The Fairy of Middle Earth

BY : HarleyQ
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Her king had gotten an early start that day. Ninnel looked in the bedroom and arched a brow. Juniper was still curled up asleep in a very messy bed. Thranduil's clothing was strewn all over the floor along with Juniper's dress. She had a pretty good idea of what had happened the night before. She wasn't so sure she agreed with his choices concerning the Fae. She seemed far too naïve and young for such things. Though she knew the girl was much older than she appeared. She just wasn't sure the pixie understood what it all meant.

Ninnel started to gather up the laundry . Thranduil was extremely protective of the girl. Those who were closest to him knew he was very much smitten with her. She was good for him too. He was in a better place sense she had been thrust into his life. It was like his heart was healing. Juniper began to stir. Her eyes opening just a bit .

Ninnel spoke softly. "Good morning Juniper. " she smiled and Juniper smiled as well "good morning Ninnel. Is there breakfast?"

Ninnel drops the clothing in a basket and turns to her. "Of course there is . In fact since the King is already busy working I thought you and I would have the morning meal together."

Juniper was slow to move . Ninnel could see the look of discomfort in her eyes. Ninnel understood well. " did something happen last night?"

Juniper looked pained by the question. Ninnel just smiled and got a robe out for Juniper . It was made to fit her .

" I do understand Juniper. I had a first time as well. " The pixie just turned red and covered her head. " awww come on little love ." she pulled the covers off the pixies head. " lets get you up and fed. Then we will get you bathed . I will put something special in the water and I have some salve that will take away the soreness."

Juniper slowly slides out of bed . Ninnel helps her into the robe . The red stain on the sheets confirmed that this was indeed her first time. Juniper winces a bit as she sat at the table . She was starving however. The fae quickly dug into her porridge and fruit. The juice was gulped down eagerly .

Ninnel sat as well eating some bread and honey . "How do you feel about what happened? " she asked Juniper who blushed and looked down her voice a whisper.

" It was wonderful. " she peaks up . Her smile widening as she saw Ninnel was not angry or upset in the least.

"Was he gentle?" she asked in concern.

Juniper divulged many details. He was gentle and concerned more about her than himself. The more Juniper spoke the more at ease Ninnel was . After they ate Ninnel put Juniper in a bath with special oils in it . Then set a jar of salve down on a table and explained how to use it which Juniper choked at but Ninnel assured her it was worth it. She left a clean dress for the pixie .

The bloody one from the bathroom floor retrieved and would be disposed of. Ninnel went about her work . Changing the sheets and cleaning up the rooms . Making sure everything was as it should be and with the sky beginning to turn grey she would gather all the cushions and pillows from the garden and bring them in as well.

A storm began outside. Autumn rains. Thranduil was listening to reports from the patrols and it seemed there were foul things moving in his lands once more. Not just orcs or goblins but things they had never seen. A fox that was mutated had been brought in as well as a badger. They were larger than normal their flesh turned dark and foul. He did not want Juniper to hear of these things . She would be heart broken however it was clear that her going outside the walls would not be allowed .

Elthian Stood near the door as each captain gave report. Elthian being the last to remain Thranduil would ask " What do you make of all this?" Elthian was a handsome strong elf. One Thranduil trusted greatly . Thranduil forgave him for what he had done . Sneaking around as He had rode in the forest with Juniper. He had seen them both times they were out . Watched their interactions . He knew of the pixie and never spoke of her to anyone. He just couldn't let his king who he was sworn to protect go without back up and because of this . He saved Juniper.

" It is hard to say My Lord. I did go to Dol Guldur but there was nothing there . Nothing but charred ruins . Even the birds had begun to return and plants grew there again. What ever is doing this is hiding somewhere else. They may not even be in the forest. So far every foul beast has been on the fringes or in places away from population but its just a matter of time before something else happens. "

Elthian spoke the truth and Thranduil was at a loss for what to do . Does he cause possible panic by bringing all the villagers in to the fortress after harvest? They needed to be protected until then regardless.

" Lets send soldiers to each village to protect them at least until after Harvest. 10 to each village should do. " His chin rested against his hand as he considered the options.

Elthian nodded " Yes My Lord . I would start considering bring them all in though. At least until the spring . "

Thranduil sighs. " I will take that into consideration Elthian . That is all." Elthian would leave to go do is duty and Galion entered and closed the door .

" My Lord we need to have a serious conversation about Juniper. " Galion started off just going right to the meat of it.

Thranduil sat back and arched a brow. " Do we?"

Galion winces and sighs. " Yes My Lord. Just so you are not surprised when you go to court."

Thranduil's mood already sour began to turn even more.

" Everyone knows about her. About the woman you have been hiding in your chambers. The one that was attacked by the creature in the pools. Though they do not know what manner of woman she is but they know she is not an Elleth. "

Thranduil listened as his fingers lifted to rub his temples. " go on Galion"

Galion sighs and steps back to just put a little distance between himself and the King.

" There are going to be questions My Lord. Perhaps even accusations of insanity. Is this woman a concubine? Is she intended to you. Since she isn't an Elleth they probably wont accept her as queen. My lord you need to bring her to the open. You need to figure out just what she is to you. They need to see her I believe once they do and they understand what and who she is all these stupid fears will fade . As they have with me . Juniper is ... well she is wonderful My Lord . So kind and caring . Gentle . If she is with you she will be protected by the entire kingdom. "

Thranduil knew Galion was right. He nodded a bit . " lets make tentative plans for a feast. I need to have a serious conversation with Juniper but this will be her coming out party . All intentions will be announced. I will give you more details later. "

This news made Galion smile. " Of course My Lord."

Thranduil sat back and sighed. His eyes roaming around the décor of his office. This one closer to the surface. It had large windows that looked out over a stately garden. Its marble statues easily seen and appreciated.

The walls of his office were wood and stone. The window side was wood. The other was stone. Polished stone. Smooth and cold to the touch. Though paints did hand there. Ones he had done himself long ago. Back when he had the urge to create. They were of fields he had only seen in dreams. Rolling hills covered in golden wild flowers. Dots of white blending through it.

A stream with green soft grass and a patch shaded by a large birch tree. He had not had those dreams since before his Adar passed into Mandos. He rose slowly and moved from behind his desk. There on the stone side was a large sofa. Red and gold. The floral designs on the wooden arms were impeccably carved.

It was a comfortable sofa. One he napped on often and today he found himself laying back again it and staring out one of the windows. His thoughts on his fae. The answer to what she was to him was indeed easy. She was his wife as of the night before. Their fea had merged. They had touched and for elves that was the bond. That was marriage.

He was happy about that. He loved her. How does one explain love? It just was and he was deep in it. He had never been touched by something so pure and she was his . His, it was a thought that now was almost overwhelming.

Was she a Queen or just His Consort. This was what they would want to know the most. Both are different. A Queen Consort meant she would be treated as the Queen but she would have no duties no real say in what happens in the kingdom. This would truly be the best title to give her. This would put all the court at ease.

Yet something within him told him this was not the right choice. She was more capable than he had realized. She had proven she could learn and learn quickly. She was so kind and gentle. Could she handle the barbs and veiled insults that were often passed between the elves of the court? His desire to protect her would do her no favors.

He came to his decision then. Juniper would be Queen. Damn the court. It was what she was . His Queen.

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