The Fairy of Middle Earth

BY : HarleyQ
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They had finished breakfast. Thranduil crawled up on the blankets to the pillows and stretched out on his back under the canopy of trees. The sky now blue in the first light of the day. She wiggled in close and he covered her and himself in a warm blanket. More for her of course but he wanted to feel her against him. She lay her head on his chest and he watched the swaying of the branches overhead.

It was blissful to just lay there with her like this . In his forest and she able to relax within it. He began to drift off when suddenly her slight weight was gone. When He opened his eyes to see where she had gone He saw a small fluttering creature over head. He had to blink then focus in on it. It was her. Her dress on the blanket beside him .

She drifted up into the tree over head. Then landed on a branch ever so lightly. One small foot then the other. He sat up watching her curiously. A squirrel came to meet her . The fluffy tailed creature bigger than she .

She looked down to him . He was not upset nor worried . Her smile told him everything was ok . The squirrel turned and she followed it along the branch . He following her with his eyes. When they switched branches the squirrel would leap and she would fly to it. He had to get up and turn to watch them. The squirrel disappears into a hole in a large tree trunk and Juniper followed. He could see light from within the hole. It spilled out from it and onto the leaves and wood.

Within a few moments she was fluttering down from the tree . He watched the squirrel and 2 kits come from the hole and chatter at her . She doing circles in mid air and waving to them . His jaw had gone slack watching her fly . Then down she came. He held out his hand and she landed upon it . He just looked her up and down. It was her . Just so small.

" The mother had a problem with one of her babies. Its all better now." She explained but he was silent . " Thranduil?" Nothing just his bewildered look. She scowls and pushes her hands to his nose . " Thranduil!" he blinks and pulls his head back. She giggles at him. " Guess you aren't used to seeing me like this . If it bothers you I'll just..."

He coughs. " NO! no . You're fine I just . I didn't think you could be anymore beautiful but I was wrong. "

She blushes and turns around slowly then bows." Really though Its hard to interact with the big world like this though I can hide easily. Then again that's why I made such a good spy. " She wiggled her brows and he chuckles. " You never would let me see you though. Well up close. When you returned you were always ... Big."

He lowered to sit again . She fluttering from his hand then landing on it again. "I didnt want to show myself to everyone. You saw me in Hannibal's woods. You knew but everyone else Might not react so well. It took Elthian a bit to get used to it. Whew its still chilly." She fluttered from his hand to the blankets and crawls under them . Her shape growing then she peeks out from under them in her larger size. " I'll be small for you anytime You want. "

He pulled the blankets away and moved over her . They drifted down over him and her lightly pressed against her uplifted side. His lips finding her soft cheek. Then her ear. His warm tongue slowly and lightly trails from her lobe to the tip. She behind to squirm . Her hips grazing over his crotch.

" Wont the guards see us? " she whispered and he whispers back. " I don't care. After learning Elthian had watched us I stopped caring if they saw us. Maybe they will go home and create life with their wives. We do need more children."

She giggles " Oh and you will use me as the catalyst for their lusts?"

He grins. " Whatever it takes to grow the population love." She elbows him right in the gut and laughs " Ommph " He falls to his side. " I am wounded. " His hands on his stomach.

"Oh no!" she exclaims very over dramatically. " My king Let me see your wound. So I may heal you. " He was putting on a show of being in just so much pain as she got to her knees and began to pull his tunic off and over his head. "Show me where it hurt Your Highness."

He lay back and pointed to were she had elbowed him. " I believe this is going to require some serious intervention My Lord. " She reached up and bound his hands in his tunic " Don't move or I fear it will not work. "

He was trying not to grin but to looked pained. He ended up looking silly actually . She straddled one of his legs . Her small soft hands sliding down his chest . Her lips lowering to his belly where she would kiss tenderly . He lifts his head and she lifts hers. " Do not move You are my patient and you must obey the healer." He drops his head back down "Sorry." He said then pursed his lips together to stifle his laugh.

She continued to kiss over his stomach . Little fingers work the laces of his leggings loose. Her lips only leaving his flesh to tug them down and over his hips . She worked them down to his ankles . She sliding back to peel the away . Her hands gather her hair back as she kneels at his feet.

He lifts his head to watch her . Her flesh was golden in hue now. Her small breast lifting with her arms. Pink nipples plumped up and erect. His eyes drifting down over the flat of her stomach and her tiny waist. The gentle flair of her hips. The hairless flesh between her slightly parted thighs and the slit that show just a hint of pink flesh with how she knelt. She notices him and snaps her fingers and points. "Head down." He lay back. Her hair bound with a twist of a long strand of her hair pulled free of the rest .

Her hands start at his calves. Messaging their way along them . Fingers working the muscles . She pushes his legs wider apart. He could feel her breath against one of his thighs. Then the warmth of her tongue against it. Her hand on the opposite thigh messaging it until her lips and tongue press to it and her hand was now on the other. He closes his eyes and just focuses on this. Her mouth, her tongue. The way her hands touch him. How she inches higher then then the flick of her tongue over his heavy balls. His legs tense and his lips parted with a soft moan.

His own body hairless but for his head and eyebrows. She licked over his balls now a bit more intensively . She loved his more masculine scent. Spicy and musky. She loved crawling into his clothes basket when Ninnel wasn't looking . She teased him but never touched his growing flesh. Tasting and nibbling at sensitive places and watching him throb and swell . His hips began to squirm just slightly and that was when her soft warm lips found the tip . Pressing to it for a soft kiss. His lips part with a louder gasp. He forcing his hands to remain where she had put them.

Gently her lips surround the head . He was large and her mouth was small . She could suckle the head though and swirl her tongue around it . Slowly and when it pressed to the underside his hips jerked and his legs trembled. Finally her small fingers pressed to the shaft. Her lips traveling down as far as she could get them without gagging herself . Her saliva running down the shaft . She sucked and moved her head . Lips dragging from mid shaft to the tip again . Her fingers glide from the base to meet her lips. His hands moved and she stopped . Her lips pulling away her hand slowly stroking.

"Hands down do not interfere with the healers treatment." She scolded and He dropped them back to the blanket. "This is getting hard to remain still My love. " She cleared her throat. " Healer. " She corrected. He panting . "Sorry, my healer."

He was rather enjoying this naughty healer game she had concocted. Her lips returned to his flesh . Now more eagerly . Her hand working the shaft slickened with her saliva. She was aware of how his body was reacting . His legs would tremble . His hips would try and lift . Her hands pushed them firmly down and with the threat of her stopping he struggled to not lift them.

She was feeling everything he was as well. When he would get close to orgasm she backed off. The tensing of his body relaxed then and then after a few moments she began sucking his flesh eagerly . Her hands working the parts she could not fit in her mouth and after several moments of this He was beginning to whimper and cry.

"Please please healer please do not stop." She of course stopped. He was so excited his heart was racing and he was conflicted about moving his hands . Wanting to so badly wanting to end his suffering but knowing she would stop and probably end this moment made him endure and this was so interesting to her.

She was beginning to become very aroused herself. "Your being a very bad patient My Lord maybe I should end this . " She said in a stern voice ." No by the stars please do not . Please. " He cried. Her lips lowered again and sucked enthusiastically . Sliding down even to the point she would gag and that made him crazy . His head rolling side to side . She felt him swelling . His balls tensing again but this time she did not back off or stop.

His teeth grinding together. The conflicting feelings of not knowing if she would stop or not . His toes curled when he could no longer hold back and he growled loudly into the forest . His release hard and heavy the thick hot seed splattering over her tongue and she tastes him for the first time . Salty sweet and not unpleasant she pumps his shaft until just droplets would ooze from the tip and finally her lips pulled from and her hand slides away.

She rested back against her heels and watched him. His body shaking from head to toe. He looked so beautiful in the moments after. Trying to catch his breath. The way the twitching muscles would eventually slow and he lie still but for his deep ragged breaths. His hair splayed out about his head like the rays of the sun .

She giggles a bit then says quite seriously . " I think the treatment was successful. " His eyes rolled open and looked to her before narrowing . He unwinding his tunic from his wrists . His gaze took on a different meaning now . He looked at her like she was a meal and he was starving .

"Thranduil?" She said softly as he began to sit up .

" That was quite evil of you my little Pixie" He hissed at her.

" It was all in good fun My love. " She explained.

" Oh yes it was quite... Fun." He growled and she scoots back . "Oh no no my dear . " He reached out quickly and snatched her wrist up into his large hand and pulled her roughly to him . Her naked body crushing against his. His hand on her throat holding her there as his lips meet hers. The thoughts of struggling quickly faded . That kiss melted her on the spot . His tongue sliding past her lips . He tasting himself upon them.

Despite his release his flesh did not soften. He was hard and throbbing . She had ignited deep seated desires in him . Ones he often choked down her for sake . Thinking them far too much for her but today she had unlocked that door. He turned her around and forced her head to the blankets . His large hand pressing down against the side of her head firmly. Her ass tried to lower and His slap her rounded cheek very hard . Making a loud popping sound followed by her gasp .

"Leave it high and do not move it. " He commanded . She was small and easy to hold down . His fingers of his free hand slide up her inner thigh and into the heat of her sex. Finding her pink petals already damp and as his fingers delve deep to find her entrance soaking wet.

"My My , The little healer seems to be ready for me already . " Her eyes widen . Her lips parted with her cries. She felt hard thick flesh running along her slit . The thick round head pressing against her . He growls at how tight she is . Though slick with her need her body tried to deny him entry.

Her knees lifted a bit from the blankets and her hands grasp the blanket and curl into it . Then with a near scream from her the head pops into the intensly tight heat of the Pixies small form stretching her to take it . His fingers leave her head then curl in the thick mass of her make shift pony tail and pulls her head up forcing her to arch .

He sensed no fear in her if he had he would have stopped . No this was more excitement and arousal mixed with curiosity. Her tiny slit stretched around him. Her clit being drug against the veiny flesh over and over . He sinks in as deep as he can get . Never able to work those last few inches inside.

He pulls back and looks down at himself shimmering with her need . It a marvel she could take him at all. His hips working back and forth his stomach muscles rolling with the fluid motions . Her body helpless before him . Her sex tenses around him every thrust an struggle of holding onto his spear then taking it . Her elbows under her supporting her . Small breast bouncing each time he thrust into her. She was screaming . Literally screaming with her lust .

Her body worked into a frenzy she had never been so wet . Her sweet nectar dripping down her quivering thighs. She grew painfully tight around him . The walls around him spasming . His heavy balls slap against her and he growls . His hand releasing her hair. His hands on her hips pulling her to him then holding her in place as He empties himself within her . Pulling almost out then sliding back in slowly . He does this again and again . More mingled juices pour down her thighs . The finally He pulls free of her and pulls her to him . Her back pressing to him . He kisses her shoulder then her neck before laying her down gently and turning her to her back . He between her parted wet thighs.

Her eyes were closed and she was riding the heights of her orgasm. He lowers down between her thighs . His tongue licking at his release and hers . Their mixed flavors a delight . Sweet petals now puffy and more red . Her pearl pulsing and engorged . As he licks the wetness from her, he watches how her sex responds to being taken roughly . His fingers parting the petals and watching her entrance constricted back down to just a small circle of flesh. Her body still a marvel to him. No matter how much he takes her she is always small and tight as she was the first time.

His tongue softly slides along the slit now. Soothing in its long slow licks. Each one coating his tongue . Her heart beat would calm. Her gasps for breath eased and his tongue stopped licking at her core. His body moving to lay beside her. She was drifting back to him now. He whispered "I love you. " Over and over into her ear and pressed kisses to her soft cheek. She caresses his cheek and looks to his icy eyes. Her gaze warm and filled with love .

Soon he rose and scooped her up into his arms and begin to carry her through the forest. Free and naked . It had been more centuries than he could remember since he had done this. The temperature of the forest had risen since they had started their kinky love making .

"I have another surprise." He whispered into her ear. Her bodying being lowered down her small feet pressing to a warm rock . When she opened her eyes she saw steam drifting from a pool of water. He steps off into it and holds out his hands for her. "Come on its a hot spring. This one is my favorite . There a several that dot the forest. Its safe I had Elthian check . "

She leaned into his arms and He moved a bit deeper into the water . She clings to him as the warm water rises. An soon he was sitting on a smooth rock under the surface the water up to his chest . His hair floating on the surface. She straddled his thighs . The warm water washing away the evidence of their passion . She reaches up to fully free her own golden mane.

She began to feel rejuvenated and her aches and soreness faded. " This spring is strong with the magic of the forest. " He said softly. " There is one that runs deep in the palace . It is large and very very hot. There is a mechanism like the wheel of a mill and many buckets . It brings water up and that fills a cistern . The cistern feeds several more smaller ones and that is where the hot water comes from. The water is so hot down there you can boil eggs in it . The ones here at the surface though are just right to soak in ." She listened to the sound of his voice . It was deep and smooth . She could just listen to him for hours and she often did when he would read to her. Her small fingers caressed his cheeks and they stared into each others eyes.

"Promise me we can come out here at least once a week . Ok twice a month once a week may be too much . " He laughs softly and pulls her close and embraces her .

" I can try for once a week but do not be hurt if I can not keep that promise but for sure at least once a month but I will always strive for more. You know this spring is even hot in the winter. We can come here then."

She lays her head on his shoulder and smiles . She felt so happy and blessed in those moments. " I would like that . "

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