The Fairy of Middle Earth

BY : HarleyQ
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They had left the hot spring and now lay naked on the blankets . No need to be covered the day had grown warm . He drank wine right from a bottle and she even had a sip or two. They just talked for hours. Would make love many times and talk more and just enjoy being with one another.

It was coming up on time for lunch and she had gotten up to get the basket. Bread cheese and fruit for lunch and more sausages for her . She placed them on the grate to let the fire warm them . Thranduil instructed her on how to build the fire back up but not as high as earlier there was no need to cook them just warm them.

She placed the basket down near him when a deep growl was heard not far from them . Thranduil jumped up but Juniper Squealed happily and clapped her hands together. "Buttercup!" She cried and ran towards the great bear. Thranduil's heart was pounding and he looked on the bear wide eyed. His size rivaled that of Beorn's. Yes he had seen the bear before but never standing on its hind legs like this. She ran into the bear and hit him hard . He just flopped on his side and she lay against him . Her body nestled in his thick fur.

She was so very small compared to the bear who was very gentle with her. " I am so happy to see you. How have you been ?" The bear must have been speaking to her because she just kept talking. " That is good . I am been well very well. OH . Just a moment I would like to introduce you both. "

She stepped away and the bear rose to sit there. She giggling ran to Thranduil and took his hand into her small grip. "Come on." She pulled at his arm "Well come on don't be rude Thranduil ."

She felt his fear. Her eyes lifting to look up at him. " I promise Buttercup will not harm you . " She assured him. "Do not be afraid of him. " He took a few steps with her . He just as naked as she made it a bit more hard to approach but she kept assuring him . "Just be calm and don't run . He is a good bear. "

Finally Thranduil stood before the massive beast. Even sitting he towered over him. " Buttercup this is My heart and soul. " She said and while holding Thranduils' hand she reaches out with the other and touches the bear . Suddenly Thranduil was connected with the bear . He feeling what the bear feels the bear feeling him. " Thranduil this is Buttercup. "

It was an awesome sensation and Thranduil struggled with his words. "Well met Buttercup." The bear huffed loudly and leaned forward . Thranduil stiffened up but soon found himself relaxing . The bears nose inches from his flesh . Sniffing him deeply . His breath heavy against Thranduil's bare flesh. Then he just sat back .

She smiling from ear to ear. "He says he is happy to get to know you better. " She chimes. Then guides Thranduil's hand to the bear and presses it against him at the neck. " He likes scratches behind his ears. " Thranduil looked to his pixie then back to the bear and slowly begins to scratch up behind the large fluffy ears. The bear just collapsing down on the ground and Thranduil finds himself smiling.

She begins to climb up on to the bears back and lays down . "Buttercup. I want to ask if You will always protect Thranduil as you do me. He and I are one. He is me and I am him. "

At that moment the bear lifts his massive head and his large deep brown eyes met Thranduil's. Thranduil was mesmerized by them and did not look away . The bear lowered his head and Juniper smiles. " Thank You Buttercup." She hugged him as best she could and Thranduil's hand pulled away. She lifts her head and smiles" Why certainly. " She said and looked to Thranduil. "He would very much like a few sausages and an apple. Would you get them please." Thranduil finds himself nodding and going to fetch sausages and and an apple .

He laughs at himself . Feeling wonder and joy from interacting with Junipers bear. Even more so when the bear ate the food right from his hand. "He is your bear too now Thranduil. " she said and slides down his side. "You will be counted as one among them." He looked into the bears eye as he lifts his head again .

" I thank you Buttercup" He said and gave him a scratch behind the ear.

"See you made a treaty with another king today . It wasn't just us frolicking in the forest. " she looked to the bear. " Please excuse us I am starving. Oh that's fine You can stay here but don't be shocked if we start trying to create life. " The bear huffed and rolled to his back and yawned.

She curled her arm with Thranduil's and they started back to their bed of blankets and pillows. "I feel even more safe now. " She poke as they lay on the blankets . Thranduil found himself feeding her sausages. He had begun to relax a bit about her meat eating having accepted the healers thoughts on the matter.

" I do not want to go back to the Fortress." He sighs and runs his fingers over her breast. " Let's just stay the night . I will have Elthian go fetch more food and we will just stay out here. I believe we are quite safe ." He looked to the great bear snoring not far away.

" Oh can we?" She sat up and looked at him." I haven't danced with the fireflies in a very long time. " He got a quizzical look on his face and wanted to see this. " Yes we can stay out all night My Love. "

He pulled his leggings and boots on " Give me a few minutes to go tell them. " Bare chested He began to walk off into the forest and she rolled to her belly and pulled a pillow under her head.

He found Elthian Not far off but just enough where he wasn't intruding too much. He had heard the cries and moans from earlier.

" My Lord?" He dismounts Loratha. " Go fetch food for tonight. Things we can warm on the fire. More wine and juice . You will join us tonight. "

Elthian looked a bit confused. " My Lord I appreciate the offer but I should..."

Thranduil held up a hand. " I have faith in the other guards and Buttercup is there as well. Juniper is curious about adding spice to the relationship. " Elthian's expression changed to shock. " Since she is comfortable with you . Why not make this night special. "

Elthian had to catch his breath. " My Lord I have never lain with an ellon. It's not that I am against it . I find some ellon attractive I just never had that happen. "

Thranduil smiles. " I will be gentle. " That made Elthian choke and cough. " If you do not want to that is fine . You are not being forced. " Thanduil said softly.

" No ... No My Lord I will join you just . I do not want to ... cause an issue. "

Thranduil places a hand on his shoulder. " Elthian I know you have had your way with my wife. If I was angry about that I would have already had you in the dungeon. I sent you with her as you recall because I was comfortable with the idea of that happening. You have nothing to fear. "

Elthian nodded. " Very well My lord. " Thranduil turned to leave then stopped. " Tonight Elthian I am simply Thranduil and she is Juniper. no titles. "

Elthian mounted Loratha again and headed back towards the Fortress . Passing word as he went with the guards stationed near by . He would make arrangements for relief and get the food the King requests.

When he returned he found Juniper with Buttercup. She was making chains of flowers and had one on his massive head. Thranduil walks over and sits with them She lifts up to drop a crown of flowers on his head.

" There you are now both Kings of Juniper Land . " She giggles and goes to make herself a crown." and I am the Queen naturally. "

This makes Thranduil laugh. " Elthian will be joining us tonight . " He tells her and she lifts a brow. " Oh? "

He nods " I think it wold be fun to have him with us. I did promise to show you about adding spice to the relationship and same sex couplings. "

She places her crown on her head. " You did but I figured you would have Sentillia for that. "

He grinned " I do but that's different than tonight and will happen later. " She lay her head in his lap " I love you My King. " she smiled up at him.

Several hours later . The sun begins to get lower . Buttercups snorts and grumbling announces Elthian's arrival. " Hello Elthian and Loratha. Memna is in the meadow grazing if you want to join him." She called out as Elthian dismounted with a basket in hand . Loratha trots off towards the meadow. She was laying back on many pillows . Naked and smiling. Thranduil was in his leggings and nothing more.

Thranduil had gathered more firewood and was breaking it and adding it to the pile . Elthian moved around the large bed of blankets and placed the basket down near Thranduil .

" Hello My Ki..." Thranduil lifted a brow . " I mean Thranduil . " He looked to his beautiful Queen relaxing naked and looking back towards Buttercup. The bear while Elthian had seen him many times , made him uneasy .

" Elthian is our friend Buttercup . That means he is your friend too. " She sat up and lifted an apple from the first basket and offered it to Elthian . "Go on and give him this . " Elthian hesitates and she bounced up . Her wings stretched out behind her . She placed the apple in his hand and slides her hand into his free one . " Come on Ill introduce you. " Thranduil watched his pretty pixie leading Elthian towards the bear.

" Buttercup this is Elthian He is very special to me. " she said. "Elthian this is Buttercup." Thranduil crouched down and began to pull the food from the basket. The food packet in metal containers with lids. Roasted goat and mashed potatoes. Bread and more cheese . Food for breakfast . Wine . Yes the wine. He would place the metal containers on the grate to warm them . Elthian's laughter making him look up to see the bear dragging his enormous black tongue up and over Elthians face. This made him laugh as well.

They were walking back now and Elthian was pulling his tunic away and trying to wipe slobber from his face. "Looks like the Great bear likes you Elthian" Thranduil said with a chuckle.

"Either that or he thinks I'm a tasty treat. I'm going go wash off at the spring. " Elthian mutters and heads off. She lowered down in her spot with the pillows.

They had their meal . The sun had dipped down and the sky was deep purple in color. They were laughing and the ellon drank copious amounts of wine. When juniper saw the first of the fireflies she squeals softly. " Look Thranduil . " She said and points at them . Her body up on her feet quickly . I bet there are many of them at the meadow. She took off running and they both rose to follow her. " Juniper wait ." Thranduil called and when they caught up to her she was standing at the top of the rise as still as she could be . It was blanketed in fireflies.

She closed her eyes and took Thranduil's hand . Elthian coming to a stop on the otherside of her. She took his hand as well. "Now close your eyes and listen. Listen to the trees. Listen to the grasses and the flowers all around us. Then listen further down to the roots of the trees deep in the earth. To where the mother lives . She is singing to the trees and the world plays the music. Listen really closely You will hear it . "

It was easier for Thranduil to hear it . She had taken him to the place where time stopped and everything mingled together. He was one with her. Elthian had never experienced that so it was harder for him . She passing just a drop of herself to him through her desire for him to hear the song their hands glow and he smiles." I hear it . " Thranduil smiles as well " I hear it too." She let go of their hands and ran out into the meadow. The fireflies engulf her .

She spun around . Her arms in her air . Her wings fully out and every inch of her flesh sparkled with light. She began to sway and move with the music only they could hear. Her hips rolled and her feet glides through the grasses and wild flowers. Her wings began to flutter and her body drifted up . The fireflies following her . She would fly in circles and they would too. She would go high and then zig and zag and they would too. Thranduil and Elthian could do nothing but stand and watch her dance with the fireflies. Amazed by the beauty of it all .

She danced until the sky was dark save for the crescent of the moon and the stars. She walking towards them her body a light from her own glow and the thousands of fireflies that clung to her . The gold gone from her hair and flesh and replaced by silver. Thranduil lifts her in his arms and begins to kiss her . His hand reaching out and grabbing Elthian's shoulder he draws him closer . When his lips leave Junipers they find Elthian's. She watching her beloved husband kissing the ellon she adored . Their kiss deepening. Thranduil's tongue slides between Elthian's lips and she gasps and slides down to her feet. Her hands to her lips. They turn to look at her . She smiles. "So pretty." Was all she could say. Thranduil chuckles.

"If you think that's pretty My love let me show you what beauty is. " He scooped her up and threw her over his shoulder . His hand in Elthian's as they walked back towards the camp . She giggling and squirming. Once in the warm glow of the fire . He gently dropped her to the pillows . His hands working the laces of his leggings free. Elthian standing there a bit in shock. She purrs softly and crawls towards him . Her hand offered out . "Come on it's hard to be apart of us when you are over there. " He takes her small hand steps onto the blankets .

She lays back on the pillows . Thranduil stepping up to Elthian . He slides his hands over Elthian's broad shoulders . His fingers drifting up into his soft long silver hair and pulling the guard back into a kiss. Every time Thranduil's lips met his, he felt a quiver in his belly. His kings lips soft but not like Junipers. His lips demanded more from him . Those kisses deep . Elthian began to feel his flesh stir and strengthen in his leggings . Watching this Juniper felt her own arousal but ... this was different this was exciting and she squirmed wanting to be involved .

She got to her knees . Her body slithering closer. She started to work Elthian's laces loose. Then his body began to lower down with hers. Thanduil's hand on his shoulders. They both looked up to him . His Pixie and his guard. Taking his rigid flesh in his hand he rubbed it over Elthian's lips . She squirmed . Her tongue smoothing over her lips . A tingling between her thighs beginning . Elthian was a beautiful ellon as well. His hair light and silver as well . His body shorter than Thranduils but more muscled . He parted his lips and took Thranduil's flesh between them . Thranduil whispers words of encouragement to him . Explaining to him what to do and that was when she realized Elthian had never done this .

Her body moved to press to his back . Her arms wrapping around him . He was captured between the feel of her breast against his flesh and the taste of his kings manhood on his tongue. She sliding her hand into his loosened leggings and pull his flesh free of them . Her fingers curl around it . Stroking slowly his lips became more eager . His head moving faster. He lifted his hand and began to stroke Thranduil's shaft and eagerly sucked his flesh . "Yes. That's it ." Thranduil breathing deeply . Each breath helping him to control himself. His wife's bright gaze up to him showing her joy in the moment . Her hand stroking Elthian's throbbing flesh her lips pressing kisses across his back . Thranduil curled his fingers in Elthian's hair and pulled his lips free.

Those fingers slide down his cheek and cup his chin. "Taste her. " He commanded . She. with a wiggle, lay back on the pillows . Her thighs parting . Elthian had dreamed of her taste for months now . That sweet honey that matched nothing else.

He crawls between soft thighs. His lips kissing the inside of each knee. Then along her thighs. His tongue finally finding what it had been seeking and delving into the pink petals. Her spine arches and she moans sweetly . His hands capturing her legs behind her knees and pushing them back . His tongue sinking in deep . It wiggles and twists at her tight opening . She gasping and crying out . Thranduil's watches her toes curl.

He lowered down behind Elthian . His hand wrapping around the guards thick phallus . Stroking it firmly . Elthian's moans begin to match hers. His hand pulling away from Elthian's flesh . It would return as he begins to tease his tight pucker. Slick fingers making circles against it . His tongue sliding deep into her trembling sex. His moans getting deeper the more Thranduil teases him.

She squirming her legs shaking . Every time she opened her eyes she saw his . Thranduil's gaze on her . A grin curled on his lips and she was immersed in how much he was enjoying this . How much he liked being in control of the whole scene . How turned on he was . His hand grabbing the braided back of Elthian's long hair and pulling his head back and up . She looking into Elthian's eyes seeing the shock in them his lips pulled back in a cry and feeling the pleasure from Thranduil and the shock from Elthian . She sat up and craddled Elthian's face and kisses his lips . Thranduil's root sliding deeper and deeper into him.

"MMM Elthian ." He growled lowly. He released his hair and put his hands on his hips pulling him back to meet his thrusts . He was fully within him. Pulling almost free to thrust back in deeply . One of Elthian's arms encircles her and pulls her as close as he can get her . His kiss deepens . His cock dripping to the blankets . She was experiencing his pleasure as well . He pulling her under him . His lips leaving hers. He lowers down Thranduil delighted to see what was happening . His pixie under Elthian . She moaned as his member began to bump against her soft sex.

Her hands reaching between her thighs to guide it against her. The head pressing at her quivering wet entrance . He thrusts forward as Thranduil pulls back . She claws at his sides . He took no time in filling her small sex to the brim. His thrusts opposite Thranduil's. He being overwhelmed quickly with pleasure. Thranduil's position changed. He holding Elthian's shoulder his body hunched over. His thrusts becoming hard and fast. Edged on by her cries and his . Soon Thranduil was howling into the night . Exploding in waves of release deep in Elthian's tight backside. She was shaking under him . Her sex trembling around him milking at his cock . He pulling free at the last second . Pressing his flesh between himself and her squirming body . His thick cum splashing over her belly .

Thranduil pulling free of Elthian's clenching ass to lay beside them . Elthian on his elbows to not crush her . Trembled and gasped . Sweat covering his body . Finally he lay to her otherside . Collapsing and shaking . Leaving her covered in seed and twitching in the cool night breeze. Her eyes closing she drifted and awoke to the feel of tongues on her skin . Elthian and Thranduil licking her clean. She whimpers softly.

Laster they found themselves in the hot spring . She laying against Thranduil as she had earlier. He and Elthian sharing sweet kisses . She rather liked this. The mystery of male same sex coupling no longer an enigma. She kisses up Thranduil's chest and presses her lips to the corners of theirs . Begging to be kissed too. Soon she was being kissed by both of them in turn . Tongues intertwining together. She begins to giggle. " I love this. I love spending time with you both. " Thranduil had enjoyed it as well . It showed in how he continued to want to kiss Elthian and eagerly kiss her as well.

Eventually they would leave the spring. She carried by Thranduil and his hand in Elthian's. She would sleep warmly between them that night.

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