The Fairy of Middle Earth

BY : HarleyQ
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They had rode hard for weeks. Only stopping a few hours a day for the horse to graze and to allow Juniper to stretch out and rest . She had been in Elthians pouch hidden away most of the time. She was wrapped in a blanket her small head resting on Elthians thigh. For such a small thing her endurance impressed Elthian. He knew it could not be easy traveling like she was.

Shortly after they had started their journey on the horse given to them by King Brand they had stopped to rest one day and This awe-inspiring horse approached them . He was a beautiful grey Stallion. Elthian knew it was no normal horse . It was a Meara and he had come to see the Fae. She spoke to him as if they had known each other all their lives and He agreed to bear them the rest of the journey. Elthian had spoken to the horse King Brand had given them and He headed back to Dale. So now they rode day and night. She had called the horse Loratha and Elthian was both grateful and in awe of the beast.

He looked down to the Pixie. His Queen . His hand caressed her golden hair softly. The week of the full moon was at hand and He hoped there would be no need to follow His Kings command. As he looked at her sleeping He thought of His kings words. ' The week of the full moon she may become quite needful. To deny her would cause her great suffering. She may even refuse your attentions. Don't let her . It will only cause her to be in agony. I would be far more angry to know she suffers than for her to know your touch.' His command was one the fair haired elf struggled with.

Loratha Was returning now . Finished with his grazing . Elthian gently nudged her . " My Lady it is time to go." His words soft and she protests.

" Just a bit longer please. " She trembled a bit and drew herself into a tighter ball her cheek nuzzling against his thigh.

" If we go now there is a good chance tonight we could sleep in an Inn. There is a small settlement a few hours away. You could even have a bath ."

She groans softly then pushed herself up . Only to crawl into his lap with her blanket . Her flesh chilled. She did not seem to feel well." You are so warm Elthian. Hold me for a bit . Let me warm up."

He draped the blanket over himself as well and cradled her in his arms. It was hard not to be attracted to her. It was hard not to have feelings towards her. When she was close like this he experienced her emotions. He knew everything she felt . She too felt for him as well.

" I promise it will not be too long My Lady . Lets get going . " She sighs and wiggles against him .

" Very well " The slight weight she had against him now turned to nothing. He lifting the blanket away would see her curled against his thigh in her small form . The dress she had worn falling from her to the ground.

" wouldn't it be wonderful if their were dresses that would shrink with you." He said.

She laughed a bit as she rose up to stretch . She was not embarrassed by her nudity and having seen her like this a few times now he was no longer ashamed to look at her.

" Indeed but until someone comes up with an enchantment for that I am afraid you will just have to see me naked. Does it bother you now?" She asked as He folded the blanket .

" Not anymore. Not that I would use the word bothered. How could anyone be bothered by you naked or otherwise. You are stunning. "

she smiles gently and starts to climb into the pouch he wore by a strap across his body. " Thank You for thinking so Elthian . "

He also folded her dress. Both things tucked under his arm as he rose and walked to Loratha He tucked the dress and blanket into a saddle bag. He gave Loratha a pat on the neck and thanked him for bearing them on once more before pulling himself up into the saddle. Tucking himself down The meara took off fast hitting his stride at full gallop far faster than a normal horse.

The sun was down. Just a slight glow from it left in the horizon when they reached the settlement . His true identity hidden by the cowl of his cloak. He boards Loratha in a modest stable . They would feed and water him . He spoke to the meara before leaving him " have a good night my friend. " He passed a few coins to the stable boy . Far more than the fare . " Get yourself a good meal tonight as well lad. " He said. The boy thanking him " I will take very good care of your horse. He will get the best grain we have. " Elthian nodded to the boy then heads towards the inn.

The settlement was popular with all sorts of travelers. Mostly merchant caravans . The inn was fairly busy and the price for a room with a meal and a bath was a little on the higher side but it was worth it so the Queen could relax. He looked around. It was a standard inn. The walls painted white. The tabled simple but well made. The bench was a little wobbly. One leg shorter than the other. It was warm inside. A large fireplace was a blaze with a fire.

The meal he was given was a bowl of stew with bread and cheese . He ate the stew in the dining hall but took the bread and cheese with him . No one really paid him any attention. He was just another traveler .

Leaving the dining hall he climbs the stairs and heads to his room . A maiden was just stepping out from it . Bucket handles in each of her hands. " Your bath is full Sir." She said brightly.

" Oh " He reached into the money pouch and hands her a few coins. " Thank You " He said with a smile . She looking at the coins in her hand then back to him . He was generous to her .

" Oh No Sir thank You . If you need anything else please let me know . My names Nessa. " She turned to leave and He stopped her.

" Nessa could you maybe bring me a bite of breakfast in the morning. A little before sun up . With some fruit if you have any . I will put more coins in your hand. "

She would brighten up even more with her wide smile. " Yes Sir I'm happy to . " She was a young woman . Probably the inn keepers daughter. Her long dark hair fell in waves against her back and swayed as she practically bounced away.

Entering the room and closing the door behind him he slides the heavy lock into place . The room was rather plain . It did have a comfortable looking bed and a small table and chair . A warm fire burned in the fire place . He placed the bread and cheese on the table before dropping his pack on the bed and finally he opens the pouch . She did not immediately crawl out . He opened it wider and peeks inside.

She was curled in a ball and looking a bit uncomfortable . Gently He reachs in and scoops her into his palm. " Are you well My lady ?" He asked and lifted her up so he could get a closer look .

" yes i'm just really sore. " she said

" Ah well I have the remedy right over here . " The bath was in a corner of the room . It was a large wooden tub filled with steaming water . A cloth and some soap sat beside it on stool and a towel hung from a peg on the wall. Placing her down on the edge of the tub in a moment she was her bigger self and sliding down into the steamy water.

He walks away as he spoke. " There is some bread and cheese for you as well. " His back to her . He was pulling off his cloak . " I think I will get in there when you are done . " When he turned to sit down on the bed and remove his boots he saw her . Her head hanging forward Her arms wrapped around her small frame. She was shaking .

" My Lady?" He rising would pass the only window in the room and through the slightly parted curtains he saw it . An almost completely full moon. He stopping to stare at it then slowly looking to her again . He inhales deeply and exhaled slowly . " My Lady how long have you been suffering in silence ? " She acted like she didn't know what he meant

" Really I am fine Elthian." Her voice had a little tremble to it.

" Do not lie to me my Lady. The King told me about the week of the full moon. He told me what may happen and that I would be severely punished if I were to let you suffer. " He would walk slowly towards the tub .

She beginning to hold herself tighter and rock gently back and forth. " There is no need for you to worry ." Again she lied He stood next to the tub and looked down on her . The closer he got the more he could feel it . The need and the pain. Lifting the cloth and the soap from the stool he sat down . His hands dripping the soap and cloth into the warm water. He would lather up the cloth .

" You do know when I am this close I feel it too. "

She shook her head . " There is no need to worry. " she said almost in tears. He gently began to bathe her.

" The King will be upset if I do not try to alleviate your pain Juniper. " He called her by her name now. " she too could feel his emotions when he was this close. She could feel his apprehension and His fear and mixed into all that His own growing lust caused by her .

" Thranduil will not love me anymore if you touch me. "

He chuckled a bit as he drew the cloth over her shoulders . He gathers her hair and lay it over one of them. " If that was the case he would not have commanded me to ease your pain."

He drug the cloth lower down over her chest and she pulled away and pressed to the other side of the tub . Her back to him . Her wings draw in tight against her. Suds running down between them.

" He also told me that if you refuse I was to ignore that. You not being in pain was more important that your protests". He removed his boots then rose and slide his pants down then off . His shirt following . He stepped into the tub and lowered down behind her . His arms gently pulling her back so her bottom would slide over his thighs and he could embrace her.

" I'm scared " She confessed. " No other man has touched me. Only Thranduil. "

He had a suspicion about that and smiled softly as his fingers curled against her chin. He pulling her face up so she could look at him. " Do you think me a brutal elf?"

Her lavender gaze falling on to his more icy gaze. His eyes so much like Thranduil's. His hair long and light blonde not quite as silvery as Thranduil's. He was muscular. Perhaps more so than the King. shook her head . " No You are not brutal." He leans in and presses his lips gently against hers.

Thranduil was pacing his chambers. The moon was effecting him . He so bonded to her he felt her need and discomfort even from so far away. It was making him become lust filled and even angry. He tried to fight the urges he was having but when he began to feel her pleasure he was at his breaking point.

Knowing she was in Elthian's arms in the moment when she should be in his. He would leave his chambers via the secret tunnels . Heading to his destination with cruel intensions. He found himself standing outside Sentillia's door. He lifts his hand to knock but doesn't . Then his body trembles as he knows hers is in that moment and his knuckle meets the surface of the door.

She would be the one to answer . Wearing her house dress . Silken and sheer. He could see the curve of her breast and the fact her nipples were hard . She blinked in surprise and even grinned wickedly . She stepped back to allow him entry and as soon as the door closed behind him He was on her . His lips pressing to her neck . His teeth grazing her flesh. His hands mauling at her breast .

She was pushed against the wall roughly. Her moans lifting loud the more he bit at her skin. His hands sliding down her sleek body fingers drawing her house dress up over her thighs .

" Do not get used to this Sentillia " Her eyes opened to just slits . Her arms around him

" Of course not My King . " The words dripped from her lush lips like honey . He grinds himself lewdly against her . " and please do not be gentle " He growls at this and drew one of her long sleek legs up and trap it behind the knee with his arm. " be careful what you ask for ."He hissed

Juniper was straddling Elthain in the warmth of the tub. With each kiss to her lips they tasted sweeter than the last. Her scent even when her flesh was wet reminded him of the forest . That earthy smell mixed with the sweetest wild flowers. He rose from the water . She held in his arms her slender legs wrapped around him. Carefully he left the tub and lay her upon the bed.

Looking down on her . She squirming on the sheets. Her body glistening with droplets of water." You are a marvel to look at" . His hands exploring her flesh. Finding the places that made her whimper. He had to force himself to take his time . To not rush it . To not just devour her . He kisses her tenderly . His mind a buzz with fact this would otherwise be taboo. He a guard about to have his way with his Queen with his King blessing. These thoughts manifesting in the hard flesh of his manhood that now throbbed and ached to have her.

It was torture to hold back and when he finally became one with her. it was sweet agony to slowly enjoy every second of it. To hear her moans softly against his ear . To feel her sweet breath on his flesh. His hands taking hers . His large fingers meshing with her small soft digits. Her body unwilling to allow him to hold back his release . Her hips lifting to meet his . Edging him closer and closer . Even when he tried to stop she didn't and when they shared the euphoria of that sweet release he held her close . Her breathing ragged and fast . He feeling her emotions of the moment . Guilt was not one of them .

Sentillia lay on her belly . Her thighs lewdly parted . The evidence of their lust shimmering upon them . He was dressing and could barely even look at her . There was no tenderness there. No sweet caresses and gentle kisses like he would have with his Queen. No he had just used her for his own need nothing more.

" You could stay . The night does not need to be over just yet My Lord." She purred and rolls to her side watching him dress.

" I have no need to stay Sentillia . Your services will not be needed again tonight. " That had been a bit cold . He knew it . He spoke to her as if she were a whore. She looked hurt as well . Despite what had just happened Juniper would be upset with him for being like that and he knew Sentillia was no whore. What she did was vital to the health of his people. It was his selfish need that had put her into the situation of being his concubine.

He sighs and sat on the bed . His hands running through his hair . " I am sorry for that. You do not deserve to be treated that way." Sentillia was not a cold woman . She in fact understood more than he realized. She got to her knees and wrapped her arms around him as she pressed to his back.

" I am not fooling myself into thinking You love Me Thranduil. I had hoped at one time you would but I know better. I know you love her. I know she is away and this situation is stressful. I want you to come to me if you need me. I am happy to help you. I know that is all this is. "

He turned and pushed her back . His body laying along side her . He pulls her close and he held her and wished it was Juniper. She also knew that's who he was thinking of.

" My fea craves for her. " He said in a whisper.

Sentillia comforted him with soft caresses. " I know . " she said softly . " someday I hope you will introduce us Thranduil. It would be an honor to have the chance to be her friend. Though I doubt you would do that."

The conversation was actually calming him . " I would and I will when she returns. She will know what has happened here . I feel she will be thankful that I had someone to help me through a dark time."

Sentillia laughed softly " I will hold you to it Thranduil. "

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