The Fairy of Middle Earth

BY : HarleyQ
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Gandalf was pouring over the last of the most ancient text in the archives. It appeared as if they would all be leaving soon to head back to the Glittering caves. Finnola had been a bit sad about leaving Isengard. Her time spent there with her new friends had been wonderful. Especially the time spent with Legolas. She had never thought she would meet someone that accepted her as she was. In fact he more than accepted he encouraged her to be who she was . The romance between them grown in their time together there.

They had begun to share lodgings shortly after the first time he kissed her on the front steps to the tower. The first of many firsts for her. They lay snuggled warmly in blankets and furs on the floor. There were no beds that could hold her alone, let alone the both of them in all of Isengard. The first light of the day had not even peeked over the horizon yet. His fingers lightly traced over hers. the contrast in size did not bother him in the least . She had sensed apprehension where she and His father were concerned. He avoiding the subject of her going to Greenwood with him altogether.

" Tell me about Him." she said softly
"there is not much to say. " He was trying to avoid this again.

" There is much to say. I can see it written all over your face Legolas. Be honest with me . If we are to be together then tell me. If you continue to refuse then what am I to think? Perhaps this all ends when we leave , or you are embarrassed of me."

Legolas grimaced a bit and shook his head . He leaned in to kiss her lips softly ." I would never be embarrassed of you. "

With that she let out a sigh and roll so her back was to him. Her bare flesh was soft and he could see the muscles along her shoulders tense. He would wrap an arm around her His fingers seeking hers to lace with them. " Very well I will tell you about my father and why I am so angry with him."

" My Father and I are not like the Elves He rules over in Greenwood. We are Sindar Elves. We have been touched by the divine light of the Valar. Unlike the Silvan elves of the forest. So I was raised to believe We were somewhat better than them and certainly all elves were better than the other races. I even believed all that at one point. Though as I grew older and spent time with the elves He rules over and other races I do not believe we are better than any other race that in itself puts us at odds. " He sighed and rested his cheek against her shoulder.

She listened closely to him . He releasing her hand to lay it against his stomach . She would now turn to face him Her hand resting against his stomach. His fingers trailing along her fingers then up over her wrist. " Though I have seen him be unbelievably kind to the race of men. He has deep rooted issues with dwarves. He can barely tolerate Gimli. Long ago before your parents were even a thought I fell in love with a silvan Elleth. She was unlike many elleth. She was strong and independent and a warrior . Fighting her way up the ranks in the guard eventually becoming a captain. My father interfered in it . Refusing to allow it to go further than just fondness from afar. "

His voice was cracking she could tell this was still rather raw for him even though it had been what was to her a long time ago. " I am not sure what He actually said to her but she pulled away from me . I am sure He made some kind of threat . No with him it would be a promise. He does not make threats if he says it he can make it so. To disobey my father can lead to terrible consequences. I am sure you have heard the story of Thorin Oakenshield and the Battle of Five Armies. " she nodded gently and curled in closer to him. " We had the dwarven party captured. Funny enough one of those dwarves was Gimlis father. They were in the dungeon and she had started making visits to the cells to talk with one of the dwarves."

" There over the many months they were captives She and the dwarf began to form a bond which turned to genuine love. How absurd, an Elf and a Dwarf finding love . When I realized it even I was disgusted by the thought. Now I see it for how beautiful it was . When those dwarves escaped the dungeons, which drove my father mad with anger , They were pursued by orcs and one was gravely injured, the one she had fallen in love with. She followed them and I followed her not knowing she was in love. "

" She healed the injured dwarf when she found them and I even fought to defend them from the orcs. When that dwarf died in battle she mourned for him and I knew the truth of it all then . I was so angry at my father for his meddling . Driving her away from me and into the arms of our enemy. I left my home and struck out on my own. Which now I know was for the best . Now my eyes are open . I do not see you as a lowly mortal being I see you as the vibrant , intelligent powerful woman you are. I see Gimli as the best friend anyone would be lucky to have. "

" so when we all go to Greenwood I will not be embarrassed of you in the slightest. I do expect for you to be insulted . Not by the other elves but My father. He will not approve of this at all . He might even disown me and banish me from the realm. However , I do not care but how can he justify treating you like that and being against Love when he has taken a wife that is not an Elf. I does not matter what type of being she is . For thousands of years he has held on to a belief that we are better and made others miserable because of that belief and now he does something like this. "

Finnola listened and now she chuckled . Legolas arched a brow. " My tale of misery and woe is funny?"

Finnola shook her head . " No my heart that part of the tale is sad. However, I hear something in it I think you are missing. You felt and thought as he does at one point . For centuries even but you were able to grow past that and see the world and the people in it for who and what they are and not think less of them but as equals. Is it not possible your father has grown as well? Is it not possible that love warmed his cold heart? "

Legolas narrowed his eyes and looked at her . She was so much more than the sum or her parts. This was why he had grown to love her. " You are perhaps more wise than Gandalf ." He laughed and pushed her to her back and he would straddle her . His hands down beside her head . His eyes looking down into the green pools of hers. He kissed her then . Letting the kiss linger before whispering against her lips. " I love you Finnola the Giant Woman of Rohan ."

The evacuation of the out lying villages had gone quickly and smoothly. All the people being brought to the fortress and housed within. Sadly, not all of the children's families had been found. More than likely killed in the attack. There were 3 children left orphaned. One of which was the smallest child . The one Juniper had cradled for hours that night. While they were all being cared for by other families now she would go visit this youngest elfling often. At night she often sneaked from the Royal chambers and go small . Discovering ways only she could find to go watch this child sleep and make sure he was well when the adults didn't even know she was there.

She had begun to attend court with Thranduil On her first day there the topic was of course the attack and the creatures responsible. This is how she learned of the mutated beasts of the forest. Nilastiel had brought a vote of no confidence against the commander of the Royal Forces. He suggesting that He be given command . He proclaiming He was better suited for the position . Now she saw things differently . Not metaphorically but in the literal sense. She could see deception. She could see lies. As he spoke her hand would grasp Thranduils and squeeze.

Thranduil looked at her from the corners of his eyes and see something was wrong and when Nilastiel spoke of his love of the King and Queen and prosperity of the elves of Greenwood his lie was so blatant that her eyes widened and her lips trembled. The court was in an uproar now. Divided and arguing among themselves. Thranduil rose. His voice loud and echoes through the court . " We will vote after the mid-day meal. " even that was contended . " We should vote now ! " one side would call " No lets give everyone time to think on this." The other would say . Thranduil once again spoke " The vote will be after the mid-day meal on this I will not be swayed. "

The court was adjourned . The members filing out . She would be led from the room by Thranduil and back to their Chambers. She was agitated and He could see it . " What has you troubled ? " He asked and she stopped and glared at him .

She was shaking . " He was lying. "

Thranduil wanting to hear how she knew this . " How are you so certain?"

She blurts out. " I see she his deception . I can see his lies.

" Thranduil curious now. " Literally ? "

She nodded . " I see things differently Thranduil . Its how I know You are always honest with me and how I know you hold something back but you are never deceitful. "

This revelation made him smile. "Well my love perhaps with your help we can find just how deep his lies run. "

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