The Fairy of Middle Earth

BY : HarleyQ
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"I can not leave Thranduil. I have to stay here with The Queen. Elladan will have to go back and join his brother. " Elrond stated.

Thranduil nodded in agreement and lifted his cup of tea. " We have been granted a boon ." His gaze drifted up to Celeborn.

" I am leaving tonight. I hope my departure will go unnoticed. I am concerned about what we will meet on the road back to Lorien. " Celeborn spoke with trepidation.

Thranduil steeples his fingers and gave the concern some thought. " Then you should take Finnola and Glorfindel. I can think of no better escort. "

Elrond arched a brow. " Perhaps that is what they should be doing . Running messages and guarding the path. Truthfully Glorfindel lives for things like that .

" Well then cousin You will be the first to be taken to Lorien under the protection of Glorfindel and Finnola. Valar help those who try and stop them." Thranduil said with a smile and lifted his cup of tea again.

Juniper stayed in her bedroom. She had run out on her guest the night before. It had been a bit too much for her to fully take all at once. Tauriel was in the room with her. She had watched the Queen simply lay in the dim light and listened to silence for hours. Finally she spoke up. " My Queen. Please allow me to take you up to the garden. The sky is clear and You should be warm enough for a few minutes. You could use the light. "

Juniper muttered to her and didn't move. Tauriel sighs. Where the men often treated her with tender care Tauriel was a bit more firm. " I am so sorry but you are my friend and as a friend you are no longer allowed to mope in bed and be pitiful. "

With that Tauriel grabbed her by the leg and pulled her close with a single yank. Her arms around the pixie quickly.

" You wouldn't dare." Juniper cried.

" I guess you will find out my full resolved My Queen" Tauriel announced loudly. Elthian looked to the bedroom door. Soon he was joined by Jeven.

" I think they argue." Jeven murmurs.

" Oh yes they do argue. Tauriel is one of the only elves who can do that successfully with the queen. " Elthian watches the door and takes a bite of his apple. " want to wager? " He asks Jeven.

His white brows raise. " With coins? hmmmm I think the Queen will not emerge . I have 1 silver coin. " He fished the coin from his pocket and held it with 2 fingers.

Elthian smirks. " I think she will emerge but not willfully and I take your bet. "

They nodded in agreement Then began to wait.

It was about 10 minutes later following another shouting match that a ruckus was heard coming from the bedroom. Neither of them rushed to the door. They were not willing to incur the wrath of whatever female was getting the better of the other. The bedroom door flung open hard. Tauriel leaving the room with an unhappy pixie over her shoulder . She stalked down the corridor heading to the secret passage. " I'm taking My friend outside for some light and air . " She grumbled over her shoulder at them. " Well if you are here to guard her then come on . " Elthian said and pushed off the wall . He followed the path Tauriel was taking. The protests of the Fae heard echoing in the dim corridor.

They emerged in another set of rooms not being used. The temperature much colder up here. There was an open aired garden . The Pixie was carried to it. Jeven looked all around the space. Finding wonder in how it was made .

" These are the rooms we occupy in the warmer months. In the winter she still uses the garden ." Elthian explained as they rounded a corner and there by a quiet fountain she stood . Her back to him.

The golden rays of sunshine bathing her . Her hair and flesh drinking it in. She dropped the cloak from around her . Her wings stretching out and lifting. Jeven gasped for a breath. She had gone from the silver of the night now to a golden hue. Even her wings were like spun gold.

She could feel him there. behind her. She looked to Tauriel who smiled . "Amman ech thos anu?(why do you fear him?)" She asks.

"Amin baw gor anu. Ed cí amin thîr anu tass anu nadren.(I have no fear. It is that if i look he will be real)" Juniper whispered.

Tauriel looked up to him . Her heart fluttered a bit. "Anu nadren. Ed al-rhû tiro egor û. (He is real . It does not matter if you look or not.)"

Juniper hung her head a bit . Then sighed. Slowly she turned around and Looked up to him. He did not looks cross with her at all. In fact he looked eager and excited. " I am sorry I ran out on you last night. It has been a bit much . there is so much to try and understand . "

His smile widened and she could see his fangs. " accepted My Queen. " Was all he said.

She stepped closer. " Tell me about your dreams. " She smiles and he lowers down to sit . She ends up in Tauriel's lap and listening to Jeven's stories about his dreams. Elthian standing by the passage. Listening to everything said.

"Holiday over My Goddess? Time to work? " Glorfindel teased a yawning Finnola. Her response was to slam the back of a hand against his chest "MMMph" He rubs at his chest.

"Do not tease me Glorfindel. I assure you . If we run into trouble I will do my part." She scowled at him.

Celeborn rides through the gathering of his personal guard and the escort formed by the woodland elves. As they rode through the elvish defenses. Legolas spotted her. High on her war horse. Her corn silk hair cascading down over her shoulders. His heart began to ache and He turned away.

Celeborn calls out "Aen oneth Valar min northa. (may the valar give us speed)" Soon the thunder of hooves hitting the ground was heard and when Legolas looked up they were all gone. Finnola to one side and Glorfindel the other . They flanking the other guards. The pace was as fast as they could manage under the stars. There would few stops and none of them long. Finnola braced herself for a long hard ride.

Elthian had been summoned . He entered Thranduil's office with mild trepidation. The events of the last few days have changed the mood of the fortress. Elthian shut the door behind himself and stepped closer. Thranduil looked up and grinned. " I promise, You are not here to take a lecture." With that he relaxed back in his seat . " I want to hear from you . Your thoughts on Jeven."

Elthian had been expecting this as well. He lowered into the seat before the desk. " He learns quickly. He has been doing the duty he said he was here for. I plan to test his skill tomorrow. Juniper said she wants to watch. " He grinned a bit " Other than that he is just strange Thranduil. Like us then not like us. I believe Gandalf and Hannibal. I believe their story but it is hard to get past the differences. As long as he is useful then I will work with him."

Thranduil smiled at Elthian. " His being there can afford you more time with her Elthian. Take the time. As to our differences. I can understand that. I felt like that about dwarves. Then I found myself making treaties with them and attending their royal functions. My son brings one home and flaunts him around the court. Those differences seems fewer and fewer the more time you spend with them. These are our cousins Elthian. There are more of us than we even knew. Strange how things work sometimes. "

The day was far too cold to take The Queen out. So she sat in the common room Her cushions on the floor . Orist showing off how well he rolls around and crawls .

"How did you come to be the mother of this child?" Jeven asked as he help field the baby back into the center of softness and off the hard floor. Tauriel looked to him and shook her head.

Juniper chuckled." Its ok Tauriel . I can talk about it for Jeven. " She reached out and scoot her baby back and tickled him. He burst with giggles. " I made a promise to a dying soldier on the battlefield." She began and looked to Jeven .

" Why were yew on the battlefield My Queen?" He looked shocked . This made Tauriel smirk a bit.

"I was supposed to be in another Kingdom tucked away safe and sound. I had other ideas. My husband was going to war. The plan I knew top to bottom. I knew I had to be there. So I tucked myself in a wagon and snuck out with the Soldiers of Gondor. I just didn't understand why I was being forced to stay. I even promised not to take a sword up and ride into battle. The King of Gondor wouldn't listen. I didn't understand why, so I went to war . "

Jeven leaned back against a hand and looked her up and down. Juniper grinned. " I ended up breaking every promise I made that day. I even ended up taking a sword up and rode into battle. I promised the warrior who owned my sword . I promised him that I would take care of his family. Galion tracked them down. He had a wife who was with child so I made the promise to her. When she gave birth she was too weak. She wanted to be with her husband so badly. On that day I became a mother and the Kingdom lost a wonderful Elleth named Klaern. It was both happy and sad. Today though. " She pulled Orist into her arms and covered him with kisses . The boy squirmed and laughed . " Today I have a wonderful son. Who is stinky " She laughs and gets to her feet . She lifting her growing son and placing him on her hip. She was getting larger by the day now. "I'll be right back . Its time for a clout change isn't it my happy Ion. "

Juniper left Tauriel and Jeven alone. " She is a Queen she did not have to keep that promise ." Jeven said softly . " She would have kept it even if she finds the child another family. Instead she raises the child as her own. " He smiled warmly to Tauriel." This just proves to me she is the Queen I have been dreaming of. I am surprised . In all of my dreams I was never prepared to meet you Tauriel Princess of the Woodland Realm. "

Tauriel just looked up then to him. Her lips slightly apart. " I .. I am unsure of just how to take that. " She relaxed on an elbow and listened to him.

" It is good. I am still able to feel surprise in the things around me . Even if I have a window on the future. I am pleased that what that surprise was someone so fair to the eye yet strong in spirit. "

She just smirked now and struggled not to laugh. Finally she gave up and just giggled . " You are growing on me Jeven. Really I hope you never become Jaded. " J

uniper was making her way back to them without Orist. " He is eating and then he will nap . " She plopped herself down and lay back . The sun shining down through the sky light. " Jeven I want to dream again. I want to do it soon. The biggest fear is that I will get damaged in the dream or even trapped in it. I want to test something. I want to see if you can pull me out at any time. "

"You sure you want this?" He asked.

She smiled. " I need to. I need to know that I am safe before I go more. Celeborn is gone. He is the one that had the most luck at it. Elrond and Thranduil . I don't know. You , You know what I am doing you understand walking in the dream. "

Jeven leaned forward with his elbows against his knees. " Walking in someone else's dream is dangerous. No matter who's dream. To pull you out I would have to be in with you. I would only see your side of the dream. I would not see their side. I would have to go by your reactions . "

Juniper just smiled. " I am game . You do not understand how badly I need to do this. You will see why . I think we should practice . "

Jeven felt uneasy . Yet he knew if he refused she would do it anyway just later.

" I can help you sleep. " Tauriel finally added. " Ada is going to be angry with me ."

Juniper lay next to Jeven. Their hands in each others. Tauriel slipped them both gently into sleep.

He stood in utter darkness. There was nothing but void around him. There was a flicker of light cutting through the darkness but it seemed so far away. He began to move . Walking slowly towards it. A voice echoes from the point in the distance. " I am sneaking a nap." It was his Queen . She was dreaming and He was trying to see. " We will not have long right now. " She said. She was already dreaming. She was already drifting through the dream of their enemy. The light was closer now. Brighter and within it more details. It was just her, alone. Speaking with someone he could not see.

She was sitting . She was relaxed. Her control of her dream was shockingly done well. He was not expecting that. He listened in on a one side of the conversation. The mist was so near. His presence manifests in the form of weight on ones soul. She refused to show him the struggle she endured to keep herself together.

"So you sneaked away to come see me? I am flattered My Queen. I am however a bit saddened that you still do not remember me."

She shrugged . " How else am I going to get to know you ? I have to take my moments when I can get them. You forget , I have a husband and a family that is devoted. "

"There was a field of wildflowers. Golden hues and shades of yellow..." He began to say again.

She knew the setting . " I know this. I have gone over the details. I can not remember. " She said frustrated.

The mist sighs. " The water was so clear. We could peer down into it and see the forest under the water. All the plants and the animals. We could see a whole other world . We wanted to create something just as beautiful. I place just for us. With no prophecy or destinies. Where we could be free to love. The grass was green and soft under us. I saw your hand dipping into the water and the shimmers from the sun begin to dance around your finger tips. "

Her hands raise to clasp over her heart. She felt the gasp pass her parted lips. "It was a glorious day. The birds sang softly in the thick trees that surrounded us. The air was heavy with the scent of honeysuckle. We lay there just enjoying the warmth of the others presence. "

She looked down . Feeling something stir within her. " You kissed me. " The tips of her soft fingers caressed over the curve of her lip. "Right by the water. You turned me and my hair ..."

The mist began to take more of shape . "Your hair fell into the water and floated like a golden halo on its surface. I took your lips against mine and the world changed. " He was right there just a breath from her. She stared into the swirling darkness before her. Then slowly those eyes appeared. " You are remembering . Do not be afraid. I feel it too. " Her soul was screaming . Jeven's eyes widen. She was uncomfortable. She was beginning to show distress. He reached through the light and wrapped his arms around her. Pulling her gently back to him. Then their eyes opened.

" Well what happened?" Tauriel looked down to them both.

Juniper giggles " Jeven pulled me right out on cue."

Jeven sat up and looked at his arms. He could still feel her in them. " I could not see who you spoke to. I could only see you and hear you. " He tells her in a firm tone then lifts his eyes to hers. They were filled with worry. She shook her head very gently at him. Not wishing him to speak of it in front of Tauriel.

" I am just glad You both woke up fairly quickly. That was only about 5 minutes." It had been longer in the dream. They looked to each other and Juniper smiled. " Thank You Jeven. " She said softly and nodded to him. So glad he did not speak of what he heard.

They were more than half way to Lorien. Finnola planned to collapse as soon as they were inside the safety of the golden lady's protection. There came an odd scent on the wind. Finnola perked up at it . She looked across the line to Glorfindel having the same reaction. They broke off from the caravan . The Caravan began to pick up pace. The alert had been raised. The smell was coming from both sides. Soon Finnola sees what has come for them.

" WARGS! " She screamed and took up Dragonsfang. Letting go of the reigns. Her horse now moved by command of her body. Glorfindel found himself faced with Wargs and their riders.

"kawa ame ar' faina lle pilin'!" He yells from his position and the archers riding on his side detach from the formations The archers firing from horse back . A volley fired with each passing as they circle. Glorfindel in the thick of it . His swords drawn soon it was raining black blood down upon him.

Finnola spun the Dragonsfang over head . Sweeping it down from side to side cutting down all the she passes. Once she has killed all that challenged her she turned off towards the cloud of dust kicked up by the caravan. Riding to catch up. Glorfindel soon falling into pace beside her . The archers following. They can see a battle beginning at the front of the caravan. Glorfindel just a bit faster than Finnola took the lead. Heading right for the front . As they near the end of the racing caravan He commands the archers. " Leithio i 'philinn" He growls and a volley of arrows is loosed and rains down on the ranks of orc in the front. It was a risky move but this was a risky journey. Thankfully it did what he had hoped and slowed the caravan just a bit. Now he was racing out front . Finnola racing to catch up. This was going to be a very long ride.

He felt like he had not seen her in days. Thranduil stood over her in the dim light. Watching her sleep. Her body aglow with the silver color of the moon and stars. She lay on her right side. Her small hands resting out before her . He watched as her body moved with her gentle breaths. icy eyes trail lower. Finally stopping on the swell of her belly. She had not looked this pregnant when he last saw her.

His hand slowly moved to touch then stopped His eyes watching her belly move. A silent gasp came from his lips. She began to stir as their child moved. Making her uncomfortable . She slowly turned to her back and with a small whimper began to open her eyes. " Calm down baby the sun is..." Her words fell off . Her eyes open slightly Her hands reached up to grab his arm. "You're here. " She said in a whisper and tugged him down to her. He could not resist her desires and lay beside her . Pulling her in close against him.

" I couldn't help myself " He confessed in a whisper against her ear. " I had to find some time so I could see you. I am sorry about the hour."

"Shhhh " She said hushed him softly and pressed her fingertips against his lips. " I do not care about the hour. " Her fingers fell away from his lips. She was feeling the pressure and the thumping from the inside. The baby growing more active. Stretching out . Kicking its legs. He watched the discomfort drift over her face. His hand sliding down over her to stop over the continuing movement .

" I think the little one knows you are here and is very excited to feel you so close." She whispered.

His head lay higher on the pillow that hers . He pressed a kiss to the top of her head . His fingers caressing over the swell of her belly . Slowly they stopped and just lay against her . Warm and comforting. The baby stopped it's testing of her limits. " There now . A little comfort for my wife. Our child is happily asleep."

"Stay with me." Her voice pleading in tone. " Please stay with me. "

His heart broke. He could feel its weight in his chest. " I am until the sun comes up anyway. "

She didn't want to talk of the things to come. She didn't need to know every plan that was being made and every course of action taken. She would just nod and wiggle in closer. She would take every second she could get in his arms. She wanted to stay awake so she could enjoy every moment with him but soon she was falling asleep listening to his heartbeat. He smiled a bit to himself and lay his hand on her head gently and took her dreams away once more.

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