The Fairy of Middle Earth

BY : HarleyQ
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Elrond sat at his desk tending matters he must before he leaves for Lorien and Greenwood. Lindir entered without even knocking. In his hand a piece of paper rolled up and held tightly. "Lord Elrond you must read this ."

The missive passed into Elronds hand . His eyes on Lindir. This type of behavior was not common from this Ellon. Elrond unfolds the paper and as he reads his brows creased . He looked to Lindir in silence for a few moments. His breathing had gotten heavy as he let what he read sink in . " Find my sons and have them report to me . Immediately."

Lindir nodded. " Yes My Lord."

Elrond fell into the chair. The missive placed on his desk . He turned to look out of the window. His heart growing heavy. He finds his hand curling into a fist that he lightly lets pound against his desk. Elladan and Elrohir enter his office. They were having a lighthearted conversation but both would go silent seeing how disturbed their father looked.

"Adar, What has happened?" Elladan asked as his face began to show his concern. His brothers doing the same.

Elrond lifted the paper and slid it closer to them. " Something has attacked the Shire. " His voice was grim as was the look on his face when he turned to regard them. " I want food, healers anything that could be needed . Ready by days end. Rally your soldiers. Prepare to escort the wagons and find out what is going on and destroy the attackers . This is foul most foul to attack peaceful folk who have no army to defend themselves. Especially those as gentle as Hobbits. " His fist finally came down hard upon his desk.

"Lindir!" He called I need the fastest rider to carry a message to Greenwood and Lorien.

Elladan and Elrohir got to work immediately . Arranging wagon after wagon of supplies and help for the Hobbits of the shire. Their troops getting prepared and ready quickly. They always ready to go at a moments notice. Elrond himself was going to the shire . The Hobbits had become very dear to him . They deserved the best he could provide.

As the sun just barely began to rise the caravan of wagons and practically a whole army set out for the shire. Elrond hopes they would get there in time to help. Elladan and Elrohir rode ahead with 20 twenty warriors. They would arrive before the rest and do what they could.

Thranduil was enjoying the day in the courtyard garden with his pixie. The garden was glorious . She having brought it to life . It was filled with all sorts of sweet smelling and colorful flowers. They were lounging on cushions lain out in the warm sun light. Thranduil's back against a pillar. She laying beside him with her head resting against his thigh. He lightly caressed her cheek then let his fingers pass through her soft hair. The golden waves fall lightly down to splay over his thighs.

He laughed easily with her. He smiled so much his face would sometimes hurt.

" You bring me joy My Pixie. " He tells her.

Which makes her blush and giggle. She reaches up and presses her soft small hand to his cheek . " Well that's good because I love it when you smile and look at me like that."

He blinks " Like what? "

She sits up and scoots herself so she was in his lap Her head lays against his chest . " Like you are the happiest elf in the world. "

His arms wrapped around her . " You know I might just be the happiest elf in the world. Though I was not happy for over a thousand years. I was cold and empty. You brought warmth to me and have filled the emptiness with light and love . I wonder how I got so lucky. "

"Its because you have a cute butt." she said totally serious. He pushed her back so he could look at her . She was smiling widely then bust out into fits of giggles. He rolled his eyes and pulled her back against him. " I'm flattered that you are a fan of my backside. "

Galion rushed in . " My Lord you just received an urgent message from Lord Elrond. "

Thranduil lifted his brows and reached out to take the message. She shifted so her back was against his chest and he held the message out so she could read too. She was the Queen after all. Her small fingers went to her lips as she gasped. Though she had no idea where the Shire was or what hobbits were she understood what attacked was .

Thranduil began to look more concerned as He read. " Get up My love" He said and she slides from his lap .

Her eyes following him as he rises. " Where is the Shire? " The pixie asked softly.

"Come on, I will show you. " He offered out his hand to her and helped her to her feet.

"Galion have the messenger fed and get him comfortable accommodations to rest . He will carry a message back to Elrond. "

Thranduil still holding her hand led her to his study and on the large table in the center he would lay a map . " We are here. " His finger lay on a the place in the green wood where the Fortress was. Then slowly he drew his finger west. "Now You cross the Misty Mountains and here is Rivendell where Elrond lives. "

She truly had no idea where Rivendell was until then. " That's far away isn't it ."

He nodded. Then drew his finger even farther west. " And here is the Shire."

She blinked "That is really far away. " He lowered into a chair and pulled her to him . She slips into his lap.

" The people of the Shire are mostly a race called Hobbits. They are smaller than even you My Love. Well as you are now anyway. Hobbits are fascinating creatures. Smart, Independent, Loyal and honest. Not to mention kind and generous . They love to work the soil and can grow anything. I think you would love them. " His arm wrapped around her middle . Her small hand caresses slowly up and and down the flesh. " This is why I am so disturbed to hear they have been attacked. What should we do ? " He asked her . This was the first time he had asked her opinion on something.

She swallowed hard and thought about it . "We are so far away. Much further than Elrond. We should send a message back tell him we are really mad about what has happened and ask him what he needs from us . Then we make preparations here so we are ready to go help if he needs us to. "

Thranduil smiles " I think you are correct my Love. I think I will also send word to Elessar and Eomer. I am pretty sure the Lady is already aware. "

"Have you ever been to the shire?" She asked him softly.

" Yes but it was a very long time ago. Before there were Hobbits in it and before it was called The Shire. " He kissed the top of her head. "Now go tell Ninnel I would like a cup of tea please. I am going to go write our Message to Elrond. "

Lord Elrond,

Juniper and I are grieved to hear of this heinous attack on the Shire and the hind Hobbits that dwell there. I as you know have grown quite fond of them over the years. Mostly thanks to Bilbo. Who I understand is still with you in Rivendell.

Of course we offer our support to you during this time. I will make troops and supplies ready for your disposal should they be needed. Our hearts go out to the grieving Hobbits. I await your word Lord Elrond. If need be the full force of Greenwood will come to your aid.

High Regards.


The message was sealed and made ready to be sent to with the rider. "Galion." He called out but after a few moments of not answering Thranduil grumbled. He rose from his seat and walked slowly from the study and into the corridor. He found him standing in the corridor another message in hand his face held a grim look. "What is it Galion?" His silent aide handed him the new missive.

"This one arrived by hawk." Gallion said softly.

Thanduil's original reply now crumpled in his hand. " Have Adnir come to my office immediately."

Juniper was now walking towards him with a cup of tea in her small hands. She could feel his tension . The new paper held between his finger tips was the source of it . She gingerly approached him and looked up. " At least drink the tea before you run off." She held the cup to him and He smiled and took it from her .

" You're coming with me Pixie. Go get changed quickly." He sipped the tea as she rushed off to get a dress on. His steps carrying him down the corridor and to his private office . The crumpled paper dropped in a basket.

Adnir's steps were hard and filled with purpose. He entered his Kings official office and was surprised to see the Queen there as well. The look on both their faces was grim.

" My Lord and My Lady" He bows a bit. Thranduil slides the newest message to Adnir. Juniper placed her hand on Thranduil's shoulder . Adnir's eyes shot up from the message to Thranduil. "The Shire and Bree?"

Thranduil nods solemnly. "They are heading for Rivendell."

"I will take 2 regiments and a full supply caravan . We will give Elrond our support. " Adnir spoke firmly.

Thranduil nodded " I will have more troops on stand by . I have also sent word to Dale, Gondor and Rohan. Legolas is in Rohan I suspect He will meet you in the road . "

Adnir collapsed in the chair before Thranduils desk. " Call my adar from 'retirement' to lead the 2nd wave if needed My Lord. He will be insulted if you do not."

Thranduil smiled gently. " I was planning to do that.

"What evil is this? " He looked to his King.

" That we do not know Adnir but we are working to find out. "

Adnir left the office to prepare for war. " Will you go too?" She asked him in a very small voice.

" If it comes to that yes. "

she sighed " Then I will go to. "

Thranduil shifted his gaze to her. " You most certainly will not . I will not have you in danger again. "

She stepped back. " I would like to see you try to stop me. Even if you try and leave me behind I will follow I will find a way and You know this. If you want me protected you will take me with you other wise I will protect myself and go anyway." With that she stamped her foot and turned leaving his office angrily.

Despite the situation he could not help but smile. " The Warrior Queen lives. "

King Under the Mountain,

Thorin I hope this message finds you well and Erebor thriving. I wanted to apprise you of the goings on in the west. I feel you should know as well as Dale, Gondor and Rohan. The Shire and Bree have been attacked and otherwise destroyed. Elrond and his sons find themselves embroiled in a bitter battle with what appears to be Orcs, Goblins and these new mutated creatures. The ones that were attacking the Greenwood and Rohan.

You and Dale need to be on high alert. I fear there is something rather dark behind this. Much darker than we first understood.

I know the package I am sending along with this might seem a bit strange. I am asking that you use it for measurements. I ask that you make mithril armor for the one that wears it . I think when you see what I have sent you will understand whom it is for. Her wild nature prevents her from staying put no matter how much I demand it and I have conceded this battle and declared her the victor.

That being said I feel she must be protected by the armor only You can provide. I have sent along several bars of Mithril as well as gold for payment.

With Highest Respect and Gratitude,

Thranduil King of Greenwood

The Dwarven King put the letter down and opened the box. On top was a silken dress . He lifted it and regarded it. A smile curled on his lips. Though he had never seen her , He had heard the stories. He began to chuckle. "Aye King of the Greenwood. This will be a challenge I do accept and I hope to protect the Warrior Queen as best I can."

She stood beside Thranduil . Her body leaning against him . There was no joy in the occasion. They were watching the troops led by Adnir leaving the Fortress.

Elthian joined them and stood beside the Queen . " We have doubled the Guard in the Forest My Lord as you requested. "

Thranduil nodded. " If I must leave Elthian You will be tasked with the protection of the Kingdom. You have never had to do such a job without me. Are you prepared?"

Elthian inhaled deeply. " I will protect the Kingdom with my life if need be My Lord. "

Junipers hand reached up to slide into his . He stiffened a bit as her fingers curled around his. Thranduil noticed her gesture of comfort to His guard and said nothing as Elthian relaxed a bit and held her small hand. Though he had noticed a change in Elthian he had not discussed it with him.

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