The Fairy of Middle Earth

BY : HarleyQ
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The 3 kings gathered in Thranduil's chambers. They stood in the corridor talking and she sat on the edge of the bed . Her heels tapped lightly on the bed frame. Elthian stood beside her . She seemed unbothered by the weight of what would happen that could feel the Tension.

"Do you not feel that?" He asked.

"Of course I do. I feel what everyone is feeling In these chambers. But I know what I know Elthian. I know all this worry is not needed. " She smiled up at him. Her eyes follow his movement down as he sat beside her.

" Sometimes I wish I could see things like you do. You are the eternal optimist."

She hummed softly to herself and continued to bounce her heels on the bed frame.

The 3 kings spoke in the hall. Each laying out their worries. Some were the same and some were not.

"One thing I am confident on is that the 3 of us can pull her out if we needed. " Elrond said softly. " I have experienced that once and I know Thranduil has more than once."

Celeborn shook his head. " This is different. The mind she is diving into is far away. It's very powerful and old. We aren't even sure what it is. " He pointed out with a bit of venom in his words. " This is folly and I have said so from the moment she said she wanted to do this. "

"What does your wife say Celeborn?" Elrond asked .

"She can not say one way or the other on this. This future is clouded in the mirror. This usually means 50/50 one way or the other. " Celeborn forced himself to say lowly.

Thranduil stepped towards the door way and just watched her silently . Elthian keeping her occupied. Thranduil did not want to let this happened but he knew her. If he refused she would do it anyway and do it without him there. " She will find a way to do what she feels is right. " He spoke over his shoulder. " No matter how wrong we think it. She will do it anyway. Her heart is wild. It will not be tamed. She is a passionate creature driven to want to save everyone, even if it is foolish to do. "

Elrond and Celeborn went quiet for several minutes.

The king finally let out a sigh. "Valar help us." He said softly before walking into the room. The pixie perked up and smiled at him . Elthian rose from where he sat . " Are you ready Melamin? "

She nodded " Now you are sure you can make me sleep but I can still dream?"

Thranduil lowered to his haunches He took her hands. " yes and we will be right here while you sleep. " Elthian lowered the light in the room by blowing out the lanterns.

Juniper wiggled around and lay her head on the pillows. Thrandiul pressed a knee to the bed. His hands press beside her head. " You know I hate this Melamin. Please do not do this. " He spoke softly his lips brushing against hers. He was so scared and she was swayed by his emotion. Yet she had to. Her small hands slap to his cheeks lightly. She held his face and kissed him sweetly over and over.

" Have some faith in me Melamin. I am not unprotected even when I am asleep. " She kissed him again and He crawled over her and lay beside her. " I will move once you are really asleep . I just wanted to hold you a moment."

The others stayed politely in the corridor. Elthian by the door. He held the small silver fae against his chest. His hand slowly caressing her arm. " I love you " She whispered.

He smiled . "As I do you time to sleep. " He said softly and she relaxed against him. His words just a soft breeze across her small pointed ear. "lor-olui losta-sídheb "

She felt herself getting heavy and then she was asleep. He lay there a few moments before pulling himself carefully away. His presence often kept these dreams away. He moved into a corner and leaned into it . His eyes fixed on her . The others entered the room.

She was being drawn in . Her felt her weight lessen. Her eyes opened. She was back in the garden. It still lifeless and colorless. She sat on the edge of the deteriorating fountain. The glory it was now not see in it any longer.

" I am here. " She called out . " Surely you have been waiting." She could smell the mist. It carried the smell of sulfur and ash. Then there he was presented before her.

" You came. I am pleasantly surprised."

She laughed. " You really do not know me . Of course I came. I had to speak to Thranduil first but I knew even if he forbade me to come I would have anyway. "

The mist seemed pleased and relaxed on a bench across from the fountain. "Well since I do not know you then please enlighten me. Tell me all about you. Then I will tell you all you need to know about me."

She agreed. "You know that is everything right. " She added and imagined he was grinning . All she saw of him was his eyes.

"Very well .. Now please start from the beginning. " A bit of mist swirled in the air before her . " She shrugged and began to talk.

" My first memory is waking up. It was very bright and very loud. I was very scared. I screamed and even the sound of my own voice terrified me. Then he was there. This large warm body . Pressed against me and running quickly . Then I was in darkness. It was less loud. I could start to focus my eyes. I was seeing shapes and colors. Then a face. I had never seen anything before and it was a lot to take in . His voice was soft though and deep and warm and I calmed. He kept me in the darkness for a few days and introduced me to more and more light gradually. Those few days I slept mostly, waking to being offered food and water. "

He listened to her birth. What it was like to come into the arda with nothing .

" After a while I learned what things where. Like fire and cup . I learned names . His was Hannibal and I was Juniper. I began to learn the speech. He taught me westron. Then some sindarain eventually teaching me to read it as well. I picked up reading much faster than speaking. He showed me everything . Scary things . Wondrous things and everything was beautiful. It was so shiny and new. He taught me some things about the races. Elves , Dwarves . Men and orcs. Then one day this elf came to the woods. I was told it was the king. I really didn't know what a king was. The first time he looked at me I thought he hated me. I didn't like it at all and Hannibal let me leave. " She laughed. Funny how that worked out.

" I argued with Hannibal . I cried and begged him to not leave me with the elves. I tried to bargain . Nothing swayed him . He kept telling me he had to go south. So I was left with Thranduil and lets just say we did not get a long really at first. I think it was because he had never had to deal with a fae before. But we learned. " she spoke about the different trials the big one in the beginning was the Grindylow.

" Wait ." He held up a hand. " I did not send that monster after you. No matter what you think ... Your death is not my goal. Your long life is my goal. " He corrected quite vehemently.

" But you made those things. You sent it into my woods . What was it to do? It was to kill one of my people? right? it happened to get me. This is the folly of your thinking. "

He gasped and stepped back . Those eyes widened. " Just one thing. That is not my power . I did not create those things. I watched them be released. I had no idea their compunctions. I have to play a perfect balance . If I did not appear to be doing what I am suppose to then other things will come and You do not want that."

Her eyes narrowed and she rose then . Stepping closer the mist maintains that perfect distance. " You mean the deaths of a few of my people is ok as long as I am still safe? My safety. That's what you are insuring. For who? "

The misted laughed lowly. " Why does that matter? I am who you are dealing with now. "

Her lips pressed lightly together and she studied those eyes that looked so much like her own. " This is why Thranduil and the others still live. My safety? Other wise you would have destroyed them long ago. Yet you hide that from you Master as well."

The mist hissed and moved far away from her and stopped across the garden . She just watched him.

"Why am I so damn important? " She yelled and moved crossed the garden quickly. The mist did not back away and she stopped of her own accord. " I will have you tell me why." There it was . Her own feisty spirit. Not tainted in any way. The Juniper he knew so well.

" I can't tell you why you are important to the big picture. I can not tell you why you are important to me . You have to remember that on your own." He responded.

" Now onto the terrible news I was hoping you would allow me to with hold a bit longer. But alas that would not be Juniper now would it?" He said that with a bit of a bite to his tone.

"Who is the one that makes the way? " She asked suddenly.

" Well my dear that would be me. Where ever did you hear that? .. OHHH one of the Elves . Nilastiel correct?" His tone mocking.

Her anger was building. " You did that to him? You gave him that mark? In return he tainted others. How cruel and vile you really are." Her lip curled back a bit in disgust.

The Mist growled and came within an inch of her being. " You have no idea the dangerous game I play. All for you. You who doesn't even remember me. I have loved you for 1000 years times 20 and you do not even remember me." The mist was crushed by this. "They truly stole your future but I will get it back for you. "

She felt tears beginning to fall on her cheeks. The weight of those words had not gone unnoticed. " 20,000 years? " She asked and the mist backed away . He seeming to have pulled himself back together.

"Give or take a few hundred either way. I have waited for you . I have done what I had to do to survive that wait. To learned of evil plans made by evil things and sealed in the darkness. Everything I have ever done was for you. "

She gasped and then she was in her bed . Her eyes opening. Thranduil right there . Holding her hand. Elrond speaking softly to her.

Her eyes focused on Thranduil and she just began to sob and threw her arms around him. Elrond sighed and spoke gently " We will give you time. As much as you need. " He rose and Celeborn left the room . He was ushering Elthian to come as well but Thanduil spoke up. Elthian stays . He is deep in this with me." Elrond nodded and closed the door.

Thranduil crawled into the bed and pulled her back to him. Leaving a good portion for Elthian who kicked off his boots and joined them. Juniper between them . She clings to Thranduil and weeps. Elthian began to caress her back between her wings . His body moving in closer . His warmth welcomed.

" You are here with us . You are safe . " Elthian's voice a deep soft whisper.

Thranduil said nothing yet . He just cradled her to him . Her shaking body began to still though the tears still fell. "It is to terrible. " she choked but managed to get out. " It's because of me . It's all because of me. " Thranduil's eyes widened and looked deeply into Elthian's as Juniper began to divulge little trinkets of information.

" He said he could not tell me who he is . I had to remember that on my own. He said he has loved me for 20,000 years . Everything he has done has been for me? " she lay back and writhed a bit from the pain of knowing this. " He does not admit to purposefully having me attacked by the grindylow it was bad circumstances. He says that magic is not his. His magic is what twisted Nilastiel . " Thranduil just stared down at her. Elthian began to cradle her now .

Celeborn sitting in the library with Elrond. He was listening to the conversation . Thranduil having opened his mind to him just for this . He feeding Elrond the information . Elrond winces and leans against the overly large mantel of the fire place. " That ... This is the worst... He hand pressed to his lips. How could she be expected to bear this ? This was cruel to tell her. "

She told them every word . Every single word that was spoken. Then she begged Thranduil for the dreamless sleep. She had never asked let alone begged for him to do that. In fact she hated it . He could not refuse her request nor did he want to . She needed to really sleep and long after she had fallen asleep he and Elthian stayed there and held her yet said nothing .

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