The Fairy of Middle Earth

BY : HarleyQ
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Jeven jumped from his bedroll near the fire. He gasps and stares at the fire then slowly looks around seeing Hannibal sitting there watching him.

" That was some dream Jeven. might you want to speak about it?"

Jeven relaxed back down into the blanket. "Ilhar il ul'kas ulu uns'aa. Il telanthus lil' oloth luthe olt barra feir dal olt gareth mir. Olt doerin whol ussta lodias. Udos z'klaen alu qeeh (Mother she called to me. She said the darkness casts its shadow far from its stronghold. Its coming for my people. We must go faster)"

Hannibal nodded . " inbal eluith'orth jeven, rilbol orn sha'nalt ditronw pholor draeval. Zil lil' faern orn'la telanth.(have faith Jeven, Everything will happen right on time. As the wizard would say.)"

Gandlaf who had been asleep with his eyes open spoke. "Faernen raq'tar ditronw vel'drav nind hass'l ulu nin zu'tour phor lueth inbau fol v'dri (Wizards arrive right when they mean to now shut up and get some sleep)" He said with a grumpy tone and shifted in his bedroll." Jeven we will talk about your dream in the morning."

Jeven sighed softly. " as you wish Gandalf."

Finnola was at the training ring with Glorfindel. They were watching the young fighters. Untested and unproven fighters. Ones just learning the arts. They sat on the stones on the hill. watching these fighters battle each other in nice uniformed matches.

"How did you learn to fight My Goddess?" Glorfindel asked.

Finnola grinned at his question. " My Mother taught me. She learned from her Mother and so on. All the way back I supposed to Da-xia. My Da didn't like it but Mam told him to shove it. He had the boys and she only had me. We would go far into the plains and just train all day sometimes. "

"She sounds ferocious." Glorfindel said softly and looked to Finnola.

A smile curled on Her lips. " Mam was . She protected us like a mother bear protects her cubs."

He could see a bit of sadness in her eyes and he lay his head against her arm and looked up to her. " Would kicking my ass right now make you feel better?"

She laughed at his offer. " I am not in a rage Glorfindel . I think everyone is safe. " She shrugged a little and went back to watching the young warriors training.

Glorfindel continued to lean on her. He rather enjoyed doing little things like this. Things that she seemed to allow. She didn't stiffen up or shove him off . He expected to be shoved off any moment but she didn't.

"Glorfindel." He heard her voice lift but just barely. "hmm?" Glorfindel let his eyes close and he answered lazily.

" If you keep leaning on me the others will think we are stepping out." His eyes opened and He lifted his head to look at her. " What does 'stepping out' mean? "

Finnola lowered her head down and slumped her shoulders slightly. She inhaled deeply and exhaled slowly. " It means together and publicly at that."

He began to grin at her explanation. " So, would that be so terrible Finnola? No wait..." He held up a hand as she began to speak. " I know what you're going to say. 'Well if we did that wouldn't it be just like rubbing it in Legolas' face.' " she nodded and went to speak again. Only to find herself cut off again. " Let me remind you and it was his behavior that lead to the current state of affairs. Not to mention We mesh well Finnola. How can you say we are bad together? You can not. Besides I am a catch . So would it be so terrible if we did 'Step out'?"

The giantess blinked her eyes a few times and just looked at him. " I ... You..." She was having a hard time putting her thoughts together.

It made him just smile wider. " I am waiting." He said smugly.

Frustrated she rose and began to walk away. He let her get to the end of the row of rocks before rising to follow. He just casually following . Her pace a bit more purposeful. Once they had made it out of the sight of the others He spoke up. " Ok Finnola we are far enough away. Speak my Goddess."

She stopped in mid step and stood there her back to him. " How do you do that?"

He now stopped a few feet away. " Do what? " He said still grinning.

She finally turned around . Her cheeks red. " Know what I am thinking sometimes before I do. Know what my intentions are without me even speaking them. " Her lips pushed together silencing herself before she said too much.

He looked down to the ground and sighed. " I know because I know you. Finnola. it's mîl na minui cened (love at first sight) . The first time I saw you my fea began to scream at me. It's been tearing at me from the inside ever since. Every time I am near you I have to be closer. When we are apart I do not feel like I am whole any longer. I am so attuned to you. Every time you breathe is counted. Every time your heart beats then beats faster is remembered. " He was looking at her in the eye now. " Being around you is both painful and glorious to me all at the same time. I do not want to be anywhere else. So tell me , now that you know that. How can stepping out with me be so terrible? Because, you feel it too. Don't you."

Finnola stood there silently. Her green eyes fixed on Him. Her bottom lip trembled and was pulled between her teeth.

" Well ? Have I managed to steal the voice of My Goddess? " He asked and grinned.

Finally she released her lip and straightened up a bit more. " Do not follow me. " She said firmly then turned and walked off.

Glorfindel stood there smirking . " I knew you would do that. " He said to himself as he watched her fade down the corridor. " Take the time you need my Goddess." He began to smile happily and turned to go back to the ring .

She finds herself in the Atrium. A large skylight over head. The cavern filled with various ferns and smaller versions of trees that stay green even during the winter. The air here was humid and warm. She liked it here. Especially when the fortress was so cool all the time. A few elves were wandering among greenery. She found a bench off to a corner and alone to sit on. Her thoughts a jumbled mess at this point. She wasn't sure how long she sat in the shadow of that corner . It was a deeper voice that shook her from her thoughts. She noted the sun had moved in the time she had sat there the light different . She looked to see the King standing a few feet away.

" Finnola are you well?" He asked a look of concern on his face and when her eyes met his , He held her gaze for several moments. Then the concern in his eyes turned to a look of understanding.

" Might I sit with you a moment Lady?" He asked.

She scoot over a bit and nodded. He was the only one that could get away with calling her Lady without a reprimand from her. Thranduil lowered down to sit . His back to the wall His legs stretched out before him. " I find myself coming here when I need to think . I see I am not the only one in need of a good think today. " He smiled and watched a few ellon pass by out in the light . " Today my thoughts are on what the nights bring in these times. " He glanced at her . "What are your thoughts on Lady Finnola?"

She sighs. He already had to know. He was the King. He knew everything. He probably knew the moment his eyes had met hers. What was even more surprising was the fact he was concerned about her and took his time to ask.

" You know I miss him . Though I miss him less and less each day. Especially after how we parted. Now I find myself drawn to his rival. Like everything I am wants to gravitate towards him. I ... I am no elf. However, I find myself in their company. I feel more at home here than I ever felt in Rohan. Even in the intricacies of what it means to be an elf falls on me and is lost. I have family here . Tauriel is the sister I always wanted. Even you seem like a father to me. Juniper is many things to me. A mother a sister and most important she is my friend. If I follow my heart I am afraid I will loose my family when I just found them. "

His heart broke then. To hear this magnificent creature beside him lament her fears. He took her hand in the moments tears began to fall from her beautiful eyes. Thranduil shook his head and smiled . His other hand falling over the top of hers. He cupped her hand tightly. "Finnola, I would never cast you away. No matter what happened with my son . I know he is quite capable of ruining something . He has his faults . He needs to understand them. I love him dearly none the less. You are part of this family regardless. You are a resident of my home and you are part of my haphazard family. Follow your heart and know you are always welcome here. I'm going to guess all this trouble is over Glorfindel. " She nodded a bit. " He is pompous and often an asshole. " She blinked hearing such crass language coming from Thranduil. He laughed a bit. " but he is also Loyal, Strong and if you have his love . It's forever He does not betray anyone. You could do so much worse. " He released her hand then.

Finnola sniffled a bit then threw her arm around him and pulled him into a hug. The king gasped then chuckled . He did say she was family and they weren't exactly in public.

"Thank you so much. " She then gasped and released him. " I'm so sorry"

Thranduil was laughing and shaking his head. " it is fine my dear. " He regarding her a moment found himself feeling better than he had in days " You better hurry Finnola, before your heart explodes. "

She rose and started off quickly then stopped and turned to him. " Whatever troubles you about the nights. You should trust her. These are things you know little about but she lives it everyday. Tell Juniper I love her and I will be by in a few days." She hurried off leaving Thranduil stunned. " hmmm sometimes you find answers in the strangest places. "

Finnola wasn't quite running nor jogging but walking very fast and with her long legs she covered the distance rather fast. She was at the ring but Glorfindel and everyone else had already left. She turned to leave and saw a familiar shape pass by in the corridor. She ran for the entrance and looked .

"Glorfindel!" She called and he stopped . When he turned around her heart skipped a beat . Then another. She hurried towards him .

" I was..." She lifted him with relative ease and held him in her arms. His words lost. Her lips pressed against his. Now Glorfindel was not used to just being picked up like a child. That being said for her he would endure and oh it was terrible to feel her so close . Her scent surrounding him and pulling him deeper into that warm safe place he felt when He was close to her. Slowly she lowered him back to the ground. His feet finally feeling it firmly under him.

" Lets explore this." She said as she broke the kiss.

Glorfindel eyed her. Then cocked his head back a bit so he could take as much of her in as he could. " You sure? " He questioned. He always said it had to be her choice.

" I have never been more sure of anything. I want to explore this with you. I do not care who sees us. I do not care what they think. I now know I will not loose my home or my family. "

He now felt his heart skip a beat. That was what was holding her back. Not hurting Legolas it was loosing what she had gotten. Home and family. He couldn't love her more.

" Well then. How does this stepping out work?" He asked and slipped her hand into his and he tugged her along.

She smiles . " This is a good start. " Her hand squeezed his a bit.

" Oh well then I am happy that I am on track. " They continued to meander along the corridor not in any hurry to get anywhere. Just passing lighthearted barbs and jabs at each other and laughing about it.

Thranduil entered his chambers. He could hear the sounds of his wife and child . He was pulling his robes off when he heard the sounds of raspberries being blown on flesh. He placed his robe over his arm and walked along the corridor . He stopping in the door way of their bedroom . His wife bouncing Orist on the bed then stopping to blow on his bare belly . The baby erupts into laughter.

"What is going on in here? It sounds like something I really need to be in the middle of. " He said in a light hearted manner.

Juniper looked to him and smiled widely . Laughter still on her lips. Orist wiggled around to look to Thranduil. His face alight with a smile and his joy . He reached a chubby little hand out to him and squealed " ADA."

Thranduil dropped his robe and just stared at his child then looked to his wife.

" He started saying it today. " Her attention turned to the baby. " Isn't that right my little ellon. " She ticked him and he squirmed and burst into laughter again.

Thranduil walked to them and lay behind his wife and started to play with the baby and tell him just how proud he was of his extremely intelligent ion. The one that would surpass the most brilliant minds . He would be Elrond's better. Juniper laughing with them. Thranduil leaned back a bit and just looked at her. Knowing she carried his child in those moments . Knowing she was his. She had already brought a child into his life one he adored His ai edan his Orist.

As much as he wanted to shelter her from anything remotely harmful. Finnola was right. He pressed his lips to her bare shoulder and ran his hand down her back between her wings.

"From now on I will trust your judgement on your dreams and when you dream. Unless you are in no condition to do so. "

She looked to him and leaned her lips in against his . "Thank you Melamin." She whispered against his lips. "Tonight though. I think we might be too busy to sleep much and when I do I am fine with it being dreamless. "

Thranduil's brows quirked up. " Well then lets enjoy ourselves as much as we can until then. " His attention back on Orist who was now repeated the word Ada over and over.

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