The Fairy of Middle Earth

BY : HarleyQ
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She had been sleeping well at night. The dreamless sleep was working. Juniper started to be more like herself. The move to the lower chambers had taken place and this time she was perfectly willing to make the move. Though daily she still returned to the garden for sunlight and fresh air.

On one such occasion she had Orist just lifted from her arms and taken for his feeding and nap. she lay on the cushions and the sun soak in. Her hand rubs over her belly just the slightest swell beginning to show. She felt a moment of joy and contentment. Her eyes closed and she was soon asleep in the warm sun.

She awakens to find the garden long dark and cold. "How long was I asleep?" She grumbled and was annoyed that no one had come to wake her. She rose from the cushions and made for the corridor. " Ninnel? Thranduil?" She called and it was silent.

" Galion? Elthian?" There was no answer. " Tauriel? " Something was very wrong. That's when she started to pay attention to her surroundings. The garden was dead and dry. The stones dirty . " She was dreaming. Then she felt it . That darkness coming closer to her. The cold whisper of touch against her flesh. This time though . She was finding courage. Though she did not know where it was coming from. She stood there defiant and refusing to run.

The tendrils of mist started to reach her feet. Her hands balled into fists as she glared at it. This time it did not touch her . The mass would pause several feet from her. Constantly shifting in shape and solidity.

"Well. Will you just stand there or will you speak to me this time? I'm listening . Speak." She demanded . Then gasped a little. Shocked to hear the words pouring from her lips.

"Well haven't you grown a backbone." It finally said. "but that's not you is it Juniper." The mist drew put close in a heartbeat. Just inches from her then. Still it did not touch her. She could see those eyes looking at the yellowing bruises then into her eyes.

"You still have no memory. Wow that was a really good spell they used wasn't it. " The mist encircled her but did not touch her. Trapping her for the moment . "Just know you are my goal Juniper but that which is inside you must be dealt with. It's a terrible thing they did . They stole your future. "

She looked wide eyed and her hands press against her belly and a look of sheer rage began to fill her eyes.

" Oh no not the baby love. I would never harm your child or you but that bitch inside of you needs know her place. Come on out Rowena come out and play with me. " The mist taunted.

Juniper narrowed her eyes and just started to walk. She needed to test something. The mist moved with her. Maintaining just enough distance for her not to be touched. " I don't know who Rowena is and I don't think she wants to play with you anyway. If you are going to attack me then lets do this . "

Those eyes widened . The look within them was of shock and pain. The voice was measured and calm when it spoke. " Stop them from putting you in the dreamless sleep. Talk to me . Get to know me and remember me. Then you will see who your enemy really is and you might not think so ill of me in the end. "

This was an invitation . This thing always shrouded in darkness wants her to know it. She grinned a bit . "Alright but you will not attack me . You will not put bruises on me again. "

The mist seemed to straighten out tall then bow a bit. " You have my word Juniper I will not attack you again. Though I never did attack you. I apologize for the marks. "

Nodding now she looked around. "Send me back . " She chimed in . The eyes looked at her.

" So soon? We were just getting started. "

Sighing softly. " I'm not even supposed to be asleep right now. if you want me to get to know you. You will have to do this on my terms . Send me back and wait for me to sleep again." She woke up with a gasp. She pushed up quickly and looked around. The sun was still up . It was warm and she could hear Ninnel in the office. She needed to speak to Thranduil and Celeborn.

The journey would be over soon and Finnola could not wait. She could have stayed on Rohan but that was not what she wanted at all. So she continued to ride with the Elves. Legolas avoided her and Glorfindel. In fact she had not seen him but twice in the days that passed. Which was fine with her. She just wanted to get to the fortress and see Juniper and Tauriel at this rate. Glorfindel however had not been avoiding Finnola . He had hung by her daily. Their interactions were only friendly. They slept separately but ate meals together and spent hours just talking by the fire. She even got into card playing with him.

They had stopped early one day. There was a creek near by and Finnola had it in her mind to go fishing. It would keep her busy and she could have something a little better than travel rations for dinner. In her gear was a small fishing kit. She fashioned herself a pole out of a sturdy stick. Bait was dug up in the forest soil. A small box held her worms. Just before heading off Glorfindel sauntered over and invited himself along. Which she was happy for the company.

" I have never fished with a pole before. " He said." We used nets at the grey havens. Then the time for pursuits of anything remotely a hobby became too hard to find. "

She walked along . Ducking under branches and moving into the open as much as she could.

"That's a shame. There is something relaxing about fishing for me. " She said.

Coming out of the tree line they stood on the bank of a slowly flowing creek. A pool had formed where some larger rocks blocked the flow and a small cascade washed over them. That's where she choose to put her line out . Glorfindel curled his nose at the sight of her smooshing a worm onto her hook.

" The elf that slaughtered orcs and trolls with me gets squeamish at a worm on a hook." She laughed and sat down . "

Glorfindel followed suit. "Do not judge me only by my prowess on the battlefield my Goddess. " He grinned " Have I not already proven to you that I am a bit more than a sword with a body swinging it?"

Finnola rolled her eyes but couldn't help but smile. She leaning in closer to him, she handed the pole over to him. " Alright, take it go on . You will learn a new skill today."

Glorfindel took the pole into his grip. With her arm slightly pressed against him. He feeling the weight of her arm and the warmth of her flesh and just grinned like a fool.

" Now you see the cork tied to the line?" Glorfindel nods. "When a fish is showing interest the cork with bob. It might even disappear. When you see that pull back on the pole. You have to set the hook . " Her head turned towards him and she smiled . "With luck and a bit of skill we will not be eating travel food. " He turned to look at her. His face lifting and his lips lightly finding hers.

Oh how she liked this. These small moments when they are alone and out of the view of everyone else. Stolen kisses . Secret affections. Nothing truly scandalous. Just sweet kisses and time spent really getting to know each other. Something that had not happened so much with Legolas. The cork began to bob up and down but they were too lost in the kiss to notice.

"Absolutely not!" Thranduil slammed his fist into the desk so hard nearly everything either fell off it or turned over. " Juniper do you not see how dangerous that is ? You still bear the marks he put on you. "

She looked over her bruised arms. " They are nearly gone and I do not think he meant to hurt me. He just can not touch me when we are there. "

Thranduil just stared at her defending this monster. He then stood and came from around the desk and crouched down . He held up her arm the one with the scars on it . The one with the venomous bite marks from the mutant grindylow. " and these marks Melamin? " He said softly to her.

She looked at those scars and she stiffens a bit . Celeborn watching it all . Stood behind the desk with his fingers pressing to his lips. Thranduil releases her arm and she pressed her hands to his cheeks. Her eyes looking deeply into his . She could get lost in those icy depths so easily and he could just lay for hours in the lavender fields of hers.

" I need to do this Melamin. He is from my past. If I can get my memory back would that not be beneficial? He does not want to hurt me at least until I remember everything. "

Thranduil sighs and takes her hands into his and lowers them down holding them gently. " I can not allow it ." He spoke softly and the look in her eyes turned into disappointment. " Celeborn why don't you speak up now. I can feel it, tell him what you are thinking. " she spoke without ever pulling her eyes from Thranduils. Celeborn slowly moistens his lips with the tip for his tongue. " I think she should be allowed to speak with this ... thing. " Thranduil released her hands and rose . The look he gave his cousin told him he better tread very lightly. " seere selen, (peace cousin. ) Just hear me out ." He had raised a hand with his palm out and now slowly lowered. " Give her the chance to speak with it at least once. If she returns unharmed let her go again. If any harm befalls her then simply put an end to it. On the nights she is allowed to dream we will keep watch over her ready to wake her . "

Thranduil scowled and walked into the more open part of the office and began to pace. Juniper looked at Celeborn . They had become friendly but now she looked at him with a deeper respect. He was having more faith in her than Thranduil had.

" Fine. I will allow it. Once but Juniper if he even makes one tear come to your eyes I will stop it. You are far more precious to me than anything. I would be hard pressed to choose between you and my kingdom. I never thought I would say that. "

She looked at him . Her breath taken away by that statement. Even Celeborn looked utterly in shock. She slides from her seat and walks over to where he stood . Her slight frame pressed against him . Her arms sliding around him. Her head just barely coming to his chest. His arms drape around her without even thinking about it. His eyes closing for a few moments . He cherishing every moment. Then slowly those icy eyes looked to Celeborn. The look made Celeborn inhale deeply. He now understood why Thranduil was some what strict with her freedom . His was how he felt about his own golden Queen.

The eastern party had stopped on top of a hill. It was getting dark earlier and earlier now. Gandalf slides off of Shadowfax. Gimli still sitting on back. In the distance they could see the fires of a very large camp. They were near The Rhun.

Hannibal stood and grumbled. "Easterlings ready to go to war but for whom? Maybe its just for themselves?"

Jeven listened to them. They would know more about this than he. Though he did stare at the flickering flames in the sea of darkness that grew around them.

I do not like this at all." Gandalf finally spoke and returned to Shadowfax's back. " We must make haste. The kings must be warned ."

Gimli sighs. " Let me guess. We will be going to Gondor first? "

Gandalf nods. " You are correct My dwarven friend. We will send word from there then go immediately to the Greenwood. "

Jeven felt his chest lurch at the mention of the Greenwood. This he understood to be where she was . They were going to be so close very soon.

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