The Fairy of Middle Earth

BY : HarleyQ
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It was with heavy hearts that Gimli parted ways with his companions. He waved from the back of his pony. He was traveling with a group of Men from Gondor heading north to meet with the 2 kings, Brand and The King under the Mountain. There were stirrings now in Gondor. The military becoming far more active. The people would take notice and soon whispers of war were in the air. Gandalf could feel the weight of it.

The eastern party now reduced in size. A Wizard, An Ancient Guardian and one of Mysterious Origins come to fulfill his destiny. Their path took them close to Lorien then into the Greenwood. They left behind a changing Minas Tirith. One that was coming awake again . The memories of what was before very clear to them all. The desire to not have to do that again was thick in their minds. They hoped to stop it sooner rather than later.

The eastern party traveled on. Through rolling plains dotted with rocky out cropping. They pass vast herds of musk ox and antelope. Hannibal and Jeven had been given elvish horses. The draft that carried Hannibal was powerful and mighty. The smaller mare given to Jeven. She was fast and spry and quick to speak with Jeven. Their unheard conversations carried on through the day. Shadowfax lead the group. His rider was Mithrandir . His oldest friend. Their journey was coming close to an end. The first trees of the greenwood were in site.

There was a rumbling coming from behind them . Jeven the first to look back and see the cloud of dust . " What is dis? " He asks loudly.

Gandalf's questioning eyes soon turned to those of fright. " To the forest hurry . " He kneed Shadowfax into a gallop and turned towards the tree line. Hannibal and Jeven soon following . Their mounts in full stride. All they could see was the dust coming up behind them quickly. Soon a dark mass was seen at the base of the approaching cloud. It was a herd of mutants . All kinds of plains creatures in the stampede. Jevens eyes went wide. He knew now what these were. There were so many of them. " qeeh qeeh lotha zaphodiop" He leans against the horses neck and speaks into a high pointed ear. Her eyes go wild and her legs move faster.

His ear turned to a new sound entering their wild escape. The wiz of arrows. Jeven's eyes lift to see the sun blocked out by them for a second. They hit their marks and many beasts fall . "leithio I philin " He hears in the elves tongue and another volley of arrows wiz over head. Soon they were entering the safety of the forest. They ride past many elves . All of them in retreat back . When the herd of crazed beasts reaches the tree line they all stop and pace there . As if unable to enter the forest. They come to a slow stop turning their mounts to see that their pursuers were left behind. "Thir-i anim hir-edrain eryn. Ias Gimli?(Look who I find in my forest . Where is Gimli?)" Legolas called out to Gandalf who sighed .

" It is very good to see you Legolas. Gimli is on a mission to Erebor. I am sorry ."

Legolas looked down . "Well come on and lets get some food into you. I will catch you up on things..." He was looking at Hannibal and Jeven. His eyes locking on the strange looking elf. "Perhaps I need to be caught up as well."

Elthian had put her in a dreamless sleep . She had wanted to rest that night fully. So when she awoke breathless and gasping He was surprised . He sitting up as well . His muscular arms wrapping around her. "Did you dream?" He asked her.

She was shaking her head . " No but suddenly I felt someone standing right there beside me. His presence was so real. Please find Thranduil tell him something is in the forest. I ... I do not know if it is good nor bad. Its weight is right there. " She wasn't making much sense. He looked around and there was no one in the bedroom.

He kissed the top of her head and whispered. " I will go get the King. As he left the room Tauriel entered.

She looked to the Queen in an obvious state of distress. Her breathing fast and labored. Tauriel moved to her quickly. " You must breath slower. " Her soft voice carried to Junipers ear. Her arms around her. "You must focus on me Juniper . Feel my warmth and hear my voice. I am real and what has your attention is not before you. " Gently she pulled Juniper back into reality.

" I feel like I am always between 2 places. " she confessed to Tauriel. Who just held her and let her calm.

She maintained herself just long enough for Thranduil to arrive before she finally let go . She would shake and feel the tears. " Thranduil there is something in the forest. You must find it . Please find it. I can not tell. If it is friend or foe? You must find it . " She looked so confused. Her words were not making sense.

" Melamin. You felt this even in the dreamless sleep?" He asked her and held her close.

"Yes it is powerful. "

He could not leave her like this . " Go get Elrond and Celeborn. " He tells Elthian who hurries off.

The Eastern Party now sat around a warm fire. They was a light dusting of snow on everything. Making the forest seem even colder and more menacing than it should be. Legolas tells Mithrandir about everything he has seen. The battle in the north . How he saw the Hobbits . What happened to Sam's wife. About the forces being tied up there. This made Gandalf knit his brow with worry.

" We have been working with the Galadhrim to keep the beasts out . Though more and more come. " Legolas said lowly.

Gandalf looked to him. "And both Elrond and Caleborn are here. hmmmm" He goes quiet. " Why did the beasts not give us chase into the trees?" He finally asks.

" The Golden Lady is not doing that. We do not know what force is helping us. Which finds me both terrified and Grateful. "Legolas explained.

" And the Queen? How is she?" Gandalf asks softly . This made Jeven straighten up. Hannibal too looked to blonde elf.

" I ... I must confess I did not see her when I returned to the Fortress. I had other issues. I understand that she is well though I only hear about plans and defenses when I do hear from Adar. "

Gandalf was very aware that Finnola was not there with him. " and where is the Giantess? " Gandalf asked now with a gentle eye on Legolas. That was when he saw the pain in the young Elf.

" Finnola is back at the Fortress." was all he would say and Gandalf could hear the disgust in the tone of his voice. " I see." was all he said.

Jeven looked at this elf that was in Gandalf's council. " Who are yew to the Queen? " His voice was gentle and the question direct.

Legolas looked right into the strange elf's eyes the light color with the ring of red was off putting at first. " Who are you to ask? " Legolas said back.

Jeven opened his mouth like he was going to answer but Gandalf spoke up. " Jeven, Legolas is the Kings son. Juniper is his Queen. Jeven has come a very long way . He has learned a whole new language to be able to come here. Jeven is here to Protect the Queen and teach . He was chosen for this task by their god. "

Legolas wrinkled his nose and spoke in sharp tone to Gandalf." Their God? Then he is on a Divine Mission to Protect My Queen but this mission is not given by the valar?"

Jeven's brows lifted. " No I am no able to commune with the Valar. I am a child of the Mother."

Legolas looked between Jeven and Gandalf and that's when Hannibal sat up. " Just like I am ." He said in is deep voice the rumble was felt through Legolas' flesh. Legolas looked to Hannibal. He had known Hannibal since he was very young. His father took him to meet the Ancient creature many times. He always heard the tales but wasn't sure if he believed them. " This one " he shoved a thumb towards Jeven. " is important Legolas. He must see the Queen. "

Legolas nods and relaxes. " Then tell me , Who are your people. "

Jeven smiled and cut Gandalf off this time. " My people are the Avanati. My people are the decedents of the Avari of the east." Legolas' eyes widen." My line is mingled with Fae. "

Legolas shoulders sunk. He letting that bounce around his head. " So she isn't the only Fae? "

Gandalf smiled " Not Entirely. There are part Fae still remaining. "

His mind racing now. Legolas looked to Jeven. " Are there Avari still in the east?" Jeven shook his head softly. " I have never seen any. Gandalf says their stories are cold."

Jeven was now feeling a camaraderie with this elf. He listened to each word Jeven spoke. He asked questions. Jeven happily answered. Hannibal lay down and drifts off to sleep. Gandalf you could never tell if he was awake or not. Jeven told Legolas everything . Just as the others knew so now did Legolas. " in a few hours we will go to see my Father. I will go with you. To speak for you ."

Juniper opened her eyes. She was in her bed. Thranduil beside her. She found her smile again. His breathing steady . His face was like a gods. So beautiful . She lay there a few moments just taking the time to enjoy the sight. Who knows when she will get the chance again. the smile faded as she sat up suddenly her eyes looking out into the forest. She was seeing something but not through her own eyes. She was scurrying through the litter of the forest. Under logs and through ferns. There were horses on the path. She could see their legs. 4 horses. Gandalf's voice she knew. She knew Legolas as well. Then one she did not know. She tightened her hand on Thranduil's hip shaking him. She was trying to go to where she could see the faces.

The mouse hurried along the path. Careful of the horses hooves. It climbs on a rock and jumps to a small bush . By the time it lifts its head she can only see their cloaked backs. Thranduil was sitting up. His hands cupping her cheeks as she stares into the void.

" Juniper come back. " He was saying then her lashes lowered and she blinked .

" They are coming. Legolas, Gandalf and 2 others. I .. I could not see them. I was far too small to get high enough. " Thranduil arched a brow. Then it began to make sense. She was not seeing through her eyes. He did not know she could do that. She did not know she could either.

Her hands running at the tops of her thighs . She kneeling in the bed. " I feel it coming closer as well. I think Gandalf brought him. "

Thranduil released her cheeks and now lifted a hand from her thigh . He lay down and brought it to his lips to kiss each finger. " If Gandalf brought him then he is not a foe. " She watched him . She watched his lips press to each finger tip. " His presence is so heavy Melamin. I do not understand what I am feeling. "

She pulled her hand back and without even thinking about it her hands went to the swell of her belly. She was beginning to really show the blessing within her. Thranduil lifted just enough to sweep her in his arms and pull her down to the bed with him. His head laying down on her belly . Listening to the sounds of her inner workings and feeling the movement of his child.

" I do not believe the Valar or the Mother would bless us with something so wonderful, for the arda to end now. " His deep voice comforting on her ears. " Lets get going. If we have guests arriving we need to have things prepared for them. I am sure you are eager to meet them." He lifted his head from her belly and lifted his head . His lips finding hers.

They had left before the sun was up. Their pace was not urgent nor lazy. Hannibal in the rear with Jeven. The day was Brisk. Jeven would pull his cloak tighter about him. Their pace not throwing off alarms. The scouts seeing Legolas and Mithrandir were not concerned. They crossed the bridge to the gate and were surprised to see Celeborn and Elrond there to greet them. Celeborns eyes Immediately drawn to the 2 in the back. They had not gone unnoticed by Elrond either but he at least could still perform his duties. Unlike Celeborn Who stared with his pale eyes.

Hannibal was dismounting and speaking to Jeven. " The one that stares is Celeborn. He is the King of Lorien. The other is Elrond . He is the King of Imladris. Celeborn is seeing right through us right now. Do not be disturbed my friend. " Jeven slides off the back of his mare. An elf coming to get his mount and care for it. The elf stares at him but smiles as the reigns are handed over.

Jeven grabs his spear and his pack. His hood still up . He and Hannibal walk closer to them. Legolas looks to Celeborn forcing him to pull his eyes away from the 2 strangers. " Lord Celeborn and Lord Elrond. This is Hannibal and Jeven. I am of good authority in saying The Queen will be most eager to see them both. "

They were walking along the corridor. Elrond and Celeborn in front. The doors opened and then Elrond waylays Jeven . "Given Hannibal a moment please." Elrond said softly to Jeven.

Hannibal turned around and smiled " Yes please Jeven. " Jeven relaxed and nodded. Legolas and Gandalf were already inside. Hannibal entered slowly. Jeven listened to the flood of voices. Then one stood out. " Hannibal." It chimed through . On a gasp, Jeven's hand went over his heart and his jaw dropped. He was hearing her voice and it was so familiar. He just stared at the light on the corridors floor . Blessed light that spilled from the room containing her.

Hannibal was on his knees. His arms around the small golden woman. She was sobbing against his chest. Her small fingers curled in his tunic and holding on tightly. Thranduil had to look away. He was feeling the heat of tears welling in his eyes. The way she clings to Hannibal was just how she had the night she was given to Him. He can still hear her small voice screaming for him to come back. Hannibal would rise with the Pixie in his arms and slowly he would walk into the common room. There on the sofa with her family and friends watching He told her everything he knew. Her slight form straddling his lap. His large powerful hand lightly caressing her belly. His words absorbed by her.

Thranduil stood back beside Elthian . His arms crossed over his chest. Ninnel and Galion back against the wall. " The mother guides me Pixie. I am but her servant. In those regards and I am your servant as well. To command as you see fit. Because she is in you and You are her body . " His hands cup her cheeks and he kisses her forehead. "You are the the ardas salvation. Victory will be hard. Sacrifices will be made Juniper but You must endure. The light you will bring into the arda will change everything. " He held her to him. " The one in the hall. He is who you have been seeking. You have always known his presence and now its strong around you. He will protect you and go on this journey with you. He can go places we can not."

Jeven pulled his cloak off . Revealing himself fully to Celeborn and Elrond. " Ai " Elrond gasps. " My appearance shocks yew?" His accent thick. " Yes it does." Elrond was honest. Celeborn noded. " It is only skin. " He said and smiled . " indeed but do not be surprised if you find yourself being stared at . Give these people time to really see your beauty. " Elrond smiled as well.

Legolas comes to the door and waves for them all to come. Hannibal was now standing beside the fire place. Juniper held in Thranduil's lap. His long arms around her. Elthian stood next to them. Her head turned towards Thranduil's chest . Her eyes closed tightly. Jeven walked into to chambers . Tauriel was coming down the hall. She found herself stopping mid step. She had never seen anyone like him and he too paused to look at her. She stepped back and held her hand over her heart and He felt a shiver go up his spine. His lips pursing together He nods to her and then smiles before he is lead off to the common room. Tauriel now hurried to look around the corner . watching him moving to stand before the King and the Queen.

She could feel Thranduil tense. His chest rising with the gasp. His heart beat getting faster. Then slowly he begins to calm. He whispers to her softly. "Tiro Melamin. Govad-i er i lîdh athra-i Arda cova-ech.(look my love, meet the one who journeyed across the world to find you)"

Slowly she lifted her head and turned to look on this being. Her lavender eyes drift up . Her brows lifting . Then slowly her chin lifts. Looking back at her were pale blue eyes ringed with red. " Usstan nin kyorl dos usstan zhaunau dos orn'la doer.. wait how did I know ? " Her hand goes to her lips and she looks away. Thranduil's eyes widen as the strange elf dropped to his knees. " Nin usstan'bal tlus keffal a lil' ilhar. Usstan kla'ath er'griff ilta"

Gandalf grinned and looked to Hannibal. The Elves in the room looked confused. She looked back to him . He looked relieved. He looked as if his eyes were finally beholding everything and he understood all. The sound of Orist beginning to fuss got her attention. She hurried from Thranduil's lap and ran off towards the sound of her child. Ninnel already heading that way.

He gasped at the sound of a baby and her reaction to the sound. She was already a mother and she was expected to be one again soon. He thought . His gaze shifted to Thranduil. The King held himself proudly as he looked on the dark elf before him. " You may be here for her but You are in a Kingdom that is ruled by Me as well. Now tell me everything . Start at the beginning and leave nothing out . "

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