The Fairy of Middle Earth

BY : HarleyQ
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Gandalf barges into Thranduil's tent. Juniper curled on the throne nursing her newborn child. She had not seen Gandalf in weeks really. Now there he was standing before her. He stood there quietly, Just staring at the Mother and Child. Two Fae in Middle Earth.

" So You are a Mother again?" He smiled and she nodded. " Orist will have his hands full protecting her wont he. He will be fending off the suitors. " He teased her . She was very happy to see him and motioned him closer.

"Now come tell me what has you like this. You seem even more frazzled than normal." She motioned for him to sit.

He moved to a chair and lowered down into it . His white robes splay out as his legs stretch. "Valinor is in an uproar. I must see your Husband Quickly . Your new friend needs to be spoken to. "

She just looked at Gandalf. "Minol is not new to me but you know that He is being as forth coming as he can be. "

"Is he? " Gandalf gave her the eye which made her cringe.

" I am supposed to dine with him tonight Why don't you join us. I'm sure that would make Thranduil very happy. " She mutters the last part.

Gandalf watches the expression on her face and then can see the sadness that twinged her eyes. " Juniper, Thranduil's protections are very much warranted at this time. Please try and understand. "

Her gaze just lifted to Gandalf's holding it for several moments. " You do not understand . No one ever listens to me. Most of this would not have happened ... if I were listened to. The way he spoke to me frightened me Gandalf. It really did. Of course he went all kind and mushy right after but ... He .." She got up with her now sleeping baby . Adjusting her dress to cover her breast. She moved to the basket and lay her child down carefully. " The look in his eyes was violent Gandalf. "

Gandalf left the tent in a huff and began to move through the camp with purpose. Thranduil was actually speaking with the representatives of the peoples she would meet today. Which was not easy considering these weren't westron speaking peoples and Sindarin was a no go. His brows lift when he spots those white robes coming towards him. "Mithrandir finally shows up. " He excused himself from the meeting and headed towards him.

" I just saw Melian. She is truly beautiful My Lord. You have been blessed in more way than one. "

Thranduil stops a few feet away and grinned. " Well you know how to make one feel more accommodating with every word Mithrandir. That being said You should have been here days ago. Where were you?"

"Now now where i have been is ... well its important but something else concerns me My Lord. Juniper said you spoke to her in a way that frightened her. " His voice trailed off when Thranduil's posture stiffened.

" I frightened her?" He asked softly. Then looked to Gandalf.

" Indeed my Lord . She said there was violence in your eyes." He stepped back with an expressionless face . Everything was reflected in his eyes. Disbelief turning to discovery then to acceptance and guilt.

" I would never harm her." His deep voice muttered. "This is all so terrifying Mithrandir. This is a world I know nothing about. Her world. Minol is dangerous. I stand next to him and begin to feel small and knowing that they were in love. I'm terrified of losing her to him or to death. "

Gandalf sighed and stepped closer. " I need to tell you what the Valar have said on all this. "

Thranduil follows Gandalf to the war tent. It was spelled like several of the others. Nothing said within it would be heard outside it. They were alone and the guard, ordered to not disturb them. Thranduil hands Gandalf a glass of wine and they both sit.

"Nienna called to me Thranduil. Her call was so powerful it could not be ignored. They know nothing of this. They are in a state of confusion, anger and curiosity. There are whispers, terrible whispers of an escape from a place so dark there is no hope of ever seeing light again. " Thranduil leaned back in the chair and lifted his glass to his lips. He drank very deeply and stared at Gandalf.

"Are they sure? Are they sure this has taken place?" He asked with a tremble to his voice.

"No they are not sure. Nienna was warning me. She also wanted me to give you this Thranduil, For your wife. " A grey pouch was handed to Thranduil. He placed his glass down and took it from Gandalf's hand. He leaned forwards and opened it then poured its contents into his hand. He gasps . In his hand was 3 large perfect diamonds. Each one larger than a gold coin.

"These are Nienna's tears." He said almost breathlessly. " Those are her promise to your wife that there will always be hope. You should have a something made for her." He took a very deep breath and continued. " This has the Valar's attention. Now, I have been invited to dine with your wife and Minol tonight. I am going to accept that invitation. "

Thranduil grinned. " Fine by me Gandalf. She says I never listen to her. I do listen . She tells me Minol would never hurt her. I just can't believe it so quickly. " Gandalf sighs and starts to walk Thranduil walking with him. They leave the tent.

" I do not believe Minol would hurt her. Especially knowing what I know now. I have had dealings with Minol in the distant past. Oh back then he was not as he is now . No where near as powerful . He is a curious fellow. that being said I believe Juniper is safe with him . He wouldn't harm her. I would be worried about his motives and his angle. He is crafty."

Elrond sat across from Minol. The silence around them thick. Elrond could not wrap his head around what he had just been told. Not in great detail but enough that he was beginning to put things together he would have to do further research on all the notes he has but things were beginning to add up.

" I assure you Lord Elrond. Playing this role is most difficult but when you decide to play this ultimate role you must commit. Creation and destruction are the two most powerful forces . It is those forces which shape the arda and inspire the living to create, procreate and learn . How they reacted to situations around them . Shaping who they ultimately become. I have molded so many into wonderful things and beaten some down into nothing but mush. Anything it took to get you all here right now. I am no longer under the thumb of any force but my own. We will speak more soon Elrond. " He rose and bowed to Elrond before leaving him sitting in stunned silence .

She sat in a tent with Gandalf. Her head lay on the table. Her feet swinging back and forth. She exhaled a deep breath and sighs. Gandalf looked to her. She bore the expression of wanting to be anywhere but where they were. He could sympathize with this. She had a new baby she was separated from . Gandalf felt him long before he entered the tent. This heavy presence coming closer and closer. Juniper didn't move. either she did not sense him or she just didn't wish to lift her head.

"He is almost here." She whispers to Gandlaf . He smiles now that he knew .

Minol entered the tent . His brows raise seeing seeing Olórin sitting with her. She finally lifts her head and looks to him. Her face reddened and she wiped at her eyes. " You might as well join us Minol. This is Gandalf." She said softly and motioned with her small hand to the wizard.

He seemed to drift to the table. Each step was so smooth. He pulled out his chair and lowered into it. His eyes focusing in on her and he ignores Gandalf. " Thank you for coming to dine with me My Queen. " He smiled as he spoke. " I am familiar with him already though I know him as Olórin." Now his eyes shifted and pulsed between colors slowly finally becoming more green. He was looking at Gandalf who had no emotion on his face for several long moments.

" Indeed." Gandalf said and looked to Juniper. " The very first name I have ever had is Olórin That is what the Valar call me. The Elves call me Mithrandir. I have many names, as does Minol."

Now his keen blue eyes were back on Minol. His expression pleasant. Their meal was being brought in. Plates of roasted meat and potatoes . There was cabbage and squash as well. Her belly gurgled and growled making her wince because it was rather loud. Minol looked to her then began to laugh. " My Queen do eat. please. There is no shame in being hungry. "

She would nod an lift her fork and ss she spears a piece of the meat she looked to Minol . She wanted to smile, she really did but Gandalf was right there she ended up half smiling " I am supposed to learn about the people I will meet tomorrow. " She spoke up and finally smiled fully . Gandalf ate in silence for the moment. Her reason for being there was different than His.

"Well. You are going to find they are a mix of all sorts of cultures and belief systems. The Harad from the lands directly to your east have valar beliefs. Their people make up two thirds of the human population in this army. This includes whole families Though most of these people will return to their homes when this war is over. The other third of the humans in this army come from even further to the east on the lands bordering the Red Mountains and Cuiviénen. "

When he spoke of these lost places Gandalf sat up. " These are the humans that no longer have a home to go to. Now the Orc in this army. I know they upset the elves these are not your common low born and often inbred orc. These are the first Orc. Descendants of the ones I saved long long ago. "His eyes on Gandalf now as he spoke of these deeds.

" Sauron's Master." He began again his eyes shifting to Juniper once more. " He captured Avari Elves and tortured them and twisted them. Turning them into something they were never meant to be. I rescued some of these poor creatures and took them to the north of the red mountains. Into forest land that was unused. there they built homes and a life . Away from that evil that had twisted them. For three ages they lived in their lands and grew in population. They became farmers and builders. They created their own culture. The darkness that grows in the red Mountains has begun to take their people. This is a war to save their homes and culture. " He sat back then and looked to Juniper with a smile.

"Why do the Harad worship me if they worship the Valar? I have nothing to do with the Valar."

Minols smile never leaves his lips. " Because my Dear you represent Eru's light to them. You will bring light back to a world filling with darkness again. The Orc see you as a promise from the Mother that she will return to the world . They have long turned their backs on the Valar. You represent hope to them all and now that You have brought another fae into the world. The time to make that promise come true is now. "

She leaves Gandalf with Minol. Juniper was walking back to Thranduil's tent. Guards flanking her . She went no where without them. It was rather annoying but for the moment she barely noticed them. She had much on her mind. Today had not been a good one. She quickly entered the tent and kicked off the shoes she hated wearing. Her toes against the rugs strewn on the floor of the tent. She felt better feeling the pulse of the earth once more. Her baby asleep snuggled warmly in her basket. The Elleth assigned to watch the baby smiles to Juniper then rises to leave.

Juniper collapses on the bed and falls asleep.

Her eyes slowly began to open . She was on her side her breast out of her dress. She pushes up on one hand and looks with blurry vision on Thranduil standing with the baby in his arms . The gently he lowers down to put her back in the basket. His eyes shift onto her and his smile widens. He was very quiet about crawling into the bed and kissing her His hands pulling the dress back over her breast .

"Melian was hungry and I didn't want to wake you. "

She leaned her head back and looked at him. " So you just..."

He stifled a laugh. " I put the baby to your breast while you slept. I used to do that with Legolas and his mother. If you want me to wake you from now on I ..."

She shook her head and kissed him . " No it's fine. " Laying back down he lay beside her and pulled her close.

"Thranduil. I want to go home. " Her voice was small and weak. He pressed a soft kiss to her forehead.

"I will have everything prepared for our return and we will leave the day after tomorrow. I have already spoken with the representatives . We have plans laid and all that is left is for you to appear before them. Then we can go home. "

She sighs and pushes him to his back. Her head laying on his chest . Listening to his heart, her eyes close when his large hand pressed to her back and began to caress her gently. He could feel her insecurity mixed with anxiousness. "You are troubled. I can understand. " His deep voice vibrates through his chest.

"I don't know that you do." Her voice was still small and he looked down to the top of her head . His fingers moving up her back to brush through the golden waves of her hair. "Then make me understand."

" I .. I don't think I am ready to be worshiped. I do not see myself as anyone's Goddess. I'm just Juniper wife of Thranduil Mother of Orist and Melian. That's all I want to be . "

He sighs softly. His lips curling into a warm smile. " Well you know, being my wife and the mother of my children comes with a few titles and responsibilities..."

She laughed softly. " I know I know. " She lifted her head, her hand pressed to his chest and the delicate curve of her chin pressed to it. Her gaze lifting to see his. "This is different Thranduil. I have never been comfortable under praise. I'm told I am beautiful all the time. I have never believed it. Not once. " Pulling away from him she sat up. Her legs criss crossed before her. His eyes never leaving her.

" Not even when I say that to you?" He asked and her eyes lowered. " Not even then. In fact I consider myself wholly unworthy of your company yet here I am . I love you and respect your choice on that though. Even though I see far more beautiful, intelligent and worthy elleth everyday. Ones that would make excellent Queens. I would rather be in the forest rolling in the grass and playing in the soil. "

He listened to her heart now. She hardly ever spoke like this . She held so much inside. So many fears. " Almost everything in my life has been thrust upon me Thranduil . Even coming to you was not my choice. " He stopped breathing for a moment. His gaze lowered for a second and returned, she was looking down at her fingers. " While I am so very happy I am with you now. It was not my choice. Becoming your wife was not my choice. I am happy it happened. " She looked up . Making sure he knew that point .

" I haven't been given many choices . Ever. Even these memories I now have ... I do not remember choices. " She began to squirm uncomfortably . " I mean I am at the mercy of nature. Even right now. My hair has turned silver and my skin lost its golden hue. In the morning my appearance will change. Next week will be the full moon. Where will I be then?" She looked away from him and back at her hands. " Do not misunderstand me . I am not saying I hate being with you or that I even hate my night time appearance or day time for that matter. I would just like to be able to choose. "

He reached up and took another choice from her as he pulled her down into his embrace. "Kind of like this.." she says softly . " You will allow me this one wont you?" She nods a bit " of course I love you. I like being held by you. I do not like being forced into the role of a Goddess for desperate people. I am no ones champion "

He laughs . " You're not? That's ... " He really started to laugh now. He sits up and watches her sit up too. " Juniper you are my champion, twice you have saved me by charging onto the battlefield. When I feel like I am going to break you heal me. You have helped me engage with the world again. You have helped me become better. Within you beats a wild fiery heart. Now I see your point Melamin. You have not been given many choices and I further that by placing rules and restrictions on you. Making guards follow you everywhere even in our home. I do understand. " His hands reached out and cupped her soft cheeks. " When this is all over. I promise you I will always endeavor to never take you're choices. " His hands falling away to take her small hands in his.

"That being said unfortunately there are some realities that come with being my wife. You will always be in danger. Always Juniper, I would be a terrible King and husband if I allowed you to be harmed due to my indifference. You are also something very special to this world Juniper and so is Melian. You are my Wife and she is my child that alone brings danger but you are also the only fae . That puts a target on you both. There are those that would seek to use you against me. There are those that would use you to seek power. Then there are those that would seek to possess you only to say they possess something wonderful. " He brought her hands to his lips and kissed them. " I take your choices not because I want to Lord over you and make you submit. I do it simply to keep you safe. Especially now. It will not always be like this and yet it will be. Try to understand this from my side of it and I will always strive to give you as many freedoms and choices as I can."

She absorbed all of that. He heart began to not feel so heavy. "Mithrandir told me I frightened you earlier. I took your choices again . I did so rather harshly. I apologize for frightening you but I do not apologize for what I did. I will never be sorry for protecting you. Juniper I would never harm you. No matter how angry I may become I would never harm you."

Now she started to cry . Her arms flew up and around him . Her small form crawled into his lap . He engulfed her in his embrace and lay his head atop of hers as she cried it out. He understood her fears. He too had many choices taken from him the moment he father died and he was thrust into the role of king.

"We will get through tomorrow and leave the morning of the next day. I will be right there with you. " He whispered to her.

Minol lay in a field of flowers. All shades of gold and yellow. His hand holding a small delicate one. He looked at this hand and followed the arm it was on all the up until his eyes fell on her face. She was smiling and laughing. The sun was falling on them and she was aglow .

"I promise you Juniper. Next summer solstice we will be wed and I promise to give you the happiest future. "

She turned on her side to face him . " You mean it Minol? "

He would roll to his side to face her completely. His hands holding hers. Up near his lips where he could kiss each knuckle softly. " Yes a blissful future. Where you never want for anything and our children play in the flowers around us. "

She laughed happily. " That sounds wonderful."

He opened his eyes. He was alone in his tent . With a long deep sigh he sits up on the edge of his bed. He looks at his hands. The ones that had just been holding hers in his dream. The moment when he made that promise. His face pressing to his palms, his shoulders shake and he weeps.

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