The Fairy of Middle Earth

BY : HarleyQ
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Elthian and the Queen had rode hard in the last push for Gondor and in the distance Minas Tirith could be seen . " My Lady Look. " She peeks her head from the pouch and gasp. " Its huge Elthian and beautiful. " She watched with wonder as they neared and the walls began to loom larger . Before passing the gates she tucked herself back into the pouch . With cowl over his head they entered the city with no fan fare or even a second look. A lone rider was not much cause for alarm.

He would find a stable for Loratha and of course pay well for his care. She peeks from the pouch as he began to wander the streets of the city and slowly make his way to the upper tiers. Finding the way blocked a few tiers from the top . Only ones with official business were allowed further . He went back down to the lower tiers and found an inn along the outer wall . He requests a room along the wall because he liked the view and had to pay dearly for what he wanted. Once inside he placed the pouch down and she crawls out and just stretched out on the bed naked and small.

"so what's the plan? " She asked and yawned a bit before she shivered and tugged at the blankets until she covered herself.

He smiles watching her. " The plan is to wait for night fall then we climb. "

She blinked a bit . Well You can climb I think I shall fly. " she wiggled her brows at him

" You know you will be naked and its rather cold."

She frowns at that . " Ok you will climb and I will stay in the pouch."

chuckling he walks to the bed and look down at the pixie . " that's what I figured you would say. " reaching down, his finger sliding under the little covers to caress her small form and a brow would raise.

" Its not the full moon any more" she protests but he did not stop. His finger gently parting her thighs and she gasps.

"does it look like I care about the moon?" He said with a grin.

She felt her hips beginning to rock against his large finger. Her tiny sex being fully stimulated and leaving behind the smallest of moist spots on his flesh. He unlaced his leggings and pulled them down . Scooping her into his palm He lifts her small form to his lips . She trying to push her thighs together . He would simply lift her slender little legs and wriggle his tongue against her bottom and the small slit.

This sensation was so different and so incredible. His hot wet tongue teasing every bit of her and making her thighs and sex very slick. Her whole body writhing in his hand. Her legs jerk then shake . Her small hands slap against his palm . Her lips part in the smallest of cries. He grins and lay her upon the bed and the shift happened within seconds. She sitting up Her hand reaching to grab his tunic she pulled him to her with a bit of force . His lips meeting hers as He shifts to rest between her wet thighs.

His flesh was hard . How could it not be since he did have his tongue lashing against her sex tasting her sweetness . Her hands drifting down to wrap around his spear. Feeling it pulse in her grasp she stroking him and feeling him against her. He was large not as thick as Thranduil or as long. Still large and she did like how he felt buried deep within her . She would guide him to her . She moaning against his lips when the thick head began to part her pink puffy petals and drag over her clit .

He pulls her hands away and trap them over her head . His hips pushing forward . She breaking the kiss to whimper . The head forcing her to open for him . Stretching her until she was near screaming . Then slowly as the head slides in her sweet entrance would close around the head locking him within her . Her walls trembling pulling him deeper . His head lifts and he growls . His teeth grinding together .

She was so tight around him. So very hot and wet . He began to thrust his hips. Her clit stretched against his shaft every time his moved it tormented her . Her legs shaking uncontrollably . She was constricting around him her release fast his cock soaking in her honey. He would thrust hard . Feeling her deepest places . Harder again and again . She caught in a perpetual orgasm . She writhed violently beneath him until finally he let go . His eyes rolling back . Pumping her body full of his seed until he collapses down and pushes himself to her side.

She gasping and squirming . He pulling her small form to him . Caressing her and whispering to her until she began to calm and simply tremble helplessly in his arms.

The night would fall and with luck on their side the waning crescent of the moon was covered by clouds. He would slip elegantly from the window . Silent the first leg of the climb was easy . He simply walking along the edge of the wall until he was met with the sheer cliff. He was an Elf and a warrior at that. Climbing the cliff wasn't too hard for him. Though he did have to be careful of the guard posts along it . However, He found most of these guards drunk and asleep.

Higher he would climb . All the way to the top tier and the palace . If he did not wish to be seen he wasn't . But now he must enter the palace and things would become far more difficult . He had managed to climb through an upper window . He could hear some muffled conversations and upon closer inspection, hear what was being said . None so far were the King or the Queen . Crouching at one door listening inside He heard the steps coming behind him quickly . "Brace Pixie. " He managed to say before he was kicked forward . He slides on the polished floors . Turning to his back His hands were up . " I surr..." He managed to get out and she flew from the pouch and in an instant stood at her full size her arms out . Naked and beautiful her voice though, her voice seemed to boom like thunder as she screamed " STOP!"

Elthian looked shocked . The man attacking them looked shocked. Around a corner came a light. A lantern held by the Queen of Gondor . The man whose face it illuminated was no less the King and they both stare in utter shock at the naked Fairy before them. It was Arwen who realized who she was first . She pulled her house coat off and spoke softly . " My Lady please come with me ." Juniper lowered her wings and allowed the cloth to be draped around her. Elessar helps the elf up and They both would abscond with The Queen to a room . The guards racing to the hall it was the King who calmed them and sent them away.

Arwen looked to her King as she now entered the room . She stood with a reassuring arm around the shoulders of the small woman . " Elessar King of Gondor I present Juniper Queen of the Woodland Realm. " Arwen said softly then motioned to Elthian . " This is Elthian one of King Thranduils personal guards. " He gave a little nod to them them . " Someone needs to explain to me why A Queen and her Guard have sneaked into my home like thieves in the night."

Arwen gave Juniper a dress. Much to big for her . It pooled around her bare feet in a sea of blue . Even cinched as tight as it would get at the back it drooped down one shoulder. She was seated in a chair much too large for her . Her small feet dangled and swung back and forth. Elessar trying to not stare too much . He had heard of Thranduils new wife but did not believe she to really be a fae but now he was faced with her and was awe-struck.

Elthian spoke first ." I apologize for the manner in which we came to your home My Lord. The circumstances dictate that we had to come in total secrecy. The way in which we came was secret and long but the King believed it should be the Queen to come to you. " Elessar and Arwen both looked at her and she began to feel small again. The weight of their eyes made her lower her head. Her small hands wrung together in her lap.

"Queen Juniper , please be at ease. You are safe here and among friends. " Her lavender eyes peeked up. The King of Gondor had blue eyes . The were kind and gentle as they looked to her. The Queen, Juniper just wanted to hug. She reminded her so much of Elrond and Galadriel . Both of which she was actually fond of. Her lips tremble but she must speak she must convince them to come to her kingdoms aid.

" I have come to ask ... no .. I beg for your help. There is a darkness falling upon the woodland realm. Just as it is beginning to heal something has begun to twist its peaceful creatures into monsters. " she held out her small arm and showed them the scars upon it. " I would have died if Elthian had not saved me from this attack and if Elrond and Lady Galadriel had not been there to heal me. The Lady said Grindylows are harmless water dwellers but something had mutated the one that attacked me . There have been more attacks as well . After a village was decimated we evacuated all the villages back to the Fortress. Yet the evil keeps coming. Orc, Goblins. and the twisted monsters. "

She looked down the next part was going to be hard for her to say but she must. " I have the ability to see lies. Thranduil says many elves can sense deceit but its not a perfect sight like mine. I don't see things like others do. When I look at You Lady Arwen I see you but I also see brilliant pure light around you. The same with You My Lord and when you speak I do not see any lie. I had begun attending court like a Queen should. It was there I started seeing the lies. There are those in the court that are treasonous. I became my husbands spy. "

Elessar leaned forward now and spoke softly. " I can see where you would be good at that My lady . "

she blushed a bit . " Yes having a smaller size and none knowing about this save for a few trusted people made it easy for me to listen in on things. I learned the entire plan but I never learned who was the real one behind it . Just their minions in the court. In just a few weeks time one of these traitors will lead the entire army of the woodland realm into a trap. " Now the Kings eyes narrow and he sits back. " Because the traitors are in the court we can not send messages to the other elven kingdoms for aid . Our trap for the trap will be foiled then. Currently I am known to be in Lorien. Which is the next place they plan to attack once the army of the woodland realm is decimated. With your help that attack will never come to fruition. "

Elessar was sitting back hard in his chair. His body would slump. " Twisting things into something fell . That is an old story is it not My Love. " Her hand was on his shoulder . He lifts his hand to lay it upon hers. Arwen looked at the pixie there were tears in her eyes. " Yes it is a very old story." She said in almost a whisper. "Gondor will answer the King of the Woodland Realms call for aid. " He said and Junipers eyes widen .

" You ... you mean it? " she asked and squirmed in her seat . Arwen smiles " yes we mean it . " Juniper forgets herself and leaps from her chair her hands holding the long dress up so she does not fall . First she throws her arms around the King and hugs him . " Thank You Thank You so much . " She was crying in her joy and next she hugged Arwen.

Elthian winced . " Please excuse her My Lord and My Lady . She is not an Elf and is prone to emotional outbursts. " Arwen smiling widely and hugging the Pixie tightly. " That is alright . I would rather be hugged then hit any day."

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