The Fairy of Middle Earth

BY : HarleyQ
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She was in the Garden enjoying the warm spring sun and around her, where she sat near the fountain the grass had turned green .Her back pressed the the side of the fountain. The song of the water around her .

He just stood there . In the shade of the pillared corridor, watching his pixie bask in the warm rays. She was alluring. Her flesh golden and seemed to radiate with a soft glow. She lay her head back. Her spine arching just so . It made her small breast lift and strain against the sheer linen of her dress. Her knees bent and draw up slightly . The dress falling down between her parted thighs, yet he knew well the wonders hidden from view and found himself longing to be between those soft thighs. He allowed himself to dwell in those thoughts until his body began to react . 'no' he would tell himself ' not now there was other business to attend to.' He stepped from the shadows and into the light. She lifted her head and watched him.

He was coming. He was coming towards her and she could not pull her eyes away. The suns light just made him even more glorious to look at. "Im see cin nin mel " she said

He grinned. " You're getting better at speaking. " He said and lowered down to sit beside her. Her head lay against his arm. Her own arm slides around his so her small hand could rest against his. " I have some good news My love. "

She peeks up at him " what about?" Her fingers caressing against his. " Galion found the owner of the dagger. " She sat up then and he would grieve the loss of her touch. " His name was Orist. I knew him naturally. He being in my guard. He had a Wife and Child on the way."

She gasp and felt a pang in her heart. Her hand pressing over it . " I see." was all she could muster to say. Her body rising and capturing the breeze . It made her dress flutter gently against her thighs. She began to walk towards the rooms.

"Where are you going my love?" He asked curiously.

" To get dressed so that I may keep my promise. " He nodded and pushed himself up . " Of course you are " He said to himself with a smile and followed her.

Galadriel was reading the message from Elrond. He was coming to visit having not found anything in the archives of Rivendell. He wanted to help with the wounded they still housed and go see the Fae in Greenwood. On her desk a missive from Elessar. They had found nothing in their records and he had refused compensation from the King of Greenwood then the letter was more personal than business and she smiled learning that Arwen was seeking compensation for the clothing Juniper had ruined to make her own small clothes for her escape and journey with the troops but only because the Fae had promised to.

Things were quiet at the moment . Perhaps a bit too quiet. Like the calm before the storm. This darkness could hide from even her vision. Celeborn had only found stories written for children in all that he had searched. Yet perhaps there was something more to these "Fairy Tales." She had grown curious and was herself reading them .

She held his hand. Her small fingers curled around 2 of his larger fingers. She was wearing the dress Shisha had made most recently . The one with the bears proudly displayed on it. It was her favorite other than her simple ones of linen. On her head was her diadem. It shimmered and sparkled in the light she would pass.

He could feel her worry and apprehension yet her steps did not falter. She would keep her promise. Thranduil was there for support. This was her promise to keep . Though he nor she knew what that would entail. She knocks on the door . A few moments later a rather shocked elleth opened it. Her eyes going wide seeing who her visitors were .

She was a rather pretty Elleth with black hair and blue eyes. Her belly slightly swollen with child. Juniper for a moment was stunned. She could do nothing more than look at the elleth with wide eyes.

Thrandiul had to speak ." Forgive our unannounced visit My Lady but might we have a moment of your time?" She blinks and stammers a bit a first. The shock still evident . "Yes please come inside My Lord and My Lady."

Thranduil thanked her for allowing them inside. Juniper was still stunned in silence. The door closed gently Klaern spoke . Her voice a bit hoarse . Juniper could guess why. " While I am honored by the visit I am confused by it . " She motioned them towards the sitting room and offered them refreshments.

Thranduil had a seat and refused the refreshments. Juniper stood starring at the elleth . " Are you well My Lady . " she asked and Juniper swallowed hard past a growing lump in her throat.

"Yes I ..I am well." Her lips were trembling. " I am here My Lady because I made a promise to Orist. " Klaern lowered down into her seat and look at the Queen in silence.

" I promised I would care for his family. " She said. She was feeling her emotions bubbling to her surface and Thranduil knew it . He reached out and took her small hand . Gently He pulls her towards him. Needing her closer so he could try and calm her. His hand remains on hers. Juniper was reacting the Klaern. She has the outward appearance of being put together and fine but inside. She was screaming. She was a mess. She was miserable in her own skin.

Juniper pulls away from her Husband and moves closer to where the Elleth sits. Her body drifting down to rest on her knees before her. The Queen taking her hands in her smaller grasp. "Nothing I say will make what You are going through any easier. Please tell me what I can do and if its within My power I will do it for you."

He watched as his wife humbled herself before this Elleth. If she felt the need to do so she would do it he had seen her have no shame in being humble. He often struggled with it but Juniper, she just did what she felt was right.

Klaern finally drops the facade and began to cry . Her head down .The tears falling on her dress as her hands gripped the Queens tighter. " I would ask that you take this pain from me my Lady. I can not bear it any longer. I want to go to Valinor where my family is. I have no one here. When Orist died the part of me that tethered me here was gone and now its so cold and empty."

"What of the Baby Lady Klaern? Does the baby not bring you some peace? " Thranduil asked.

Juniper kissed Klaerns trembling hands and continue to hold them. " I love this child do not misunderstand me. I do . Orist was so thrilled when I finally became pregnant. He wanted to be surprised and wouldn't let the healers tell us what we would have. He said he didn't care He would love what we created no matter what. He was kind and gentle . He was intelligent far more than I. He was brave and protective. He loved this Kingdom and Loved his King . Which is why he wanted to serve in your Guard King Thranduil. " she looked to the King then her tears brought his own .

"This world needs a piece of Orist in it. This is what is tearing me apart. I want to leave I want to go to Valinor but this child needs to be here. " She looked to the Queen. Her hands began to shake and and Juniper releases them . Her arms going up as does her body . She embraces Klaern who lowers her head to the Queen shoulder and sobs. Juniper knowing what she should do . In her heart she felt it.

" I have an offer for you My Lady . " She whispered and sat back . Her hands sliding down the elleth's arms and back to her hands. " Once the babe comes into the world. If you still wish to go to Valinor. I will be honored to take your child as my own and raise it as my own . I will learn all about you and Orist and tell them stories about you both and how much you loved them."

Thranduil sat there in shock. Yet she was keeping her promise in the most loving way she could. " If you choose to stay " Juniper added with a smile. " I will do what I can to ease your pain . I will make sure you and the baby are cared for and that he or she has everything they will ever need and want for nothing. "

Klaern looked the Queen in her eye. Her own wet with tears her lips tremble. " You mean this? " She looked to the King who smiled.

" If the Queen says it then it is so My Lady."

Her eyes back on the Queens. " I keep My promises Lady." Juniper said with a gentle smile. She found herself being hugged then . Rather tightly . " Thank You My Lady . "

They left Klaern's home. Thranduil watching the Pixie as they walked along the corridor. The guards following at a respectful distance.

" I will make arrangements for them to be moved to the royal wing so they will be closer." He smiled.

" I hope you are not angry with me Thranduil. For making her such an offer but it seemed the only thing I could do to ease the pain of the situation. She had enough grief as it is."

His hand rests on her shoulder " I am not upset. I am impressed by you . You made the promise and You are keeping it. Besides if she decides to leave the chambers could do with the laughter of children once more. "

She steps away from him and scampers ahead before turning and walking backwards . Watching him . " Thank You . " she says with a smile . Her hands held behind her back. " Do you think I would make a decent mother?"

He grins and nods "You would be the best at it. " He catches her within a few quick steps and scoops her up . Right there in the hall He begins to kiss her .

Finnola found herself embraced the moment she walked into the apartment she shared with Legolas. He behind her . His arm around her middle . His head lay against her back . " I could not stop myself from thinking about you today." He had taken to freely expressing his feelings towards her since they are been in Greenwood. At first Finnola didn't know how to react to such things and would stammer or just walk away. Legolas never gave up on it. He continued to show her in every way possible that he indeed loved her more than anything and she would get more comfortable with it.

Her hands finding his then caressing up his arms. A grin curling on her lips. "So you just thought about me?" her brows lifting as she waited for his answer.

"Well it would have been very easy for me to think of you and satisfy myself but I did not do that. Why when you would be with me soon enough."

She rolled her eyes and pulled his hands away before stepping forward. He looked a bit dejected. She flops down on the sofa . The biggest they could find in the kingdom .

"If that was sweet talk you need practice. " She chuckled and watched him.

"It was me being honest. " He replies and put his hands on his hips. " Ok whats on your mind?"

She arches a brow . " What makes you think I'm troubled by anything?"

He smirks. " I never said you were troubled but now you just confessed ."

He wiggles his brows. "So out with it love. "

Her head lay back on the sofa . " Tauriel. "

He winces "And what about Tauriel?" All his amorous thoughts now gone.

"She is lonely Legolas. I have you and you, I. Juniper is with Yours and hers, Da. Even Gimli has his silken bearded maiden. Who does Tauriel have? " Finnola had a point and he admired her thinking about her friend. He casually steps forward and drops down on the sofa as well. His hand on her knee caressing it softly.

" You make a good point but it is different for Elves Finnola. We often only find love , real true love once in our long lives. That is why relationships between elves and mortal races is frowned upon. Tauriel loved Kili. While it wasn't bonded love it was love none the less and she may not ever find it again. We can not just throw every eligible elf at her and hope one sticks. "

That made Finnola belly laugh. She waves a hand and tries to stop laughing. Her laughter soon had Legolas laughing as well.

" My love give her time and be supportive of her but really this is something she must figure out."

Finnola catching her breath. " I know I know. I just want her to smile and be as happy as I am. "

Legolas shifts . His head lays upon her muscled arm " Really? You are truly happy?"

Finnola wipes tears from her eyes from laughing so hard. " Yes My heart I am truly happy. Even if you are soft and mushy I am happy with you." She grins and finds herself pounced by her elf prince. " Oh I shall show you soft and mushy alright."

He was sent from his home. He was just a few days into his journey. The lands he was leaving had grown dangerous and over run with demons. All he knew was he was to seek out the lands to the north and to the west. He would find help there. Something was approaching . Something ancient. He could feel it deep inside and while he crouched in the shadows and gripped his spear he knew it would be no defense.

Hannibal stopped and in an old forgotten tongue he spoke and beckoned the one in the shadows to come forth. He felt drawn to this ancient force before him and step forward. " I have been looking for you." Hannibal said lowly.

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