The Fairy of Middle Earth

BY : HarleyQ
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Junipers guard finally found the King and Elrond in the Kings office. They both looked surprised to see all 5 of them there. Thranduil sitting at his desk . Elrond in one of the seats before it. Tea cup in hand.

" Well Elrond it appears The Queens Guard in finally done with its little party. Have fun hini(children)?"

Elrond looked down and stifled a chuckle. Tauriel stepped forward and winced a bit .

"Aran nin." she said.

'so this was to be official was it?' He thought and pressed his finger tips together and listened.

"We know he is here. We would like to be put back on our duties. Even if its just in the halls. Anything we can do to keep the Queen safe."

Thranduil just stared at her with that unemotional cold gaze. She was more used to it than her companions. With the exception of Elthian who looked away and set his jaw.

"OH I see. Well Elrond and I were looking for you all earlier. Minol was not due to arrive for 2 more days. He is early . The plan all along was to have you back on duty early. When the decision was made to have him come here for the gathering. However,..."

He continued. They all began to feel their throats tighten a bit. His tone turning a bit cold now.

"I find the ones that have sworn to protect My Wife their Queen. Having a party in the dining hall, and for those of you beholding to other Lords ." His gaze now on Glorfindel. "I am disappointed but not in the least surprised to see you in the middle of it."

The way he said it was rather terse. "off duty does not mean irresponsible." He finally finished and they all stood there feeling rather admonished and deserving of it.

Elrond just listened to Thranduil. He was so good at scolding errant children. "Those of you whom I King over. You will guard the corridors to My chambers. Tauriel will be in the passages. She knows them the best. Elthian You are outside Minol's rooms. You were there yesterday . GO. "

Elthian stiffened " Yes My Lord. "

He left quickly to get his gear and get to his post.

"Jeven you will be at the door to my chambers. You are not here are you? Your there right?" Thranduil said and his eyes narrowed.

" Yes My Lord. " He too left quickly just glad to be out of the room. Finnola you will patrol the royal level and we will speak later about your recent change in status."

She choked a bit. " Yes My Lord." She looked to Glorfindel before leaving. Tauriel had not left. He had not dismissed her.

Now his eyes were back on Tauriel. "Ada I didn't know Glorfindel was going to do that. I am so sorry Ada". Her hands lifted as she spoke to him showing her palms . She was struggling not to cry as Glorfindel winced. He had caused this .

"This is the worst time for this iell(daughter) Go to your post." His words did not soften much at all and she dropped her hands. " Yes My Lord." When she turned to leave she looked at none still present.

As soon as she was out of the room Glorfindel looked to Thranduil. "I apologize My Lord. I did not know it would be formally announced. I should not have added that into My own celebration. " He was taking full responsibility. It was all he could do.

"Your own celebration." Now it was Elronds turn. "You are not required to make an announcement of your intentions Glorfindel. You do not fall under the laws of Greenwood but mine. That being said. Lady Finnola is Thranduil's subject. Some discretion would have done much here. You are Lord of the House of the Golden Flower. Maybe its time you act like it. "Glorfindel swallowed hard. He sucked on his teeth and silenced himself.

"Since you are basically on loan from Elrond You will follow my commands while you are here. You will be in My chambers and by her side. Out of all of you . You are the one least familiar to her. It will be easier for you to keep conversation to a minimum. Not to mention you are the only one that can equal me besides your wife. Now go. "

"yes My Lord." Glorfindel would say and leave quickly. He had not felt this terrible in a very long time.

Lorithir had a rare day away from duty. It had been suggested to him that he take Ryu for sometime outside. The public gardens were vast and safe, high walled and well within the protection that surrounded the fortress. The only reason the Queen spent so little time here was because her bear could not come into them. Lorithir had a favorite spot within these gardens. It was a bit of a walk through some rather tall grasses that had a sweet smell to them. To a hidden copse of trees and shrubs. There hidden from view they laid out their picnic .

Ryu was really enjoying being outside. She didn't speak much about what she had been through but she had said she wanted to feel the sun and the wind against her. She had said she had been kept from it. Ryu knelt on the blanket and nibbled at various fruits and cheese. She was not a meat eater Lorithir had heard the Queen did not normally eat meat either but her circumstances had changed . He figured this was a fae thing. She was not bothered by him eating it though.

"When do you begin your new job ?" He asked her and she looked up to him with those dark eyes. His heart skipped a beat.

" I am unsure. I was just told that it would be a few more days. I hope the Queen is well. The delay is concerning." She lifted her goblet and drank the sweet wine within and giggled. " I really like this" she held the goblet up a bit.

" The Queen is well " Lorithir suddenly said and Ryu leaned in a bit.

" How do you know this for certain?"

Lorithir blinked and began to lean back. " Ryu? what are you doing?" She leaned in even more her eyes beginning to narrow.

" You know something don't you?"

Lorithir lifted his brows a bit. " I can not tell you what I hear and see while on duty." He stated but Ryu did not give in.

"She is my sister. I have the right to know. The Queen said so herself. She calls me sister. I am not asking for the key to the Kings vault. "

She was genuinely concerned about the Queen and yes she had every right to be. Whatever, it was between them but different . It was something he didn't understand. He set his goblet down and reached out to take her hand.

" She is being punished." He finally said and Ryu got a look of sheer horror on her face. She knew what punishment was. Lorithir quickly pulled her into an embrace . Holding her close to him. His hand on her head as he whispered into her ear.

"She is not being beaten. She is not being tortured. She is merely confined to her quarters without visitors. That is all and I swear it."

He slowly released her and looked her in the eye. "Just confinement?" she asked in a whisper and he nodded.

" Our King is not a cruel Ellon Ryu. He is fair. While Queen she is still subject to his rules. We all could be punished for breaking those rules. Even the Queen. I promise you she is well. "

Ryu would relax and accepted his answer as truth. They ate and when done they lay together. She snuggled tightly against him. Ryu could not remember a time she had been this happy. Fate had brought them together for a reason. it was Ryu's turn at joy. Soon she was dozing off in the arms of Lorithir.

Juniper just kept glancing to her new personal guard. Glorfindel standing in the shade near by. His eyes down cast as he leaned against the wall. He carried his sword and wore his armor. Seeing him like this made her feel... intimidated. She did not know him very well but if Finnola liked him she had to trust Finnola.

She was laying on her belly. A small portable writing desk on the cushion before her. She was writing a letter to Arwen .

"Do you know Arwen well?" she asked without looking up.

Glorfindel looked up and cleared his throat." Yes I know her well. I know Ellesar well too."

She now smiled. "Finnola has made a promise to me. That when this is all over and everyone is safe, She will be my guard as I visit all the places I want to see. I suppose that means You will be my guard too."

Glorfindel had not been told this. His brows lifted a bit. " Which places do you wish to see?" He asked.

"Rohan and the glittering caves. Isengard, I want to go into the fangorn. I suspect my presence there would be welcomed. I want to see Rivendell and Lorien. Then all the way to Mithlond and see the grey havens. I will come back and prepare to go north and to the east to the Rhun ."

He fought a smile and failed. 'ambitious little thing' He thought.

"I suppose since Finnola is now my wife I will be going. " He responded and Juniper shot up to her knees.

" You're what? " Her voice squeaked a bit in her shock.

Glorfindel smiled widely. " My Wife. She and I forged a bond."

She was on her feet and ran for him her arms out . Her small form hit him rather firmly. her arms around his middle. Her cheek pressed just below his chest. "I am so happy for you. When you see her next give her part of this hug for me please. Tell her I am happy for you both."

That whole statement just tugged at his heart and he hugged her back. " I will My Lady I promise."

Elthian watching the door. It was that door. The Stag room. He called it. It was the most secure room. He noticed Galion walking down the hall. He pulled back and hid just behind another corner until Galion passed. He heard the foot steps stop then a gentle knock on the door. Galion was visiting Minol? Now he slipped back into the hall leading to the corridor. Listening as the door opens.

"I hope you don't mind that I brought a wine of my own."

Galion was having a wine tasting?

"of course not" the voice replies then the door closes. Moving to the corridor he looked down it to a rather confused looking Finnola who had just seen the whole thing herself as she moved along the corridor on patrol.

Galion was inside the apartment . This was a rather nice one. No expense had been overlooked in the creation of the space and he hopes Minol appreciated it.

"We are otherwise alone. Hiroc is in his room. We shouldn't be seeing him until morning. " He looked to the closed door. "Now I have several different wines. "

There was an opened crate near a credenza. On the top of it sat several bottles.

"Cuivienen produces an interesting Wine. It is made from what they call passion fruit. " He offered the bottle out to Galion. " Please pour it for us. " Minol said with a smile.

"Next I think you should try this one from the spice lands. They flavor it with a seed pod that is shaped like a star." Turning He is surprised by the closeness of Galion and takes the offered glass of wine before placing the bottle in his hand down.

Galion smiles and lifts his goblet to Minol before drinking . He let the wine roll over his tongue . Its flavor was extraordinary. Sweet and spicy. It had hints of cinnamon. The pleasing look in Galions eyes as he turned to look at the bottle tattled a bit about how much he loved this wine .

"This wine is very good and it comes from those that have rebuilt Cuivienen?"

Minol nods. "Perhaps I will visit someday." Galion comments and Minol moves in closer. Everything he was sensing off this Ellon of propriety was anything but seemly. He could smell the change in Galion's scent. See the tension growing within him as he becomes a bit aroused.

"Would you like another glass? We could finish the bottle if you like." Minol offered and lifted the bottle .

Galion offered his goblet out." I think I will have another."

Minol stepped back finally. Allowing his guest some breathing space. While there was little doubt Minol could lure Feren to his bed Galion was one he thought would be a bit tougher. Now Minol moved about the room. Almost like a seductive dance. It was just how He moved when he was corporeal. He was slightly taller than Galion and far more powerful. He could just put the idea in Galion's head. Then He could just take what he wanted but He was having fun with the seduction. He carried on the conversation as he moved. Looking into his belongings.

"When was the last time you had some time to travel? Far too long I imagine. I suppose that means you have to find your fun when you can. " He grinned and plucked a few pieces if clothing from his bags. "Has it been a while?"

He was Buzzing from this most delicious wine and he poured another goblet off it . "Of course but there is not often much do to. Though things are far more interesting since the Queen arrived." Galion eyed Minol then.

Minol rather liked that blue grey color to Galion's eyes. His own eyes pulsing. Slowly a little more green a little more purple. He could not really control it at this point. Everything about him was meant to draw his prey in.

Galion resisted a bit, turning himself towards some of the art in the room. I never get the chance to admire some of these guest rooms. This one is rather opulent. I hope it has met with your satisfaction."

"Actually I hadn't noticed until tonight. I am rather enjoying the decorations." Minol had moved back to the credenza and pluck his second choice of wines.

" You finished that bottle Galion now I have to open this one. I would be honored if you would sample it. " His voice just makes you want to accept the invitation. Galion turned from the art and began to drifted back towards him.

" I would love to try it." His empty goblet held out to be filled. He stood rather close to Minol. They locked eyes as Galion drank from the goblet and savored the rich flavor of this wine from the spice lands. It was strong as well and Galion was feeling its full effects. Minol tilted his chin up a bit and grinned.

"I see it meets with your approval. "

Galion just couldn't look away or perhaps really didn't want to. Without a word Minol was upon him. His hands clasping his head and pulling him in close and holding him in place. His lips demanding everything he could give . The wine forgotten as goblets just drop to the table. His arousal was quite potent. It radiated from him. slowly filling the fortress. Everything with fae blood becoming affected. When Minol finally broke the kiss. His heart was pounding and his desire was violent.

" I will not be gentle Galion." He warned.

" I was hoping you wouldn't be." Galion was clueless. This was going to be fun. His hands on Galions shoulders pushing him back towards the bed room. His lips taking Galion's once more as they pass the door way. Minol kicks the door closed.

Jeven just looked up from fletching arrows. His eyes shift on to Tauriel, She preparing her gear for tomorrows patrols. He rose up and slowly moved in behind her. His arms wrapped around her and pulling her back against him. She gasps softly but does not pull away. His hand sliding up and over her breast to her neck . He forced her head back and turns it so he could kiss her. she kissed him back rather eagerly. Soon he was carrying her off to the bed. His lusts suddenly running very deep.

Ryu sat in a large plush chair, the book on her lap. She was breathing deeply. It had been a long time since she felt the call. Her gaze shifts to Lorithir. She sets the book aside.

" Lorithir please bring me some wine." She called and He answers "Sure just a second."

Within a few minutes he was bringing her a goblet . She reaches out to take it then grabs his wrist. "please stay with me." Those dark eyes drawing him in. He lowered down to the rug and rested on his knees. Her hand under his chin guiding him closer to her lips. He somewhat enthralled with her in those moments.

Finally her lips took his and he was so eager to return the kiss. Everything went from zero to faster than a Meara in full gallop. He managed to pull away. He breathing coming in deep pants.

"Ryu I have never ..."

She grinned then kissed him again. Several soft sensual kisses and whispered to him. "don't be afraid." Her hands working his tunic up and over his head. Her lips back against his. "just give in to it." She began to lick and nip at the flesh along his neck . His body being driven back against the rug. She over him Her lips trailing down over his chest.

Ryu couldn't recall ever wanting someone of her own volition before. It was all very curious to her and she was liking her aggressive side. Her hands sliding down between them working the laces to his leggings free. Her hand slowly slides inside them. Lorithir's body tenses and jerked at first and she cooed and whispered to him. Her tongue tasting the salt of his flesh, as she licks her way down lower and lower. Her lips pressing against his stomach just below the navel. Lorithir was beginning to squirm under her touches.

Lorithir hisses when she tasted him fully. The sensations just making his legs tremble delightfully. His hips rocking on their own, meeting her lips He moans and squirms. His hands clawing at the rug under him. Gently her lips slide away and she prowls up over him once again . One hand on the rug holding her aloft the other pulling her dress up over her hips. Her heat laying against him. His eyes open, looking at her his lips parted with pleasure filled gasps. Sitting back against him she pulls her dress off . He had seen her naked many times since she had come into his care. Each time was just as amazing as the first. Small firm breast. Dark rosy nipples. Flat tight belly and the swell of her hips.

She lifted up and lowered her hand down between them. He just kept looking into her eyes. Before her knew it he was engulfed in a tight wet hot space. His gaze widens in shock . She pulled him up . Her legs wrapping around him . Her arms around him she rocks her hips and pulls herself up soon he was getting the idea. His hands finding her hips pulling her up and pushing her down the pace increasing. Her eyes closed her head back with her cries. She would not dare look at him in these moments . She knew how to not bond with those she had as lovers. Yet the pleasure would not diminish.

Juniper sat stoic. She could do nothing about this growing lust . She was alone in her punishment. Glorfinel having left. She was waiting on Thranduil's return. Her thighs pressing together tightly. This was just as bad as the moon. It seemed like forever. Finally the door opened and closed and she saw that familiar shadow moving into the corridor. He looked to her. Seeing something was amiss. He looked up and the moon was waning and no longer full. He pulled his robes off and just let them drop to the floor. He was fully aware of what was about to happen and he could not stop it if he wanted to. Which he did not. She was crouching now. Looking rather feral . He lowered onto the cushions and locked his eyes with hers.

Tonight might be a challenge. He mused a heart beat before she attacked. Pouncing him and pushing him back. Her wrapped his arms around her trapping her against him and her rolled to the side and pinned her under him. She snarled and wrapped her legs around him and grins against his crotch . Where did this hunger come from? He could not let go of her arms or he would have to fight her harder next time. He pulled the laces from his leggings. Both of her wrists easily fitting into one of his hands. He turned her to her side and straddled her to hold her in place even though she squirmed. He manuvers her arms down and behind her back before binding her wrist together. Then unceremoniously he turned her to her back again. She struggled against the binding He pulled his leggings away and practically ripped her dress from her body.

He would not be gentle and she didn't want him to be.

Elthian struggled against this sudden urge. He paces in his apartments. He drinks a lot of wine. Nothing was helping and it was just getting worse. He ended up at Sentillia's door in near agony. She had seen him like this before. When the king and queen were both together in a certain way. She would ease his pain happily.

That morning came and it had 2 doing the walk of shame from the Stag room. The first was Lia the Elleth from the kitchen sneaking from Hiroc's room. Shortly after she left Galion was leaving. He had one of the worst hangovers but knew what to do about it. He also needed a soak and some of Ninnel's special ointment. Elthian back on duty did not hide his presence this time. He wanted Galion to know he knew what happened. Galion just slinks off towards his own apartments.

Jeven and Tauriel were all smiles and back on duty. Even in the loneliness of the passages Tauriel smiled at her thoughts. Jeven said "Quel amrun (good morning)" to at least five Ellyn on his way to his post.

Ryu lay curled up with Lorithir. He awake she still asleep. He looked at her back . Just a few marks upon it. He leaned in and kissed her shoulder.

Ryu wiggled a bit and whispered "bwael kre'tan (good morning) "

Lorithir didn't understand. " what is that?"

She giggled. " I said good morning."

He kissed her shoulder again. "I must get up for my shift soon. I just do not want to leave today. I want to lay naked with you all day."

That made Ryu laugh. "I take it you approved of your treatment last night." She said as a joke and he pulled her back and grinds himself against her backside. A grin curled on her lips.

"I see ussta seriso(My Lover)" She rolled her eyes. " My lover " She said sharply before he could ask. "you need to learn my language Lorithir. " she laughs she wiggles against him .

It took another 30 minutes to leave the bed and he was 10 minutes late for duty, perimeter patrols. He had to stay alert. That day is was rather hard not to find distraction in his own thoughts.

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