finally returns and grins. " The Kings word is very powerful. " He moved closer to her and just smiled. " You need to walk, it will help the labor and when it gets worse we will get back in the tub. " He helps her up to her feet and He begins to walk with her through the large oval healing tent. This one for her alone. It was the Kings personal tent after all.

" I am sorry I caused all this trouble Jeven. " Her words cracking through her lips. Her body tensing she clings to his arm. " I should have told you sooner. I started feeling the pain in the passages before we left. They had not been really terrible until we got here. "

He helps her straighten up and Elthian and Tauriel were practically thrown into the tent. Juniper smiles at them, her arms wrapped around Jeven's holding herself up. " Come on help me walk ." She waves for them to come closer. " You will not be put in chains. I think I convinced Thranduil to not do that. "

Elthian wrapping an arm around her and pulling her up some. "I am not worried anymore. I did the right thing, even if it was foolish. "

Tauriel slides over against Jeven and takes her other side. Sliding and arm around her Queen. " I am not worried either. I serve the Queen. I did what she wanted."

So now Juniper began to walk and work through her pain with Jeven hoping this helps her progress.

Thranduil rode Memna towards the treaty grounds, a tent having been set up there. Feren went with him. There was no one else he would take . Not under these circumstances. Feren was asked to remain outside. Thranduil sensed one person beyond the flap. This one person was just hemorrhaging power, this must be Minol's fea.

Brushing the flap aside Thranduil entered the tent . There at a table sat the great evil Minol. He was absolutely beautiful. Thranduil stood there taking the measure of the one that started this mess. Minol grinned and rose from his seat. He sweeps his arm out and bows before Thranduil.

"It is a pleasure to finally meet, Face to face with My King. " He smiled as his lifted and looked into Thranduils widened gaze. His pale fleshed face framed by silken hair the color of spilled ink. His eyes pulsed with color . Between soft purple and green. A bright contrast to the rest of this dark foul beautiful thing.

His wings fleshy and pointed like a bats. His features were masculine yet soft and pretty and his smile could warm the coldest heart. He was truly breath taking to behold and within that body pulsed an unnatural power. " Please have a seat My King. There is wine and spirits . Anything you could want to abide." Thranduil gracefully lowered into the seat and looked to Minol. With a shrug Minol too lowered into his seat.

Thranduil's deep baritone voice resonated in the tent as he spoke lowly. " What terms do you wish to discuss?"

Minol blinked a few time and sat back . " Well haven't you figured this out yet My Lord. " His hand raising to his chest. " I am shocked. ." He rolled his eyes and motioned idly with one hand. " The terms of You taking control of My army. They are now yours to command. I will swear my fealty to you and give you an army so powerful You could go against your true enemy and that is not me My Beloved King."

Thranduil sat there in a state of shock. He leaned forward and grabbed the bottle of Dwarven Whiskey. Then filled his glass full of it . Minol smirks. Now the king sits back and sips . Musing over this . " Why would you want to do this? Are you trying to win Juniper over?"

Minol scoffs. His hand up and his expression showing his dislike of this idea. " Win her over? I have already done that Thranduil. She took one look at me and knew who I was and am. She knows I am no threat to you. I am a boon in the darkness. "

He observed Thranduil as he continued to drink. " I have one single goal in mind and believe it or not the end result doesn't have me in it. " He just grinned. " But my goal would have been accomplished. Now tell me King Thranduil. Does that make a bit more sense? I am not your enemy I never was. Sure I have done some really horrible things in my long life. I have walked in the pits of depravity. Drank from the skulls of my enemies. Slaughtered entire villages and left nothing living and I regret none of it. Everything I do Everything I have ever done was to see that one goal come to fruition. That goal has you in it, Not me. Juniper is all yours. I am but a humble servant ."

" Who is this true enemy you speak of Minol?"

Minol sighs and looks off towards the flap. "That's the kicker. I can not tell you. You have to figure it out for yourself. Otherwise everything I have done will be for naught. So I will help you understand but you must come to the answer yourself. " He just smiles . His eyes still on the flap. " Why didn't the Queen come to this treat as well? I know she wanted to." Minol shifted his eyes onto Thranduil. "I assure you I am here to serve her as well. "

Thranduil's eyes narrowed. Did he already know what was happening in his camp. " Do you really think I would allow her to come to this meeting? A first treat with the enemy that has been toying with her head."

Minol becomes indignant. He shakes his head and purses his lips together. " Fine. I can accept your answer. I know her though and I know she wanted to be here. Now tell me Thranduil . Why is your camp so silent ? Why is that one tent getting so much attention? "

His spies were good. " You already know Minol. After all This is your game." Thranduil replies. " I accept your fealty and every warrior out there will obey me or they will suffer the consequences. Agreed?"

Minol nodded. "They are already loyal to you and the Queen . No worries. Now let me take a guess. She's having your child, here on the battlefield ? Well not much of a battle happened, I suppose . After all we showed up and surrendered. "

Thranduil now leaned forward. " Why? Why did you have to act like you were going to attack us? Why did you attack us last year? Why have you brought so much death to my lands? " He was getting angry now. His voice lifting.

" My lord." Minol lifted his voice just slightly . " Please I will answer everything. " Minol poured himself a nice glass of wine and sighed. " I have no regrets Thranduil . I have made death happen. On a large scale. I have also saved whole cities. It is a dangerous game I have been playing up until this point. Greasing the wheels here and there. Bumping my key pieces into place. In all this time . I knew the outcome over every possible future for her. There was but one. Just one that ended with my goal accomplished. I choose to follow that path and it has been a crazy time. Really, Being the puppet master behind some of the worst atrocities to ever happen in Middle Earth. Or the engineer of something that saves a dying people. Anything I do is for one thing. "

"Juniper." Thranduil says flatly.

" ding ding ding right on the nose My Lord. " He points to his nose and smiles widely " Her future was ripped from her. Now I will make sure she has that future. I am proud of my work Thranduil and you will need to find a way to reconcile that within yourself. We now have the same goal and that is how you find yourself stuck with me. "

Feren entered the tent quietly and leaned down to whisper to Thranduil in Quenya. Minol said nothing he just swirled his wine in the glass and took sips. " No war today or tomorrow correct? You are now my prisoner and your army is mine?" Thranduil said suddenly .

Minol nods. " Of course and I will sign whatever needs signing. " You know you should allow me to be there for this birth. I am the only other fea here. I know about child birth among my own kind. "

Thranduil scowled at him. " There is no way you will touch her. " Minol shrugs. " Have it your way My Lord and later when you come for me . Please have plenty of wine ready. Good evening My King." He said and tipped his head to them.

Juniper lay on the small bed. Pillows and blankets around her. Elthian behind her rubbing her back . She cries out again and begins to beg them to help her back into the warm tub. Elthian lifted her carefully into his arms . She was so small against him and her whole body tensed in pain. With the greatest care he placed her in the tub . She curled onto her side and just whimpered.

Jeven shakes his head. " This should have progressed further. "

Tauriel looks to him very worried and kneels beside the tub. " Well what do we do ? You are the one in charge. "

Jeven gave this all great thought. Pacing in the tent . Tauriel and Elthian doing what they can to give her relief. He turned and walked to the tub . " My Queen I need you to lay on your back. I must check . I am so sorry. "

She was panting for breath her body turning slowly . The water helped with the aches of shifting around. Her legs drawn back and parted at the knee. " Go on do what you must. I can't do much more Jeven."

He reaches down and Elthian almost protests but instead looks away. Jevens fingers searching for the answers he needed . Juniper looked miserable. " Well? " Jeven lifted his hand away and turned to the basin to wash .

" You are nearly there. The baby should be lower but it is not. You will need great strength to push and you are nearly done. I need to do something and its going to be painful."

Thranduil finally reaches the tent and Jeven rushes over to speak with him. Thranduil takes a step back and catches his breath. He looked to Tauriel who holds Junipers small hand in hers. then to Elthian who looked utterly distraught.

"We will do what we must ." Thranduil pulled himself together quickly.

Thranduil sat in the bed his back to the headboard. She laying against his chest. His arms draped around her . His whispered to her and kissed her head softly. Juniper made not a sound. Tauriel on one side and Elthian on the other. Jeven at her feet.

Thranduil explained it to her softly. " You do not have the strength to push . So we are going to push for you. " She started to have another contraction and lowered her head to his chest and cried and shook. He would just hold her and speak to her softly, talking her through the pain. "Juniper your body isn't made for babies this size. Your pelvis might snap. If that happens you will be in agony for the rest of this. Please stay with me . "

The elves began to sing . Their song a prayer to Elbereth on behalf of Juniper a fellow being of light and love. Elbereth might be the one they needed. A contraction was coming . Juniper cries softly then her muscles just start pushing . She screams in the sheer agony of having all her muscles tense. The baby moving a little . Jeven keeps checking. Thranduil's hand moves over her heart. He singing softly . Calming her racing heart and clearing her breathing. She just lay limp against him. Her breaths her only movement.

Again another contraction. Her body seizes and she pushes . Her screams filling the camp. Everyone outside stops and just looks to the tent. A few more elves begin to sing in prayer. So the soft song begins to drift to the lips of every elf there. Whatever their Queen did that day saved all of them and they knew it . Now they were there for her. Thranduil called a guard over and whispered to him right before Juniper was contracting and screaming from the torturous pain.

The faint screams drifted into Minol's camp. He was standing outside his tent His hands held behind his back . The wind blowing his thick dark hair back. A runner came and spoke softly to Minol . He felt his lips twitching and soon he was smiling. " Of course . I will go there right now. " With that his wings stretched out and He took flight. Soaring over his army and over the barren space between camps. The elves gasped and looked to the sky as Minol flew over then landed with ease at the healing tent. Her screams like daggers thrust through every inch of his body.

When he entered the tent is was in complete silence. No one knew he was there accept Thranduil. He could feel the power pouring from him. The others in song. He placed his hands on Thranduil's shoulders. The energy passing through him was extraordinary. He watched them all playing their roles. The Avanati healer knew his stuff. This was what Minol would have done . Just faster and better. Then his eyes drifted down over Thranduil's shoulder . He saw the top of her head . Then as she arched in agony the swell of her breast.

The power of his very being filled all those attending . Including Juniper who started to come back to life. Even when her pelvis snapped she didn't give up . She growled and snarled through this new torment. The baby was finally coming through. When Elrond stepped in he saw Minol and froze to the spot. He simply lifted his hands from Thranduil's shoulders and stepped back. Without a word he turned to leave. Turning to Elrond He spoke in an even gentle tone. " You will need to mend her pelvis. You will keep her out of pain from now on Elrond Lord of Imlaudris. " Then he simply left. He did not touch her per the Kings command. Yet he was able to help. He had known the King would call him.

Elrond stepped to the bed right as the baby was fully free . It was moving and struggling to breathe. Jeven gave the child a little pop to the backside and then the gasp and the cry. The elves outside began to cheer when they heard the babies cry. "It is a girl ." Jeven said with a smile before returning to the cord and afterbirth duties. The others just stared at the little Princess. Thranduil was shaking and breathless. His hand laying gently on the babies head. Juniper was beside herself, holding her child to her . Then she started to fade. The baby quickly taken Thranduil began to talk to her. His hand on her chest feeling her heart beating. " You promised you would stay with me . " His whispered and Elrond stepped in . Immediately putting Juniper in a dreamless sleep. Thranduil pulled from under her . He now sat beside her as Elrond and the healers took over repairing as much damage as they could.

There were cheers from his own camp when the cheers from the elves began. This was their Queen as well. Minol made sure they had an undying love for her.

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