The Fairy of Middle Earth

BY : HarleyQ
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Several Days had passed and Ninnel watched her charge as she sat in the courtyard garden . The sun seeming to make her glow. The fae was recovering. Though she spoke very little and ate even less. Her sleep was still heavy with terrors. However, she no longer looked like she was ready for death.

The garden had come back to life. Everywhere the little fairy walked would come alive with color once again. Even the high stone walls that opened up into a natural sky light were covered in flowering vines. Purples and pinks mixed with white. The colors were vibrant . The one responsible for the lovely vibrant colors sat there at the fountain in silence . No joy on her face and her eyes stared at the water dully.

It was heartbreaking to watch. Yet she could not fully figure out what was wrong. Her own family was beginning to suffer. Her own children were starting to cry at night for their mother. She must put her foot down on this , for the sake of her family.

The rustling of the layers of her silken dress announced her presence to Thranduil. He sat at his desk in his study . The large double doors open letting light and fresh air inside. He looked up over a document he was reading for a moment then back down to it. " Yes Ninnel?" He said without missing a written word.

She stood there with her head high and her shoulders rolled back . Her hands clasped before her and resting against the flat of the stomach. " My Lord , I will not be here for the next few nights. " those words left her lips and He now stopped reading and arched one of his thick brows.

His tongue clicked against the roof of his mouth before he spoke in a calm tone. " Is that so Ninnel?"

She did not shrink away nor change her stance. In all the centuries she had served his house she had never made a demand but now she must. " My family needs me My Lord. I have not been home at night in weeks. My own children suffer . Not to mention my poor husband..."

She was cut off suddenly by him. Now his words were coming out more agitated. " Does your husband not serve me as well? Are your children not my subjects? "

Ninnel was a smart Elleth and she also knew how to handle Thranduil. She smiled gently and let him continue . " You are needed here and your family will sacrifice but be rewarded greatly for it. "

Now it was her turn to verbally spar with her King. " indeed My Lord My husband does serve you in the defense of the fortress . So does my eldest son . My eldest daughter works in your kitchens and I have 2 wee ones at home that need their naneth to take care of them, so they may grow into fine strong subjects to serve you as well. " Her words were like a gut punch but he appeared unmoved. " When your son was a baby it was My breast he suckled and I was there for him like a Naneth from his first words and steps until he came of age. in all the time I have served your house I have never made demands upon You My King. I have never asked for anything but now I'm telling you respectfully. I need to be home more and that will be starting tonight."

His jaw set like stone and she could tell he was seething under his cold exterior. " I have grown fond of Juniper. Watching her lament the days breaks my heart. I am doing all I can for her My Lord but she needs more. She needs something I can not give. You need to figure out what that is but I suspect that its... " She was cut off by the slamming of his fist against the hard surface of the desk.

" That is quite enough Ninnel." The words started off shaking in anger but he was able to control himself as He continued. " Your services at night will no longer be required. Take care of your family." He stared at her .

His eyes bore deep into her fea. It sent a shiver up her spine . " Thank You My Lord I will return in the morning. " she excused herself then , leaving him with his thoughts.

Of course she was correct. He knew it. He had been demanding more of her than he reasonably should. He rose from his desk and walked to the door. His shoulder pressed against the frame and his arms crossed of his broad chest . He looked out into the courtyard garden. The fae sitting there . Motionless like stone. She had gotten better since moving to the upper chambers but she still seemed so sad so desperate for something. He had avoided her in the weeks since she had come to stay with him. He didn't know how to handle her. Elves, He knew how to deal with. Even Dwarves and Humans but she was a completely different creature.

Walking slowly towards her. He let his boots make noise against the path. Not wanting to frighten her. She did not move. She did not even react as if she knew he was there. Carefully He would sit on the fountains edge . His hands lay upon his lap. He would just sit there with her for several along minutes. The sun having moved across the sky and its warmth no long raining down on them.

" I know I have been a terrible host to you. " He began as his head tilted a bit looking for any expression on her face and found none . " I want to do better. For me to be able to do that . I need you to talk to me Juniper. There needs to be some trust built between us. "

He slowly moved a hand . Reaching out to her. She didn't move. His hand lowered slowly and rested against her thigh. She was cool to the touch. His hand squeezed slightly at the soft flesh and yet she still didn't move.

" Tonight have your meal with me . Please. Lets begin again. " He felt nothing from her . In the past when He touched her he could feel her emotions whether he wished to or not but now there was nothing.

He sighs and withdraws his touch and rose . " please Juniper meet me half way. " He turned and moved away. Her eyes shifted watching him from the corners. Their attention drawn to how his silver hair swayed against his back . Her lips trembled a bit before she whispered softly to herself. " I will." Hannibal had told her she needed to teach them and she needed to learn from them. This was the first time He had really shown her any interest. It stirred something within her that she could not explain.

Her small hands lifted and she looked at them. Turning them over to look at her palms. The offer was there and she just need grasp it . What she had been doing since coming here was not living. It was existing. She needed to move past her hurt of her perceived abandonment and embrace her new life. this meal may be the most important one she would ever eat.

She looked off towards the way he had moved. In the gentle light of a desk lamp he shown sitting at his desk. The natural light in the room having dimmed with the moving of the sun. Quill in hand he was working on something. She did not understand what or why he was so busy.

She found looking at him easy. She found she wanted to look at him. Though perhaps doing so, so much would be frowned upon. He was important. That much she understood and she was just a speck of a thing to him. He wanted to know her. He wanted to spend time with her. The idea of an important being wanting time with her was not lost on her. This meant something and she began to feel a smile come to her lips.

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