The Fairy of Middle Earth

BY : HarleyQ
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Sentillia had welcomed Thranduil into her chambers every night that week. They had engaged in more than just sex. He would have supper with her. They would play Kings and Queens . A game like chess. Thranduil would win at first but soon Sentillia would get the hang of it and she would be the victor as well. She was a welcomed break to the loneliness he was experiencing and despite the sex they were growing to be rather good friends.

Thranduil allowed himself to like the woman and treated her with more respect. Something His beloved Juniper would have demanded from him if she had known what he was doing. Even though they had a sort of relationship in the past he realized he did not really know this woman. Now he was understanding her better . She was not the vapid whore he had thought of her as in the past. In fact she was a kind and intelligent woman with thoughts and dreams far exceeding marrying into royalty. Strangely enough He could see her with his son.

The week of the full moon was coming to an end and they lay in her bed together . Their flesh pressing against each others. He lightly caressing her shoulder as He held her. " I hope we can remain friends. " He said " I have enjoyed actually getting to know you beyond the pleasures of the flesh."

Sentillia lifted up to rest in an elbow . Her thick red hair flowing down to splay over his belly. " I am honored by your words Thranduil . I do not see why we could not be friends as long as your wife approved of it. You are quite lucky the Valar allowed love to bloom for you once more. "

He reaches up and smooths a bit of her hair behind a pointed ear. " I am an incredibly lucky elon . " His fingers then slipped through her hair to the back of her head, pulling her lips down to his.

The weather was finally clearing. They would leave in the morning . His body atop hers. His fingers laced with hers. His lips crushing to hers and she moaning against them. His heart was feeling pangs of sadness. Knowing that he will never know her like this once the journey was over . Once the battle had finished and she was back with her King. He broke the kiss and just looked down on the beautiful face of His Queen. Her eyes beginning to look worried. " Why are you sad Elthian? " She asked and He would internally groans having forgotten she can feel everything he does. " Because , this maybe the last night I will ever feel you against me like this. "

She had not seen it like that. " I had not thought of that. " she confessed. " Lets not dwell on such things and just enjoy the time we do have. " He sighs with a smile and lowered his lips to hers once more. Her skin was so perfect under his fingers. Her lips were sweet and when he dared to taste the flesh between her thighs it was like the sweetest honey on his tongue. He marveled at every inch of her and would cherish these moments .

The sun had just begun to peek over the horizon. Tauriel had ridden back with The King and his cousin whom she talked to most of the way back to Edoras. She finding the giant woman easy to like and once they arrived at the Longhouse of the King she found the people of Rohan very likable as well. Despite their rough exteriors they were easy to laugh and once they got to know her a bit very accepting of the Elleth in their halls.

She advised, what Finnola had called the old men in the longhouse, of what the elves had learned of this darkness. They indeed had agreed with Finnola's assessment but in the years since the battle of Minas Tirith their numbers had not really grown. There was concern about leaving Rohan unprotected. Gandalf would suggest that in the time they had that Tauriel train a small group to be left behind to defend Edoras with her skills passed to them 30 men would be able to fight like 60 . They would agree .

Preparations were being made for Rohan to go to war now. One piece of the puzzle was falling into place.

In the days since Legolas and Gimli has left Rohan . Legolas had been quiet. His mood was solemn . He missed Finnola .

Gimli was sad for his friend. " Laddy you will see her again. " He said trying to make it all seem less bad. " being sad tarnishes what has been and what will come. So don't be sad my friend. Look forward to your reunion . "

Legolas began to chuckle. " You are going soft Gimli"

Gimi burst out loudly . " Soft? as soon as I am off the beast I will show you soft with a solid ass whooping. " He then grumbled and snorts .

" I am so glad you are with me ." Legolas said and Gimli muttered behind his back something about being glad too .

They had reached the western edge of Greenwood. They prepared to play their parts in this very important game. Entering the forest they rode a short distance with no issues but soon they were surrounded and Legolas new it . He stopped and called out to the trees. " Why do my own people surround me and prepare to take me prisoner?" It was Adnir who came from the shadows and looking much relieved. " Adnir? Why are you serving as a patrol? " Legolas said in apparent confusion. This was the commander of the military when he had left.

" Its is very good to see you Legolas and you as well Gimli. " Adnir sighs and shakes his head. " Much has happened since you left Legolas. "

Adnir escorted the Prince to the fortress. He told him of the new leadership and of the darkness that was in the forest. Legolas and Gimli reacted with genuine surprise and shock . Legolas even let a bit of anger show when he was told of His fathers new wife and how she was no Elleth. This part of the act was not hard to do.

"Adnir I do not think for a second you were incompetent at your job. " Legolas said firmly. " You are a great leader and the kingdom will suffer without you in the role you were born to have." Adnir thanked him and gave him a heart felt elvish salute before turning to head back to his post . The Gates of the Fortress just ahead.

" Its a shame to see the son of Feren relegated to a mere guard. " Legolas would lament as they continued to the gates.

They were greeted happily once inside. The people happy the Prince had returned . They were even happy to see the dwarf with him. Gimli would be taken to nice comfortable lodgings within Legolas' own chambers. Where he was stuffed with delicacies and swam in wine. Legolas was taken to the Royal Chambers.

Thranduil came quickly to meet his son at the great doors. It shocked Legolas as his father embraced him. Pulling him in closely. " My heart swells with joy. " He said and did not let go quickly . Legolas simply didn't know how to respond. His father had not done anything close to this since his mother had passed. It really hammered home the sincerity of his fathers actions when the embrace would finally end and his father held his upper arms and looked at him . There were tears of joy in his fathers silver gaze.

All of Legolas' anger began to fade in those moments. Tauriel had been right. The cold stone exterior that had been his father for thousands of years was now melting away before Legolas' eyes. Over Thranduil's shoulder He could see Ninnel and Galion still as stone and tears in their eyes as well. Ninnels hand pressed over her mouth.

Thranduil didn't even try to dry his eyes when he turned towards His most trusted servants with his son proudly beside him . Ninnel and Galion approaching him . they both hugged him . Ninnel leading him deeper into the chambers. "You must be hungry lets get your belly full and wash this dust from travel away . Its so good to have you home. " Ninnel was doing what she did best and Legolas did love her as if she were his Naneth.

Thranduil stood beside Galion and watched Him being led off by Ninnel. " He seems a bit shocked. He has not said a word. " Galion comments and Thranduil smiles a bit. " That is my fault. That is the first time I have hugged him since he was a child. That Wife of mine wouldn't have had our reunion any other way. She has a way of changing ones views and I wish desperately she was here now. " Thranduil followed them and scolds Ninnel as he entered the the kitchen " Ninnel give him room to breathe . You will smoother him ."

It was after he had bathed and eaten that he sat with his father in the royal study. Surrounded by books, tapestries and paintings. Legolas staring at one painting in particular. It was a painting of his mother. One he had never seen. His father had never allowed her image to be shown.

Thranduil handed Legolas a glass of wine . " Your Mother was beautiful Legolas. It is to my shame that I hid her away for so long. I regret not letting you know her . " He sat in a large chair across from his son. Legolas was still and silent. He practically downed the glass of wine in one gulp .

" Now you hang her image ? Now that you have taken a second wife? That alone tarnishes her memory and Now you insult it with her image hanging in the home you share with this new wife? " Thranduil sat there allowing his son vent all his frustrations and voice his anger at him. Legolas rose and grabbed the bottle of wine from the table and filled his glass again . Then he would pace and drink .

" This is no insult . I am finally honoring her as she should have been all this time. I do not expect you to forgive me . What I had done was cruel to you. In my grief because I could not deal with her loss. I punished you without understanding that I was. Every time I looked at you I saw her and it stabbed me right in the heart over and over. I can not expect you to understand . Though I wish you would. Legolas, I was in danger of fading and perhaps you wish I would have. Perhaps I should have. Maybe your life would have been happier. Fighting to stay hurt you . I will always regret that. "

Legolas had never considered his fathers side of the matter. He had still been at his mothers breast when she was taken. All he had ever known was this cold version of his father who embraced him once that he could recall , before this day. It was always Galion and Ninnel who would comfort him and teach him what he needed to know. Legolas had never considered the fading of his father. Why would Thranduil be any different from any other elf on that matter? Legolas had just always assumed His father held no love within him. Not even for his mother. Now he was beginning to actually know him.

He was silent. He did not know what to say in those moments. His mouth felt dry and His tongue felt swollen and after another drink he would finally speak. " Why are you telling me these things now? What is this change in you that is so sudden?"

Thranduil smiled and raised his glass to the painting of Legolas' Mother. " It is because of her and because of loosing you. " Legolas looked confused. " You left after the battle of five armies. You went and did as I suggested and you stayed away for many years and when you returned the distance between us had not lessened. As much as you believe I never loved you Legolas you are wrong. I never wanted you to be lost to me. Yet I didn't know how to be any different no matter how much I wished it . Then a curious thing happened. I was blessed with a gift. She came bounding into my life and for the first time in an age I saw color again. "

Legolas was listening and found himself staring into his wine. " I started to love this exotic creature. It was then I realized Your Mothers love for me and how she had set me free of our bond. Otherwise I would have never found love again . The Pixie would have never melted the ice I had placed around my heart. I would have never began to heal I would have never seen the cruelty I subjected my own son to. Your Mothers love allowed me to try and make peace with you. Although I do not believe you will ever forgive me at least I can try and repair the damage. "

Legolas looked up from his wine and stared at his father. His words slammed through him like bricks. This too he had never considered . For his father to be able to Wife another woman that bond had to be severed and His own mother would have to asked the Valar for that.

"Its been a long day for you and now I have added more on it for you. " Thranduil rose and smiled to his son and began to leave .

" Ada" Legolas said. That one word would stop Thranduil and He turned to look on his son. Legolas' eyes were wet . " I would like to talk more with you. I ... I look forward to meeting this new wife of yours. " It was a step . It was something and so much more than he expected. " We will . Goodnight my son. " and with that Thranduil headed for his own bed . leaving Legolas with his thoughts.

Thranduil had dreamt of this conversation more than once recently. In none of those dreams did it end well. He was prepared for a vicious fight. A shouting match. Perhaps even something physical with his son. He thanked the Valar in silent prayer as he look in on his empty bedroom and sighed. His thoughts sadden by her absence but now there was a bit of light. His son had returned and wanted to work on all this. He had a will to forgive and for that Thranduil would thank the Valar many times.

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