The Fairy of Middle Earth

BY : HarleyQ
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"Celebrimbor?" She asked as they began to walk again. This whole revelation was astonishing.

"He was the best Elven Blacksmith. Gimli talked about him like he was good elf but maintained the dwarves were better at it."

Glorfindel chuckles." That sounds like Gimli. Da-xia was an amazing Giantess. I have to admit that I wish had been able to continue my friendship with her but distance grew. Wars happened. Then I heard about Finnola of Rohan. I wanted to know more about this giant. There were no records of Da-xia or the northern giants in Elrond's records. But I did find records in that mess that is Isengard. Da-xia had a daughter. Her name was Wem-gi. Later named Willow of the northern giants. Willow was married to a mortal man. Giants you see have very long natural life spans. Da-xia lived to be over 500. Willow lived over 300 years. The loss of her mate cut her life short. Willow's daughter Waerrid remained with the humans and had a daughter named Héohild who married Eóere..." Finnola gasps." AND Eóere and Héohild had a daughter named Finnola." He finished.

Finnola felt her hand going to her lips. Her heart was beating fast. " You tracked down my line? "

Glorfindel nodded gently. " There is more. "

He released her hand finally from his grip but it lay softly against his palm. His eyes roaming slowly up her arm. Drifting over each swell and dip of the muscles. " Eóere's Great, Great , GrandDa was the Giant Baldwulf. Finnola there is indeed Giants on both sides of your family. You being the direct descendant of Queen Da-Xia. "

His eyes had traveled slowly up over her shoulder and to the curve of her jaw. Then finally his eyes met hers. " You are a Goddess. "

He lowered her hand now . Giving it back to herself. He turned and began to walk . She walked beside him.

" I do not know what to say. " She admitted. " Thank you seems so unworthy of such knowledge."

He just strolled along with a grin on her lips. " I don't even need that. I made you smile and made you're heart race by just holding your hand and talking. That is all I wanted."

The sound of falling water was getting more prominent in the corridor. The air was getting humid. He stepped to the side suddenly and motioned her ahead. As she stepped forward she would see the falls . The water like flowing glass. There were no more words. The water fell from overhead and down over an out crop. She pressed against the damp wall and just watched it. The sun hitting it from the front and shining through. It was breathtakingly beautiful.

He waited in the shadow of the corridor. Watching her just be amazed. The spray from the falls collecting on her tanned flesh. Making her shimmer as well. He wore a serene expression but inside. The turmoil within was so much more barbaric. His fea thrashing around and clawing at his flesh. Needing to be whole again.

She did not move until the sun changed position and it's light no longer shone through the curtain of crystal clear water. Pushing from the wall Her stride carried her closer. He wanted to just grab her and pull her to him. Pin her to the wall and kiss her. He imagined such a thing in detail as if it were real and happening in that very moment. Instead he forced his hands to remain down at his sides. That smile . Valar that smile made his heart break. It was for him .

" Ok so there is more to you than just the blood stained killer on the battlefield. There is a depth to you I did not expect. Thank you for showing me . " She spoke in a soft low tone.

He just closed his eyes and leaned back against the wall. Her scent filled his body and surrounded him. " Your welcome Finnola. " His spoke as his blue eyes opened. The pupils rather large making then seem other worldly.

"Shall we go. We don't want poor Legolas worrying . Do we My Goddess?"

She sighed and walked past him heading back the way they came. " It's this way right? Unless this time we go the opposite way back too? "

He laughed . His fae thankfully calming down . " No its this way . I promise to not call you my Goddess in front of anyone. We wouldn't want impropriety to be an issue. " He almost sounded bitter. Yet that would not be his way. Would it?

Juniper sat on the bed. Her back against pillows . Orist beside her and turned so she could see his face. She was not feeling well. Not mentally anyway. The idea of the sun made her skin crawl at the moment. She sought darker places and the light in the bedroom was just enough to not annoy her but enough to keep an eye on her son. " I do not care what Your Adar thinks gwinig nin.(my little one) You are going to have a sibling. You will be beleg hanar'(big brother) " There she told someone. She figured the secret would be safe with Orist at least.

Celeborn came in to check on her. He did this at least once a day sometimes more. This was his second visit today. " Will you not sit in the sun today?"

She shook her head and drew her knees up. " I am always a little off when the new moon comes and there is no moon light. It makes everything so bland."

This was no lie but truth was everything was a bit bland lately. Her desire to roam and explore was gone.

Celeborn could see the lack of light in her. " You do know. You have options fael ress.(sweet cousin) You can simply walk out this door and into the light you need. You know you will feel better if you do it. "

She started to get angry. Sliding out of the bed and away from Orist. She went right up to Celeborn . He towering over her but she did not care. Her foot drawn back she kicked him right in the shin. Her toes curled back. The hard ball of her foot meeting bone.

"ayeee han naeg! (that was painful)" He said a bit loudly and stepped back.

" You think that if it was that easy right now I wouldn't be basking in the sun? The very idea of it makes my skin crawl and ache. I do not know why. I hate feeling like this. " Her anger was quickly turning to tears.

"Fael ress." He spoke softly and walked over to scoop of the baby . "All you have to do is follow the baby. " The walked into the corridor. She took a step then another. " There you go. See Orist your naneth is coming too. She knows you need light as well. " She sighed deeply and nodded her head. " See fael ress there is no need to kick me. Just tell me what the issue is and I will help you."

"Sorry about that. I'm a little off . Like I said." She made an excuse, but it was no lie. The warm sun caressed her flesh. She gasps as it engulfs her. Her flesh turning golden from an unflattering pallor. Her wings even grew and stretched out .

Celeborn had never seen her like this. He cradled the baby against him and smiled seeing Juniper really for the first time. "íd bain. (so beautiful)" His words just barely a whisper.

She blushed a bit then smiled softly. She lowering down to sit on the cushions. Her arms stretched out to take her baby. Celeborn found himself sitting as well and passing the sleeping child to her. He was growing so fast he was getting to be a little awkward for her to handle standing.

When Thranduil came into his chambers he stopped and watched his cousin making peace with his beloved wife. Walking out into the courtyard he spoke up. " What is this. My family enjoying the sun? Good thing I'm taking a break at the right moment. " He lowered down beside Juniper and lay his head against her thigh .

" Oh look the feet of ion nin." He laughed and tucked them back into the blanket. " Legolas and Finnola are in Rivendell. The army has been decimated and it appears Elrond will be leaving to come here next week and this arrived from Lorien . " He pulled a folded bit or parchment from within his tunic and passed it to Celeborn.

Celeborn's lips twitched a bit. " Forgive me this is personal ."

Thranduil nodded and turned his attention to his wife and child.

After reading a few words Celeborn spoke up. "Excuse me." Celeborn rose and walked away.

Juniper blinked and shook her head. Her gaze down on Thranduil who was now taking possession of their son. Laying the baby belly down upon his chest.

" Don't worry love It's a love letter from Galadriel. After all this time. They are still deeply in love and being a part is always difficult. "He explained.

She reached out and gently caressed his silvery hair and moved a bit that fell over his cheek. "Is that like us?"

He nodded "mmm hmmm When you were away I was heart broken. I pined for you. "

Her soft hand resting on his cheek. " I went to war so I could be back with you sooner rather than later." she said with a little grin. " Being left behind was not an option . You were my goal ."

The look in his eyes as he lifted them and tilted his head was so warm. " See Melamin we are like that."

Elrond stood at the table . Legolas was reading the messages received. Elladan and Elrohir sat drinking wine and waited for Legolas to finish.

"So Gandalf and Gimli have gone east beyond Galadriel's sight. What are they seeking? " He looked up to the other 3 elves.

Elrohir spoke. " Things so Ancient time has forgotten them and probably complicated and possibly foul."

Elrond shot him a glance that quieted his son. " We do not know but Galadriel assures us that this is a good thing. "

Legolas continued to read the various messages. Reports on easterlings gathering . The killing of more and more mutated things in the east. The one message that made no sense at all. It was coded. He held it up and showed it to Elrond. " and this?"

Elrond smiles a bit. " That one is the reason I am heading to greenwood with you. It appears that Juniper is with child. " Legolas sat straighter.

Elladan and Elrohir snicker a bit. "Leave it to old man Thranduil. huh"

Elrond growled at them but it only made them giggle more the gasp and heave. " Sorry Adar sorry Legolas we will be better ." Elladan waves a hand in the air.

"This is a serious matter. " He scolded them. " Legolas we know nothing about fae . We don't know how long they carry their children. We don't know how they age and grow. Celeborn is there, but he is ill adept to this. I am only slightly better. You , Finnola , Elladan, Glorfindel and Myself will head out in a few days. "

Legolas nodded. " I need to go tell Finnola. She will not be happy. I think she is happy here. "

Elrond sat down then.

As Legolas moved along the pathways and halls . He would finally come to the corridor his rooms were on . Finnola in the passage speaking with Glorfindel. There as something about Glorfindel that was growing even more uneasy within himself. Finnola was simply thanking him for showing her around the city. Glorfindel turned to leave and nearly ran right into Legolas.

" Oy! Hello Legolas. I hope the meetings weren't too boring. I had my share earlier. I guess I will be seeing you both when we depart . Have a good night."

There was nothing off putting to his words or demeanor. Nor was there anything strange in Finnola. " Departing? " She said and Legolas sighs.

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