The Fairy of Middle Earth

BY : HarleyQ
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The move had taken place much to her displeasure. She was lying on a pile of cushions before a warm fire in a fire place. He of course had been right. It was warmer in the lower chambers and she was far more comfortable .

While he did not require the fire to be comfortable he had one built in the fire place for her and she was enjoying its warm glow . A thick soft blanket over her small frame. He stood there silently watching her. Her anger had subsided and for that he was glad.

" If you are sleepy My Love why not come to bed ? "

She rolls to her belly and look up to him . A coy grin curled on her lips as she regarded her handsome husband . He standing there in nothing more than loose fitting pants .

" Perhaps its not sleep I am seeking. "

This made him grin a bit wickedly as he began to approach her. The moon was full and He had begun to notice how on the week of the full moon she became a bit more aggressive and even needy when it came to being intimate. When forced to wait or denied she would begin to grow uncomfortable and even painful. He never denied her His attentions .

"Is that so My love ?" he replied with a grin.

He knelt down on the cushions and lifted the blanket to discover she wasn't wearing a thing under it. He joins her under the blanket and crawls over her . His chest to her back as his lips found her shoulder. Then kissed along it slowly. He sat back and swept her hair over one of her shoulders . Looking down on her back . Her wings tucked in nicely against her flesh . His fingers would whisper a touch between them down down lower to the small over her back and over the top of her perky bottom.

" What are you doing?" She asks and tries to peek over her shoulder at him .

His hands no longer on her for several moments. He leaning forward again . His hands pressing to the cushions beside her His lips finding hers as she turned her head . It was then she found the reason he had stopped touching her . It was heavy and hard against her bottom .

" don't move " He commanded which made her grin .

He was up to something . Pulling back, his hands caressed over her ribs to her hips. The easily encircled them pulling her slightly up on her knees . Her eyes widen feeling that part of him slide between her thighs and press against her moist center.

This was different . His length would run along the moist pink slit. Teasing her small clit until it swells and her lips part with soft moans.

His voice down in her ear whispering. " Just relax and trust me. "

Soon she was gasping and moaning her head falling to the pillows. Her bottom lifted in the air. He would slid into her tight sex slowly. Inching his way inside and loving how her walls stretched around him . The head of his thick cock pressing against her inner barrier . Reaching his limit she whimpering and squirming. He stills and just lets her feel herself filled .

He would push her forward . Forcing her over the pillows Her body supported by them . Her head against the rug . Her back arched in such a way that she was offered up to him. His hand would slowly slide down between her wings and to the small of her back. Her tiny perky bottom squirmed. Pulling himself a few inches free his flesh glistening with the lusty juice's of her need his fingers slide down over her bottom to sink between her folds .

She whimpers and tenses. His thick fingers finding the button to tease it as he slides back deep filling her again. Slowly taking her like this . Watching that tight flesh pull back and slide slowly down his shaft and back in place . Her body grips him and tries to keep him inside.

Eventually his fingers slide from her . He brings them to him lips to taste her . She as sweet as honey . His hands wraping around her hips . Pulling her back as he pushed forward . Her moans turning to cries .

The pleasure he would give her made her toes curl . His own moans melding with hers and filling the room with their song and after her 3rd climax she collapdes on her belly. He growling in his own pleasure filling her body with thick ropes of cum. It begins to squish out from around his flesh and drip down her small slit.

He lowers down over her his shoulders shaking with each deep breath. Eventually rolling to lay beside her and pulling the thick blanket over them. He held her against him and caresses her flesh softly until her breathing calmed and she was more herself. They had begun to relax and even drift off to sleep when there was a loud knock at the chambers main door.

In the next moment Galion would appear and and he winced visibly see what he had interrupted.

" This better be really important Galion." Thranduil said . His torso lifted as he propped himself up on his elbows.

" My Lord please forgive the intrusion. " His voice held an urgency to it . " There has been an attack on one of the villages. The refugees are arriving at the gates now. "

Thranduil was up instantly . He cared not if Galion saw him in all his glory . She would rise too and wrap the blanket around herself.

" Ill be dressed in a moment and meet you at the gate. " Thranduil told Galion.

She was saying nothing as she hurried off the bed room . When Thranduil entered the room he would see her putting on a house dress and her slippers . A warm robe pulled over that . " I am going with you. "

He blinked " No you should stay here where its safe. "

She straightened her back and turned to face him . The look on her face was determined and her eyes were ablaze. " These are now my people . Am I not their Queen ? Should I not pitch in and help or just lay in my soft bed while they suffer? "

He was looking at a true Queen. His heart began to beat a bit faster beholding this fiery exotic and Majestic creature that was his wife. " Of course not My Queen " She nodded her head and he began to get dressed.

As they reached the gates there was a swelling of people in all states . Some hurt terribly , others with minor issues. All looked terrified.

Tauriel and Ninnel stayed near her as Thranduil was getting reports from his men.

Juniper noticed a group of children crying and screaming with no adults caring for them. " Come on you two lets take care of the children without adults. "

She made for them her demeanor radiating kindness and gentle caring as she approached the poor frightened elflings. Crouching down for the smallest ones and taking them into her arms and whispering words of calm to them.

Ninnel asking the older ones questions. Tauriel comforts a pair of crying boys. " Ninnel Lets find a place where we can tend the children who are separated from their families they shouldn't be here in all this . They have seen enough for tonight." Juniper spoke softly so not to frighten any of the children.

Ninnel hurried off and Juniper rose with a child barely old enough to walk in her arms. Looking around she could see more children wandering around screaming for their parents.

"Tauriel please go gather those children and bring them here . " She pointed to the ones crying and wandering lost. Tauriel would go and Juniper turns to the older children . " Alright now I know you are all scared and lost but You are now with the Queen of the realm. You can not get any more safe and we will begin looking for your families soon but I need you all to Listen to us and be on your best behavior . "

Tauriel returns with 3 more children in tow.

Ninnel also returned and with help . Shisha and some of the house servants. They ushered the children off . Thranduil could see what His Queen was doing. She taking control where the children were concerned .

" Thranduil "she called out to him still holding the small elfling in her arms. " Please have any unaccompanied children taken to the Royal Guest Hall . We are using the rooms there ."

He smiled proudly and nodded to her then looked at the men around him seeking orders. " You heard the Queen any unaccompanied children go to the royal guest hall. "

The team of women would check each child over and tend to their wounds if they had them. Older children they would enlist . Giving them jobs . It made them feel useful and kept them busy. The Queen showers them each with praise for their work and commits each child's name to her memory.

Ninnel didn't know if it was Junipers diminutive size or her calming aura maybe it was both but the children wanted to flock to her. More children were brought and the women would check them all over . Juniper eventually finding herself sitting surrounded by small children and telling them stories she would make up off the cuff. Soon they had 22 children in total under their care.

The night continued and some children would be claimed by their families and leave the room . She smiling to each one and telling them how brave they had been . The smaller children succumbing to exhaustion. They wanted to stay near the Queen and she let them . Each was covered in soft blankets and their heads lain on soft pillows. Older children still scared and restless, she would continue to weave her stories for them until they too would grow sleepy .

By the time Thranduil was able to go check on her the darkness was turning to inky blue . The sun beginning to rise. He looked into the room she was in . There she was propped up against the wall . Her head to the side . Her eyes closed . She was surrounded by sleeping children . A tiny elfling in her arms. She looked so natural like this. His beautiful Wife surrounded by children.

Tauriel was the one to Approach him. " She just fell asleep with them all. They would not been half as calm without her." She said with a smile. " The Queen you have chosen My Lord is strong and kind . She is a good choice. "

He smiles to himself " I know " He then motions Tauriel to the hall so he can update her and have the news passed to the Queen when she awakens.

" We are going to evacuate all the remaining villages to here. Of the 10 warriors that were guarding the village only 6 made it back. They say they were battling Orcs and something else . They did not know what it was. "

Tauriels brows crease. " More mutants?" She said lowly .

" So it would seem " He responded. Tauriel gave him a grave look . " Until we know more and this threat is destroyed You need to stay with the Queen as if you are glued to her. She will need trips to the garden but these should be limited. Elthian should go as well and a few more guards near by.

" Tauriel nodded " Of Course My Lord. "

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