The Fairy of Middle Earth

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In the days that passed Thranduil had kept his word. They had every meal together. After the mid day meal she would spend time with her children and once they were down for their naps she would take a nap as well. The loneliness was cut by her spending time with Minol. They going to her place. Sometimes in the meadow. Sometimes deeper into what she called Hannibal's woods. Today they were rested by a small stream. It babbled away, it's song mixing with the song of birds. Her dream was becoming more complex each time she went into it. The sun filtered down through the canopy over head. It cast dots of light all around them. The time they spent together was innocent enough. Holding hands, hugs and cuddles. She getting to know him all over again and he getting to know this new version of the girl that had always held his heart.

It was clear to him that she was deeply in love with Thranduil. This warmed his heart but he would never let on that it made him happy. It had never been in his plan to have her for himself. He would never dare allow such an idea stay long in his head. Yet this time being spent together was more precious to him than anything. His love for her grew and so did his resolve.

On this day he sat with his back pressed to a large tree behind him . She laying on the soft moss covered ground to his side. Her head against his thigh. His fingers card slowly through the golden waves of her hair .

"Tell me about Elthian." He said softly his fingers passing through her hair then softly over the curve of her shoulder.

She smiled and rolled to her back . Her eyes looking deeply into his. She took her hand into his and laced her fingers with his.

" Elthian is a surprise. " She began as she looked at the back of his hand.

" He saved me from that thing you let loose in the forest. " Her lavender gaze lifted to him then and he smiled

" Well I like him already then. " He said softly, that grin never leaving his face. "Go on," he encouraged his Queen.

"We became close on the road to Gondor. When Thranduil sent me on a secret mission. I was to deliver a message to the King and also he got me out of the Kingdom, where it was becoming more dangerous for me to be. Then again You knew all about that didn't you." She lifted his hand to press a soft kiss to the back.

" Now now to be fair I set that all up yes but I knew he would not succeed. He was never meant to. That was a message to all the free peoples of impending danger. Unfortunately, there would be casualties that is just a reality . Albeit a cruel one but Juniper this world has been a cruel one since its inception. Even if it was never meant to be that way. Now please continue, tell me about the journey."

She arched a brow and just looked at him. He truly believed the words he spoke. Though she found them harsh. She sighed and continued on with her story.

"A few days into it we were given a gift. The Meara Loratha came to us and Loratha agreed to carry us the rest of the way. Which made the journey much faster. I believe Loratha really likes Elthian because he stayed. Anyway ..." she shook her head getting a bit side tracked.

"The week of the full moon was upon us. This was very early on. I was just beginning to understand how the moon affected me. Why does the moon affect me like that? " she suddenly asked then turned to look him in the eye.

Minol smiled. " The moon affects all the pixies to varying degrees Juniper. Some it gives them great insight on the future. Others are able to create wondrous things during the full moon. Then others like yourself become fertile during that time and are compelled to mate. Though that doesn't mean every mating will produce a child. They are still filled with the urge that can control how they behave. "

She looked up at him to see his smile widen. " yes it still affects me as well. I may look like something else now but at my core Juniper I am still a pixie. The moon makes me want to mate as well. Since I can tell you want to know. It also makes my other gifts very powerful. I can see far deeper into the future on the moons. I can see more possible outcomes as well . It was on the moons when I fought my instincts to mate and delved into my visions that I was able to see my path. Which has now lead me back to you."

She kissed the back of his hand again. "Well apparently Thranduil had given Elthian orders concerning that. " Her voice continued to roll from her sweet lips and it was like a song to his ears. Sometimes he felt as if she were just telling him stories by the rivers side and they had never been parted.

Minol grinned. "and what were those orders?" He asked.

She blushed . He found it curious how she felt a bit shy about it. "That on the week of the full moon should I begin to feel pained. He should ease my pain and to refuse to do that would be a far greater crime than to lay with me. " She was still holding his gaze which began to sparkle a bit.

" and He followed commands?"

She blushed a bit deeper now. " Of course he did but it became more than that and even after the moon we continued to... explore that. " She was choosing her words carefully now. Her tongue moistened her lips and her small hands clasped together as she spoke. She then sat up. "I began to feel more for him and he felt more for me. Though we would not voice what that was. The king had said ease her pain not fall in love with her, after all."

This made Minol lift his brows. He too had not seen that as a possibility then again some smaller details often did slip past him. those little things he just could not control.

"well after the battle and our return to the Greenwood. I ... I became curious about somethings. After Thranduil explained to me that ... " She got very red then. Her breath was inhaled deeply and she felt as if perhaps she shouldn't have brought this up.

This all made him chuckle inwardly. So he gave her some relief. "He explained to you about all the different versions of sex." She gasps softly and would nod, he caressed her cheek with his free hand. " Juniper I am the last one you should feel ashamed to talk about this with. I understand better than any you know. now continue."

With a small sigh she did . " Thranduil knew I was curious and he had a choice. Bring in a female or a male and since I trusted Elthian and had already been with Elthian, He brought Him to our bed. Well it didn't happen in a bed it happened in the forest mmmm details those are just details." Now she was becoming flustered and He pulled her up into his lap and wrapped his arms around her .

"I did something I shouldn't have and I didn't even know I was doing something bad. I just wanted Elthian to be able to hear her. "

Minol's brows raised now and his gaze stared off into the forest. "I wanted him to hear the song Mother sings and the song the trees sing back to her. He couldn't hear it like Thranduil and I can. So I gave him what I thought was just a little of myself to him. Just so he could hear it..."

Minol closed his eyes then and rested his head against hers. "You did not know this would pass a bit of Thranduil to him did you. Since you and Thranduil are one . You share part of each other. "

She nodded. " I bonded us to him but he is not bonded to us. We hold no part of him. " She began to squirm and he released her and she rose to her feet . She walked to the waters edge and crouched down . Her thighs to her chest her arms around her legs. He watched her curiously.

"I didn't know I swear I didn't know. As much as Thranduil and Elthian tell me its a good thing. I know it causes him discomfort. I love him very much Minol. I love him so much I want to fully bond with him. " Minol's brows raised. "I want him to be one with Thranduil and Myself. I even told Elthian this recently I wanted to see how he felt about that before I told Thranduil."

She went quiet for several moments. So he encouraged her again. " please go on Little Flower. Tell me."

She sighs one of her small sweet sighs, He actually liked the sense of melancholy it could conjure. Her chin pressing to her knees. "He refused me. He does not want that not because he isn't in love with me or Thranduil because He is afraid that something will happen to him and we would both be sundered. " Minol felt his heart tighten. This Elthian was far more than he imagined.

" Your heart has such a great capacity for love Juniper." His voice came forth gentle as the breeze. "and it seems Elthian's does as well. You do realize his refusal is a great act of love. It would be easy for him to say yes. To forge that bond with You and the King and to risk both of you should something happen to him. Thranduil has felt that sundering before. Even with you still by his side for him to go through that would be great cruelty. He would not be long in middle earth should that happen."

She rose screamed in frustration. " Why does it have to be death and sundering. We do not know that would happen . This could all end and we could live forever. The 3 of us . Happy. "

Minol's gaze softened even more as he now rose as well and walked closer to her. His arms fell around her and he pulled her back against him. "I can say this Juniper . His future is clouded to me. I have tried to see it. Somethings are still a mystery but just know his choice is a sound one. You can still love him and he can love you, I mean look at me. I have loved you since the sun and moon came into being. Yet we have no bond."

She thought about that. He was right. There would be love there even without the bond but still. Her spirit had wanted it, Selfishly. He lowered down and turned her to face him. His hands on her cheeks . He was smiling to her. Her small hands rested on his shoulders and she leaned in and pressed her soft lips to his. His eyes widened at the sensation. The jolt of fire that ran through him in those moments. Soon his eyes closed and he found himself embracing her . Her small form against him. His eyes slowly closing as the kiss deepens and a soft moan kisses his ears. Oh it would be so ease. To express just how much he loved her here. In the dream. Her dream. Then mercifully she faded from his embrace. He waking up soon after could still feel her kiss against his lips and his fingers pressed against them.

Jeven, Tauriel and Elthian sat together in the main dining hall. They had nothing better to do since the King had decided to put their Queen in chains. The chains that had been meant for them. She had kept her promise and each of them hated it. "We should never allow her to make such a promise to us ever again. "Elthian said and lifted his goblet of wine . Tauriel nodded and looked into her own goblet in silence. Jeven grumbling under his breath .

None of them had any duties during this time. Each of them relieved of them until her punishment was over. Perhaps that was their own punishments. Left idle with their own thoughts. It was especially hard on Elthian. He was not allowed to see her. None of them were but for him it was agony. Finnola and Glorfindel came sauntering to the table and joined them. Finnola was not happy with these events as well. Finding it a bit cruel. Glorfindel however, saw it all differently but kept that to himself.

Tauriel looked to them as they sat down and her eyes went wide. Something was ... different. "What have you both been up to?" she asked this which made Elthian and Jeven look at them as well a bit more closely. Finnola looked off and Glorfindel in his own fashion just smirks.

"well you see the Giant has given herself to me and is now Finnola wife of the famous, brave and dashingly handsome Glorfindel." He looked to each of the with a wide grin. Finnola just glared at him.

The 3 just went completely silent and let what was just said sink in. "What no congratulations no wishes for our future?" Glorfindel looked at them in mock surprise.

Tauriel was the first to come to grasp with what had just been revealed. She after all had bonded with Jeven not too long ago herself . She threw her arms around her friend and hugged Finnola tightly. "I am so happy for you." She cried against Finnola's shoulder.

Finnola hugged her friend back. " and I am happy for you. I heard You finally found your one as well. "

Elthian and Jeven now walked to Glorfindel and clapped him on his shoulders. He just grinned with pride .

The sad moment they had been having was now turning into a impromptu celebration. The wine began to flow freely and as it went on more elves began to join in . Congratulation Glorfindel and Finnola and also many learning that Tauriel and Jeven had bonded . So it turned into an even bigger party. The kitchen staff getting involved and bring out food. Some other elves went and grabbed their musical instruments and began to play music. Merriment was beginning to spread among the elves that should have been working on getting the fortress ready for the coming Kings.

Elrond was walking with Thranduil and Gandalf along the corridors when the noise from the dinning hall was heard. Elrond's brow lifted as they neared the dining hall. Thranduil's brows creased at the sounds of a party . As they neared the entrance the 3 of them stood there watching the festivities. In the middle of it all was Glorfindel. This made Elrond lift his palm to his face. Gandalf was highly amused and Thranduil. Well Thranduil felt a bit of anger beginning to rise especially when he saw Tauriel and Elthian in attendance.

Glorfindel stood on a table . His back to the entrance . Lifting his voice . " Settle down for a moment I have something to say." All eyes were on him including the 2 kings and the wizards.

" I would like to congratulate Tauriel and Jeven on their recent bonding. " Thranduil's eyes went wide then and he exhaled a deep breath. The formal announcement had not even been made yet and Glorfindel was ruining that but he continued." AND I would like the thank My Goddess My new Wife Finnola for having me. " He lifted his Goblet and the crowd cheered.

"To Tauriel. To Jeven. To Glorfindel. To Finnola!" Then as Glorfindel drank he turned to see the 2 kings and the wizard in the door way and choked nearly dropping his goblet.

Elrond bore a rather shocked expression at all this news especially the news of Glorfindel and Finnola's recent change in status. Thranduil looked as if he could bring down the roof on all of them and Gandalf just smiled and clapped happy for them all.

Glorfindel just smirked in true Glorfindel fashion and spoke in a booming voice . "Now we are graced by our Lords and a wizard in this joyous moment . " He bowed gracefully to the 3 of them and the crowd finally turns to see them there.

It would have been well within Thranduil's purview to end this right then and there. He considered it. Until he saw the look of terror in Tauriel's eyes. He stepped forward with grace and began to speak. " While I had it in mind to formally announce my daughters marriage I can see the joy can not be contained. "

The crowd was silent as he moved into the hall and to her side. His arm slides around her and He embraces her and whispers. 'we will need to talk later'. Then releasing her he took an offered goblet and lifted it. " I am very happy for her and Jeven and thrilled of this wonderful news Glorfindel and Finnola. May you all be blessed by the valar and given many children." The crowd erupts in even louder cheers now. Thranduil's last words before leaving with Elrond and Gandalf were. " Now see to it this is cleaned up and the dining hall is ready for the evening meal."

As he entered the corridor Elrond turned to go with him but Gandalf would linger and bit longer. Until Elrond called to him and he turned to follow the 2 Kings.

"That was rather gracious of you Thranduil." Elrond said softly as they walked .

"I am picking my battles carefully from now on Elrond. The announcement will have to be made today and the official celebration would still commence when the others arrive. I would have not endeared me to my people or my daughter if I had lost my temper."

Gandalf just smiled to himself as he followed them. Thranduil seemed to have... grown in the last few years. This pleased the istari greatly. "It also appears as if either I have gained a conceited, pompous ass or you have gained a beautiful and mighty giantess. " Thranduil said to Elrond . This made Elrond laugh.

While Minol had been at the Fortress for days now His things were just arriving. Hiroc In the seat of the wagon was now joined by Minol as it approached the gates. "There are some very interesting lurkers in the forest Hiroc. Besides myself of course." He said to his Emissary.

"is that so?" Hiroc said lowly. "should I ...?" His question cut off by Minol.

" Indeed my friend you should. After we are settled in. "

They were of course stopped at the gates. When asked who they were and what they were going there by the guards at the gate, Minol would smile pleasantly. " I am Minol I believe I am expected. "

The guards expression changed this was not what he had been expecting to see. He looked like a Balrog in miniature size. It was not his place to question the King yet he just couldn't bring himself to allow this thing to enter.

"Please just a moment while your escort arrives. You are rather early." it was no lie he was early but that wasn't the only reason he held them up.

It took a bit for an escort to arrive. Galion of course had been apprised of Minol's arrival and just want manner of being he was . That did not mean Galion would not be surprised when he actually laid eyes on Minol. Such a foul thing being welcomed into his Lords home made his skin crawl.

" I am Galion. King Thranduil's Senechal. Please come with me." He maintained his composure.

Minol grinned a bit taking Galions measure rather quickly. "Indeed. " He said " This is Hiroc My Emissary " Hiroc nods to Galion before they were lead into The Fortress. Once inside they needed no time to allow their eyes to adjust as did most non elven visitors. Minol of course new how these halls had been built. He had watched it all happen. Yet he still found himself rather in awe of them.

"Say Galion." He spoke up after a few steps along one of the branching corridors.

Galion looked over his shoulder. " Yes?"

Minol's lips twitched a bit. Galion was a bit hard to read. He was all propriety. 'Nah' Minol thought. 'There is more to this soft looking Ellon with the youthful face. Smooth as silk and beautiful.

"Which wing are my quarters on? "

Galion grinned. " The Royal Level My Lord."

He spoke with no emotion, there was not the slightest inkling of anything may haps forced pleasantness. Royal Level Upper or lower? I am going to say Upper. After all that's were the King and Queen are this time of year. "

He now watched Galion's back very hard. So far not even a muscle twitch. " There is a large courtyard garden. With a fountain near corridors lined with white pillars. " Now Galion flinched. Just slightly.

"I know which way to go now." He chimed brightly as if he were doing Galion a favor by escorting himself to his Quarters. He nodded to Hiroc who groaned as he watched Minol pick up pace and just pass Galion. Galion Wide eyes began to give chase without running and making a scene. Minol rounds a corner and into corridor with more shadows. Then he was gone. Galion stood still a moment able to see in the shadows just fine but seeing nothing. Minol looked back and just smiled. Galion was a true beauty among them. Then as a slightly hurried pace he headed towards the royal level. He knew the secret passages and could enter them even with the spells protecting them. Galion racing to the upper level.

Hiroc shrugged and just began to stroll . He being left to his own devices began to look for the kitchens. Something meaty and something alcoholic was in order.

Minol was just really looking to get under Galion's skin. See what he was like off balance. He slipped into the corridor on the upper level and just leaned against the wall with his arms crossed over his chest. Waiting for Galion to appear. Soon enough Galion appeared from the end of the corridor.

" I must confess." Minol spoke up with a bit of mirth in his voice. " I knew how to get here and I was so zealous to beat you here, That I failed to ascertain which hall and room. " He laughed a bit then shrugged. "So I waited for you. "

Galion who was scowling regarded this thing. His leathery wings and horns, with eyes that pulsated between green and purple. Utterly otherworldly yet his features were attractive and he held this annoying charm about him.

"That would be back this way." Galion motioned with his head . His own eyes never leaving Minol.

"Say where is Hiroc? You didn't just leave him?" Minol asks with a grin.

Galion realizes his blunder. His brows knit a bit. Minol then laughed and began to walk slowly the way Galion had directed. " I would not worry too much. Hiroc is a good Guardian. He is probably in the kitchen charming a meal out of the beautiful Elleth toiling there. Nothing more."

Galion finds a guard in the hall and tells him to please find The other guest and bring them here. They were probably in the kitchen.

Minol smirks . "I do apologize Galion. I suspect you were not quiet expecting someone like Myself to arrive. I know I must offend your sensibilities. Allow me to make up for it . If there is nothing required of you and myself tonight please come visit me for a drink. I have some interesting vintages I would love to have your opinion on." 'propriety' Minol thought .

"Perhaps I will. " Galion accepted .

Minol knew he would show up. They stopped before a rather fancy carved door. This one with a great stag surrounded by his harem. It was an interesting choice of door. Galion held his hand out and between two fingers, dangling from a chain of gold was the key.

" I am sure Hiroc will be joining you shortly and your things will arrive within the hour. Now excuse me My Lord but I have other duties to attend. Oh and if you choose to wander around you are being watched. Please be on your best behavior." With that Galion turned and moved away. Leaving Minol rather intrigued.

Hiroc followed his nose. The smells of bread baking really got his attention. Fresh baked goods were something hard to get when you were traveling with a war machine. He found the dining hall and drifted inside. It appeared some sort of celebration was wrapping up and there where left overs on tables. With a bit of a shrug he meanders towards the food. Seeing many delicious things just sitting there he seated himself at the table and poured himself a goblet of wine. Sipping it he smiles . It was quite tasty. Not like the swill he drank when bunking with soldiers. He then sampled various thinly sliced cured meats and cheeses. Fruit in many varieties, He was quite happy just to see the various colors of.

One of the elleth that worked in the kitchen was coming to clear the table. She stopped and eyed the guest sitting at the table and eating directly from the trays.

" um excuse me." She said with a smile. Hiroc looked over and gave her a bit white toothed smile.

"Yes My Lady?" He said in the deepest and smoothest voice he could muster.

His hazel eyes flashed a little at her and she almost swooned Looking over the Large handsome No he wasn't a Man . What was he? Her smile never leaving her face." Are you a guest in the halls?" She asked softly and watched him drink from the goblet.

" Aye I am a guest of the King." He replied which wasn't a lie at all. " My name is Hiroc and what is yours?"

She moved closer now He looked her up and down finding her quite attractive. She had golden brown eyes. Which was rare and quite alluring. Her hair was a chestnut brown with shimmering flecks of copper . "i'm Lia My Lord Hiroc." She answered and he laid the charm on thickly.

"please My Lady just Hiroc. I am no lord. MMMM Lia. It means thread . Curious when you are pulled do you , unravel?"

Now she was like putty in his hands and the conversation drifted to the smell of fresh baked bread. Within a few minutes Lia was serving him a fresh loaf of a dark bread with honey and butter. She sat with him and continued to talk. The conversation innocent enough. He asking her many questions mostly about herself. Finally reaching the conclusion this elleth was unattached.

The Guard that had been sent for him reached the dining hall and there sat the Guest of the King. He passed several on his way to the table. His presence captured Tauriel's attention and soon Jeven's and Elthian's. It was when he rose that Glordinel and Finnola would take notice. He towered over everyone. How had they missed his entrance? They followed him with their eyes . He causing no trouble followed the guard out to the corridor.

Jeven growled lowly. "He is here." His words practically spat out. Glorfindel moved closer to the 3 queens guard.

" That horned and winged Miscreant?" Elthian nods in question.

"We need to find ada. If Minol is here the queen needs more protection." The five of them left suddenly.

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