The Fairy of Middle Earth

BY : HarleyQ
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Thranduil was taking care of business in his office. Gondor had sent word back refusing compensation. He had a feeling that would happen. Though the Queen of Gondor wanted compensation of the clothing Juniper ruined simply because Juniper had promised to replace them. It made Thranduil smile thinking of his wife in Gondor. Getting in trouble with the Queen.

There were more missives to go through. Galion had stacked them in order from most important to frivolous. He finds one from Elrond. Breaking the seal he opened it . Elrond's script was elegant yet somewhat barbaric in his opinion. The way he would harshly cut of letters instead of letting them just flow naturally. He had found nothing in the archives of Rivendell concerning the thing he and Juniper saw. Though he was traveling to Lorien soon and wanted to pay them a visit .

Thranduil tossed the letter aside. Of course he wanted to come looking at Juniper. Next to nothing was known about Fae from a medical stand point and she would no doubt be an endless curiosity to him. He went about his business but would stop when he started having a nagging thought. Juniper was eating meat and consuming a lot of it. It was concerning him and he was thinking of having the healers look her over . Perhaps a visit from Elrond wouldn't be so terrible.

Juniper was outside. The spring was there . That day they were moving back to the upper chambers and into the light again. Tauriel , Finnola and Juniper were having a picnic outside the walls of the fortress though Juniper would not go far. They were in a small meadow with the warm sun falling on them and pushing the cold away . The grass had turned green everywhere Juniper had touched and that had not gone unnoticed by her friends. Finnola always so blunt just asked her why that happened. Juniper could only shrug and say " I am not sure. "

Her bear had joined them and lounged lazily behind her . It took her companions a bit to relax about it . She hand fed it little bites of her food here and there . Tauriel ignored Junipers consumption of meat . Finnola however did not. " It's good. I think it's good. " She said. " Meat is meant to be eaten . " As she tore into her lunch of roasted meat and bread. Tauriel did eat meat, as did all elves, just not as much. They did consume a lot plant life.

Juniper was having fish this was a meat she ate before just not a lot of it . She told Thranduil she never met a fish that would talk to her so she didn't feel so bad about eating them but she was also sharing Finnola's meal as well.

Finally Tauriel spoke up. " Its just so strange Juniper . Are you not concerned by this sudden change?"

Juniper frowns. " You sound just like Thranduil. I do not know why its happening. I just really need to eat meat. Its like my body is screaming for it. "

Finnola changes the subject. " We heard from Gimli . His date with his dwarf maiden went so well they have been having meals together everyday. " Juniper giggles.

Tauriel sighs. " Soon I will be the only one with no mate. "

Juniper reaches out and places her hand on Tauriels shoulder. " Do not think of it like that. Think of it as being the only one that doesn't have to deal with snoring "

Finnola chimes in " Or Blanket stealing "

None of that was making Tauriel feel better. " You just have not met the right one ." Juniper would say reassuringly.

" Or maybe I did and he was taken from me quickly." Juniper and Finnola looked to each other. They both knew the story.

" I don't think that's it at all Tauriel." Finnola said with a smile. " I believe you experienced something special and the good from it was that it started to heal the hurt between 2 races. " Juniper crawls over into Tauriel's lap and hug her.

"It will happen when its time Tauriel and not a minute before. " Juniper whispered softly to her. "I really believe that"

Thranduil was getting ready to go to his chambers. It would be the first night of the year in the upper chambers. That was when he realized Juniper had been with him for a year now. He smiled and reflected on the year and how much had happened. For now there was peace in the realm. He had his pixie and was happier than he had been in an age and still there was this lingering darkness in the background.

He was about to rise when Galion entered his office. " Yes?"

Galion placed Junipers 'sword' on his desk. " I found who this belonged to My Lord. His name was Orist He was in your Guard. "

Thranduil looked at the Dagger and sighed. " I knew him of course. He has a wife and a child on the way. His Wife's name is Klaern. She came from Rivendell seeking a new beginning after her parents left for Valinor. " The weight of this fell heavy on Thranduil's shoulders.

She was giggling as she walked down the corridor heading to the Royal Chambers . Finnola and Legolas would be moving to their upper chambers as well that week so she was heading off another direction. Juniper jumped up and was captured in Finnolas arms . They hugging happily .

" Thank You so much for coming with me today. " she told Finnola.

" t'was nothing Pixie anytime. " she set her down . " and enjoy your meat . "

That made Tauriel roll her eyes . Juniper watched the giantess disappear down the other corridor then turned to Tauriel. " If I am being insensitive or overstepping at all please tell me. " She started and moved closer to Tauriel. " Do you ever wonder what it might have been like if You had returned Legolas' feelings?" The workings of relationships was still something Juniper was struggling to understand . Tauriel took a deep breath and they began to walk .

" This is difficult to answer . I did not have those feelings for him but that doesn't mean that over time they would not have developed . There were other factors though that made it impossible. "

Juniper glanced up and said softly. " You mean Thranduil's meddling. "

Tauriel nods . " Even though at that time I did not return Legolas' affection ada made it clear that he would never allow it. Though I do understand why. Even if he said hurtful things. The reason was because we were his children and though not by blood it is not right."

Juniper didn't understand why " Why can't brothers and sisters fall in love?"

Tauriel choked and actually started to cough . She stopped to catch her breath. " That is a question you should ask ada." she said and smiled inwardly . Let him choke as well and explain that one.

They had reached the royal chambers. Elthian was outside Tauriel opened the door but Juniper stopped. " Go on I'll be in shortly."

Tauriel raised her brows and nodded as she slipped inside. Now Elthian and Juniper stood alone in the corridor. " I want you to know I am sorry . I have not understood how I should behave. Thranduil told me it is ok to care for you and that we should be friends regardless of what happened and maybe because of what happened. " She looked down. She did feel badly for ignoring him.

He sighs and crouches down so he could speak to her more on her level. " I too am sorry . I didn't know what would be appropriate. I'm glad you and Thranduil discussed it. I would very much like to be friends Juniper . I care very much for you. "

She smiled for him and he felt his heart flutter . Her arms wrapped around his neck and she hugged him . He relaxed into her embrace and hugged her as well. When she stepped back she grinned. " I want you to take me outside too . I want to introduce you to Buttercup . "

" Buttercup?" He questioned as he stands.

" Yes my bear." She was opening the door and going outside leaving him chuckling. "Naturally she would name a bear Buttercup."

"Ay me its good to be back up here. " She said loudly as she walked to the pillared corridor where Tauriel was standing with Thranduil. Tauriel was leaving and she ruffled Junipers hair as she was passing. " Be sure to tell him what you have decided to name your Bear My Queen." She smiled as she left .

Thranduil looked to her with his brows raised . " So you have decided on a name for the great bear have you."

She rocked back and forth from heel to toe her hands behind her as she just beams happily. "uh huh it is the best name ever."

" well what is it Pixie?" he asked not knowing what to expect .

She looked up to him with all the confidence in the world in her choice and said " Buttercup." He trying not to laugh, felt his eye twitch his lips trembled. " Oh yes my love that is the best name ever. "

"see told you so. " she moved past him and he began to chuckle . " We have a guest coming tonight for supper. Please wash up and there is no need to change this is a very casual meal. "

Spinning around on her toes with her hands still held behind her back . " Who is coming ? "

He smiles. " Sentillia."

She runs up to him now and looks wide eyed. " Really? " She was smiling widely as He nodded . She giggled and turned running off to wash up. She seemed so much more lively in the spring and summer. Her perpetual youthful energy returning to her. She seemed perfectly healthy and fine. Yet something nagged at him about her sudden diet change.

He followed her towards the bathing room. She filling the basin with water . Her little feet on a stool she she could reach it better. " Do you realize you have been with me for a year now?"

She was washing her face and stopped. "Yes I came to you at the start of the spring didn't I. It doesn't feel like a year has passed. Guess that is what happens when your happy Huh?"

Now she did have a point there he thought and stepped up behind her and lifted the brush . He brushed out her wild mane of gold locks that were turning more silver by the minute. "You are right on that My heart."

She turned around and he placed the brush down. His hands holding her cheeks he lowered his lips to her and kissed them softly. " I love you more and more each day. " He tells her . Her small hands lifting to curl around his wrists . " I love you with everything I am. " Her voice was very soft and her smile warm.

Galion walked to the open door . He couldn't help but smile watching them . " Your guest is here My Lord. " He smile fondly to Juniper. " My Queen the spring does agree with you. "

This made her blush and hide her face against Thranduil's chest. " We will be there in just a moment. " Galion left them. " I think You are going to like Sentiillia . She is very easy to talk to and hard to offend. " He kissed her again and helped her down from the stool. Holding her hand as they walked to the small private dinning room. Sentiallia rose when they entered and curtsied formally .

Juniper let go of her husbands hand and walked right up to the beautiful Red Headed Elleth. "I'm so happy your here and I get to really meet you. " Sentillia's apprehension about the meeting just drifted away.

They laughed and ate their meal . Sentillia was impressed by Juniper appetite. Juniper wasn't much for wine but Sentillia and Thranduil had many glasses . Juniper heard stories about Sentillia's exploits when she was younger . When she travelled to places that Juniper hoped to see one day and stories of her brothers and how she and Thranduil had met .

Juniper looked between them and could see a fondness there. She understood why Thranduil cared for this Elleth. " I can see you care about each other . " She said and they both looked at her. "Well you do . Why not talk about it? Thranduil explained to me the different types of love and even the different types of sex. "

Sentillia laughed and Thranduil actually blushed. " You are right Juniper why not talk about it." She looked to Thranduil. " Your Wife is right. Why should this be a taboo subject among us. If it wasn't for our relationship we wouldn't be sitting here having a lovely evening. " She looked back to Juniper and smiled. " You do not seem to be upset about what we did in the past or even what we did recently when you were parted. Are you or were you upset?"

Juniper shook her head. " No I meant what I said on the road that day. I appreciate what you did for us. I do not want him to be lonely or hurting or needing . If I am not here to take those things away I'm glad he had you to go to. "

Sentillia smiled warmly at the Fae. "Thank you . Thank you for not thinking less of me. I am a companion woman and have been his concubine before. Do you know the difference?" Juniper shook her head. " I offer companionship to men for various reasons. Usually single elon sometimes bonded ones. It's a service that is both looked down on and celebrated. Without us there would be a lot of sad, stressed, anxious , angry Elleth's and Elon . A concubine serves one elon or elleth only. She or he is kept by that elon or elleth . Sometimes they are bonded sometimes they have many . It's usually royalty that has concubines. I was released from my service to Thranduil long before you arrived but he would still come visit me for time to time. "

"Do you want to be married some day?" Juniper asked .

" That's a fair question . Sure I would love to find that kind of love some day but that being said . It's very hard for that to happen for someone like me. Though its not impossible . Thranduils other concubine found love and is bonded happily. "

Juniper looked to Thranduil with wide eyes. He sighed and Sentillia began to apologize realizing he had not told her about Palina.

" I did not feel it necessary to tell you about her . Her name was Palina and she served me for a very short period of time but she wanted far more than I could give her . It ended rather badly but I am happy she did find what she was seeking. "

The subject was changed and the evening commenced with more laughter and stories. As Sentillia was leaving and she and Thranduil had a moment alone she would apologize again . " I am very sorry Thranduil I thought since she knew about me she knew everything. "

He smiled and shook his head. "No worries, as you see it did not make a problem. "

Sentillia sighed then smiled. " She is wonderful Thranduil . I understand why you made her yours. "

He took her hand and kisses it softly. " She is curious about same sex couplings and adding spice to relationships. Perhaps we will require your services ."

Her hand slipping from his " I would like that. " As she left He smiled and turned from the door . Slowly making his way towards the bedroom Where juniper was sitting on the edge of the bed eyeing him .

" I like her . I like her a lot Thranduil. "

He was working the hooks free on his robe. " Do you? She likes you too . "

Juniper watched him undress. She always liked watching him do this . She liked seeing his skin revealed slowly . " What did Palina want that you couldn't give?"

There it was . He knew she would ask . He sat on the foot rest to pull his boots off. Then smoothed his long silver hair back . " He wanted my heart. She thought herself in love with me . When I took concubines Juniper it was not about love or looking for a mate. It was bout sex and relief . Perhaps even companionship as well. Sentillia understood that very well. Palina not so much. She had to physically be removed from my chambers and sent to Rivendell so she could heal her heart. That's where she met her Husband. It's been fairly recently that they bonded."

He stood and walks slowly towards her . His shirt being pulled away and tossed to the side. "Enough of this talk . I have something else in mind " He grinned and she sat back . " Oh? do show me."

Hannibal had settled in the land far to the south and towards the east. Where he began to witness the death of living lands . A foul corruption was spreading from the east. He sat by a stream watching the reflection of the moon being distorted on the rippling water. His eyes lift and he grins. "So it is time for me to return. " He rose. His thick muscles tensing and relaxing. His long dark mane captured the wind and blew back from his face as it lifted and he gave a long howl into the night before walking towards the north.

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